Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trip to Rudyard Lake 30-09-2012


FJ10 BJXShelton, opp Cemetery RoadRudyard LakeCharterAiming High
FJ10 BJXRudyard LakeShelton, adj Cemetery RoadCharterAiming High

Today Matthew went to Rudyard Lake with Aiming High. He could have gone on the but wasn't selected for the trip on that occasion. We checked the weather for today and it was for rain starting sometime in the morning. We woke Matthew up around 08:30 bu he wasn't to keen on going today. We persuaded him to get up and if he didn't fancy going when hr got to Shelton that he could come home. We set off a little after 09:30 and as we travelled up we realised that we didn't have any spare batteries we had to call in a shop in Hartshill to make sure that he had some. Whilst in Hartsill we saw First Potteries 32627 on a #25 to Hanley. We got to Shelton just before 10:00 and Matthew took a picture of FJ10 BJX whilst it was parked up empty.

Aiming High FJ10 BJX in Shelton
Matthew went into the building to use their toilet. When he came out we said goodbye and left him there. They then travelled up through Hanley to Cobridge. They did the A53 up to leek and then did the A523 to the lake. When they go there Matthew took a picture of the Lake.

A view of the lake
They also went on the steam train today. After a short wait Victoria turned up on their train.

Victoria on the Rudyard Lake Steam Railway
After getting off the train Matthew took another picture of the Lake.

Another view of the Lake
They then got on the Sailability boat and had a quick trip over the Lake. When they got back they watched some ducks at the Lake edge.

Ducks on Rudyard Lake
It was then back to the Aiming High bus FJ10 BJX and back to Shelton on the reverse route that they took up to the Lake. They took the A523 to Leek and then onto the A53, they then turned at Cobridge and went around Hanley. Matthew went past the bus station and we saw 60189 on a #20 service. we also saw 61243 on a #21. They then headed to Shelton. Matthew came home with a couple of Aining High workers. They came along Victoria road to Fenton and then did the A50 link road and to Heron Cross. They then went toward Blurton. When he got back he saw a Wardle Transport bus approaching on the #22 service. As it got closer he got a picture of the bus, Wardle Transport 2541.

Wardle Transport 2541 on the #22 service
When Matthew got home we finished the saw Wigan Coachways DSK 516.up on Ladybank Grove. we saw Z Carz T408 JUX on a 408 Service then had chicken Popcorn and fries and a trifle for afters for tea, before having a bath and going to bed...Mark

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Trip to Wigan 29-09-2012


34291Wigan BSBeech Hill, nr Off License Shaftesbury Street/Beech Hill Avenue625First Manchester
34291Beech Hill, nr Off License Shaftesbury Street/Beech Hill AvenueWigan BS625First Manchester
31923Wigan BSPemberton, o/s House 563 Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street‎628First Manchester
60160Pemberton, o/s House 563 Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street‎Wigan BS628First Manchester
40394Wigan BSLockett Road, Bryn610First Manchester
40394Lockett Road, BrynRose Hill, Wigan Road/Eddleston Street (N-bound)610First Manchester
60147Rose Hill, Wigan Road/Eddleston Street (N-bound)Wigan BS610First Manchester

Today we had planned on going on a fairly local trip, but Matthew had some unexpected news and we thought we would cheer him up with a longer trip on Friday we decided to go to Leigh. We checked the weather for Saturday the night before and the weather for the North West was for cloudy and sunny intervals. Mathew got up around 10:30 and had some breakfast. As we got ready to go out we asked Matthew if he was sure he wanted to go to Leigh or did he want to go to Wigan. Mum had thought that if we went to Leigh we would probably end up in Wigan anyhow as we often do! So Matthew now chose Wigan. We made sure that we had the Wigan South map in the bag as well as all th other stuff we tend to take with us. We set off around 12:00 and we called into the LPG place in Etruria to pick up some LPG. We headed North up the A500 and then onto the Northbound M6. Traffic was quite heavy going, and we averaged around 50 mph until we reached the A556 junction and then we able to go a little faster. As we came up the A49 into town we passed 34291 on a #610 Bryn circular service. We got into Wigan around 13:30 and we parked up on street close to the bus station. We went to the cafe on Hallgate that we went into on our first visit to Wigan. Matthew had a breakfast, mum had soup and some chips to share with everybody, I had a bacon barm and Uncle Dave had a sausage barm. With 3 drinks the food came to just over £13. After diner we walked across to the bus station and Matthew used the facilities. As we came out we spotted an old double decker on stand and so we went over to investigate. It was 34291 again but it wasn't on the correct stand for Bryn. Matthew got a picture of this beast before we walked over to see where it was going.

First 34291 about to work the #625
We asked Matthew if he wanted to do this bus and he said yes. We had already looked up to see if we had been on this bus before and we had. closer inspection of the Blog revealed that we had done it to Prestwich from Bury back in March. It was doing a 625 to Beech Hill. We got on and got our system one tickets before going upstairs on this bus. The top deck was empty and so Matthew was able to get a picture of this bus straight away.

Inside the top deck of First 34291
We had never been on this service before so we looked at the timetable to see how long it took and how frequent the service was. It was a service that took only 20 minutes to do a complete circle and ran a t a 20 minute frequency. We set off in a North Westerly direction. It didn't take long to get to the Beech Hill area, nd before we knew it we were on our way back into town. I asked Matthew if the bus was doing the #610 next did he want to do it again and he said yes. When we pulled into the bus station it looked like 34291 was going to do something different from the #610. We also noticed a Dennis Arrow on the Kitts Hill stand. We got off 34291 and pretty puch walked straight onto the other double decker. It was 31923. I looked it up on his buses I have travelled on page and we saw it was required. When we got on the top deck it was empty again and Matthew got a picture of this bus.

Inside the top deck of First 31923
We settled down to enjoy the journey. It was now quite sunny and at the front of a poorly ventilated Arrow it was warm! As we have been on this service before we asked Matthew if he wanted to do it to Pemberton where we could get off and then catch one of a number of services back into Wigan. after a journey of about 25 minutes we rounded the corner onto the main road and then we got off. Matthew didn't get his camera out quickly enough to take a picture of this bus. The was a #385 due i a few minutes which is what we thought we would be on. However, the First Manchester Excel 60160was on the following #628 and when it turned up Matthew decided he would like to do this bus.

First Manchester 60160 in Pemberton
We got on the bus and looked it up. It was required! This is no big surprise as we had only been on 2 before. After around 15 minutes on the bus we arrived back in the bus station. The bus emptied, there wasn't many people on the bus anyway, and then Matthew got his empty bus picture.

Inside First Manchester 60160
At this point we didn't have a plan, and so we had a bit of a photographic break at the west end of the bus station. One such bus was Bolton allocated 2623 on a #362 to Chorley.

Arriva NW&W 2623 in Wigan bus station
This was followed by St Helen allocated 2712 on a #320 St Helens service.

Arriva NW&W 2712 in Wigan bus station
We saw a Dart arrive on a '#610 service. as we had only previously been on one of the Wigan Darts we knew there was a good chance that it would be required. It was First Manchester 40394 and it was required. We decided to do this down to the depot and then back out so that we could do a different bus back. It is quite a long journey, and we set off through the South end of Wigan heading towards Bryn. The journey was fairly uneventful, and by the time we got to the A49/M6 junction there was only ourselves and bus drivers left on the bus. In the depot we were surprised to see large number of new Enviro 400 bus waiting to start in service with First Manchester. One such bus that I can remember was 33743. There was also a few withdrawn buses to be seen such as 30586,40338,40339,34028 and 34262. We then headed off Northwards and we decided to get of just north of Bryn so that we could have a choice of buses back to Wigan. As we headed north we were the only people on the buses with the exception of a driver at the front. Matthew got a picture of the empty bus behind us as we went to get off.

Inside First Manchester 40394
We got off and it was now just after 16:10. There was a 600 due and then a #610 at 16:30. We saw required 60147 heading Southwards on a #610 so we decided to wait for this bus instead of catching the busy #600. When the #600 turned up it was 66925 so it was nothing exciting! After around another 10 minutes which were quite busy with southbound #600's and empty First and Strawberry buses, 60147 reappeared as expected.

First Manchester 60147 on Rose Hill, Bryn
We did the bus back and we had another uneventful journey. The bus was quite loud and was a little diesely, but that's what makes these Excels good buses for enthusiasts if not the travelling public. When we got Wigan, Matthew got his empty bus picture. We really like this orange and red squared Moquette!

Inside First Manchester 60147
We then headed back to the car whilst taking a few pictures. I managed to get a picture of 31923 which we had been on earlier.

First Manchester 31923 in Wigan bus station (Mark)
We then walked down the steps to Hallgate and then Richmond Street and onto Dorning street. Between duties was Arriva NW&W 2998 which was going to work a #362 Chorley service.

Arriva NW&W 2998 on Dorning Street
We carried on around the corner on Dorning Street and we saw a few more buses go past. One such bus was Wigan Buses SF55 GXL.

Wigan Buses SF55 GXL on Dorning Street
We got back into the car and then set off home. As we were about to go we saw Arriva 7621 on a #360 service. Which must be new to Bolton as we had not seen this before. We then headed out of wigan and under the railway bridge. We rejoined the Northbound A49 near Wigan Pier and then went around it to head back South. We then headed out of town and then onto the M6 South. Back in Staffordshire we headed down the A500 and onto the A50. We went passed Z Carz where we saw the usual coaches and T408 JUX which we hadn't seen for a while. It has a '408' service sticker in the front window. We decided to go past Longton bus station and we were surprised to see East Yorkshire Coaches DC54 EYC in there. We then headed home and we got home around 18:30. After having sausage potatoes and carrots for we tea we settled down for the evening before bedtime...Mark

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Trip to Hanley / Biddulph 22-09-2012


40373Ladybank Grove , BlurtonHanley BS23AFirst Potteries
234Hanley BSSmallethorne, Ashman Street9Bakerbus
248Smallethorne, Ashman StreetBiddulph, High Street9Bakerbus
185Biddulph, High StreetLongport, Longport Road94ABakerbus

Today we decided to stay local. Matthew isn't due to go to the Meadows for a few weeks. We had no plan as such, we just decided that we would go to Hanley and then see what was out. Weather forecast for today was for sunshine and then sunny intervals. It had been raining for most of the week and it was forecast for rain from Sunday and so we were quite lucky. Matthew got up around 09:30 and had some toast for his breakfast. We set off around 12:00 and walked all the way to the Ladybank Grove bus stop. Whilst there we saw 40151 heading towards Longton on a #22 service and 40163 heading toward Longton the opposite way on a #23A service.

First Potteries 40163 in Blurton
We didn't have to wait for long before a hanley bus rounded the corner. It was dud First Potteries 40373. This is a bus that we had been on last year.

First Potteries 40373 in Blurton
We got on the bus and brought a Smart Day ticket. We sat on the near side of the bus on the hump, which is the best place to see out of the front window. The journey to Hanley was quite pleasant. In Stoke we passed 2 of the new to the Potteries double deckers. They were First Potteries 32627 and 32635. As we reached the edge of Hanley we saw Bakerbus Volvo B6 227 heading North, presumably on a #9 service. When we got to Hanley Matthew waited for the bus to empty and then got a picture of the inside of our bus.

Inside First Potteries 40373
Matthew and uncle Dave went onto the balcony, and I went to get some chips for diner. New to the Potteries fleet Dart 41499 was seen on a #7 Kidsgrove service. After that in came one of the double deckers.

First Potteries 32635 in Hanley bus station
Also seen for the first time was one of the Bakerbus Streetlites 254 on X75 service. East Lancs bodied Dart 40779 came into the bus station and then parked up. It was displaying #5 Abbey Hulton. We saw Arriva Midland 2706 on a #164 service. I think Matthew was quite keen to ride on this bus because he turned down a few other buses hoping that this would work. One such bus was step entranced Wardle Transport 4692 on a Derby bound X50 which we could have done to Blythe Bridge.

Wardle Transport 4692 on the X50 (Mark)
We saw an interesting Bakerbus 194 on the #9 which seemed to have seats similar to the GM Volvo's and Darts. We also saw Wardle Transport 2260 on a #41 service in the new livery.

Wardle Transport 2260 in Hanley bus station
We had spent an hour in the bus station, and Matthew now wanted to go to the toilet. The green tardis toilet at the end of the bus station was broken and the nearest one was at least 600 yds away through busy streets, so we decided to catch a bus to somewhere else with a toilet. I thought there was still a toilet in Smallthorne so we decided to do the next #9, which just happened to be required Bakerbus Primo 234. We got on the bus and sat near the back. It was the first time we had been on a Primo, despite there being quite a few locally in 2 different fleets. This bus was branded for working the X38 service from Congleton to Sandbach and Crewe. As we left hanley bus station we passed the row of bus parked up between duties. Wardle Transport 1421 & 1460 were 2 of the buses that were here. This bus was only going to Fegg Hayes so we decided to try and do the Smallthorne toilet. We got off and Matthew got a picture of this bus which is unusual in Stoke-on-Trent.

Bakerbus 234 in Smallthorne
We walked up Ford Green Road to the junction of Community Drive only to find a space were the tardis toilet once stood. Drat! So we went back to the bus stop to wait for the next Bidduplh service were we knew there was definitely a working toilet! Whislt we waited we saw a few buses come past. On such bus was Wardle Transport 2301 on a #62A service.

Wardle Transport 2301 in Smallthorne
Going the other way on the same service was Wardle Transport 2408.

Wardle Transport 2408 in Smallthorne
Just after that came a Hybrid double decker 247 going towards Hanley. We the saw another hybrid going towards Biddulph.It was dud Bakerbus 248 which we have been on twice before!

Bakerbus 248 in Smallthorne
We got on and went upstairs. As it was empty Matthew got his picture as we got on.

Inside Bakerbus 248
We then sat down to relax for the journey up. As we turned the corner into Chell Heath Road, we passed bakerbus 250 on a Hanley bound service. By the time we got to Biddulph it was just before 15:00. We went to the toilet and then sat in the bus waiting room. The next bus due was a #7A to Hanley which should have been at 15:13. it still hadn't turned up by around 15:25. When bakerbus 247 turned up just before 15:30 we asked Matthew if he wanted to do this but he said no. He decided now he wanted to go to the cafe in sainnsbury's, which we could have done 30 minutes earlier! We went upstairs to the cafe and he had a chocolate cake and a draught Pepsi. he also bought a millionaire's shortbread and a bottle of Lucozade for later. He then wanted to go shopping, so we went and got some cans of Coke and some cornflake cakes. After our unscheduled stop it was nearly 16:00. there was a 16:05 94A, which I thought we could do to Longport where we could meet mum. This turned out to be unrequired Bakerbus 185 which we had been on almost a year ago to the day!

Bakerbus 185 in Biddulph bus station
The bus was empty and so he got his picture straight away.

Inside Bakerbus 185
I texted mum to meet us at Longport for 16:30, and we sat back and enjoyed the journey. the bus was virtually empty most of the way with only a few people getting on during the entire 30 minute journey. As we went down through Pits Hill we saw Stanways minibus KX51 LWR. We got off and I didn't notice mum was parked up in the adjacent street. She honked the horn and I turned around...eventually. We stooped to pick up LPG at the BP garage in Longport. We got in the car and then headed off towards Longton to go past the Z Carz garage. Most off the coaches were parked up with Matthew getting a picture of V690 EBC.

Z Carz V690 EBC in Longton
We then headed home, and we saw First Potteries 40166 on a #23 service. We got in at approximately 17:00. After sausage mash and carrots for tea we settled for an evening of telly before bedtime...Mark

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Trip to Birkenhead 15-09-2012


4099Birkenhead BSMoreton, nr Bermuda Road407Arriva North West & Wales
30243Moreton, nr Bermuda RoadBirkenhead BS38First Manchester
3123Birkenhead BSKing's Parade, New Brighton410Arriva North West & Wales
3129King's Parade, New BrightonBirkenhead, nr Hamilton Square410Arriva North West & Wales

Today we finally got to take a trip to Birkenhead. We had planned to go on the 1st of September, but we decided to cover the last day of Bakerbus operation on the #350 service and we put down Birkenhead on Matthew's planner for today instead. In the 2 weeks that had passed, quite a few changes had taken place in the Wirral. First Manchester had had some step entranced Olympians from South Yorkshire which seem to be for the #38 service, and Arriva had received a new batch of Pulsar 2's which were being loaned out to cover the Olympics. We checked the weather for today and the weather was going to be dry with sunny intervals. Matthew got up around 10:20 and we had planned on leaving around 11:30. It took a little longer than anticipated to get ready and we left home around 12:20. We stopped at Longtport for LPG and then we continued North on the A500. As we travelled North we passed MIB 246 going South presumably on football duties. We got to the top of the A500 and then onto the M6. Traffic was heavy and we made relatively slow progress up to the M56 and then it was plain sailing. We did the M56 west to the M53 and then we did this to Junction 3 and came into Birkenhead from the West side of town. As we went along the A552 we saw Arriva 4097 heading into Liverpool on a #471 service. We saw 4050 going in the opposite direction. We got into town and parked by the bus station a little after 14:00. For dinner we went to the burger van inside the Market by the carousel. After we consumed 2 bacon baps and 1 sausage bap between us we headed off to the bus station. As we approached we saw a First Manchester double decker on stand 1 on a #38 service. As we approached it pulled off and it was one of then new arrivals at Rock Ferry 30243. Matthew said he wanted to do that bus and so we hatched a plan. I went to get the #38 timetable, and Matthew took a few pictures whilst we waited. One such bus was Arriva Gemini 4202.

Arriva NW&W 4202 in Birkenhead bus station
I looked at the Saturday timetable and I saw it was a 30 minute frequency and so it would be quite a wait to follow it up. Arriva Daf 2409 appeared in the bus station.

Arriva NW&W 2409 in Birkenhead bus station
Whilst we were still wondering what we could do about following 30243, required Arriva 4097 appeared on a #407 service To Liverpool.

Arriva NW&W 4097 in Birkenhead bus station
This was followed by required Arriva 4099 on a Moreton bound #407 service. We decided to do this bus, and if we were lucky, we might make 30243 coming back out of West Kirby. We used our Saveaway scratch cards and boarded the bus. We went upstairs and settled down for the run to Morteon. We had never been on this service before so we didn't know the route so we just had to look out where we were going. The route was familiar for the most part, Straight along A553. As we travelled toward Moreton we passed First Manchester 30839 going towards new Ferry. The bus then does a circle around Moreton. Turning right at the big roundabout, it travels through a housing estate before getting back on the Hoylake Road West of Moreton, now running as a Liverpool service. Matthew got a picture of the near empty top deck of this bus.

Inside Arriva NW&W 4099
When the bus stopped on the Hoylake Road we decided to get off as we should now be on the #38 route.

Arriva NW&W 4099 in Moreton
It was around 15:10 and there was a #38 due at 15:18. There should have been an Avon Mill Park service and also a #423 to Seacombe Ferry. We didn't see either of those whilst we waited, but we did see an Impera Dart 2511 on the #39 New Brighton to West Kirby service, and First Manchester 30246 going the other way on a #38.

First Manchester 30246 in Moreton
Eventually, our bus arrived and it was 30243 that we had missed earlier.

First Manchester 30243 in Moreton
We went upstairs on this bus ans after we sat down we saw a few buses coming the other way. We passed 4038 on a #407 service. And we saw First Manchester 30837 coming the other way. The bus empties out a little as we approached the bus station and Matthew got a picture of the inside of this bus.

Inside First Manchester 30243
We eventually got back to Birkenhead and we had about 5 minutes before the next #38 to West Kirby. Matthew considered catching some other buses such as Arriva 2460 on a Clatterbridge service, and 4421 on a Liverpool service. He also got a picture on First Manchester 60005 on a #41 to Mill Park.

First Manchester 60005 in Birkenhead bus station
The #38 was a Scania and Matthew didn't fancy doing that today. We then saw a new Pulsar on a #410 and he decided he wanted to do that.

Arriva NW&W 3123 approaches Birkenhead bus station
We got on and settled down for the journey. It wasn't very full and it was quite a nice journey on this nearly new bus. We Arrived at New Brighton and Matthew got a picture of the inside of this bus. We then got a picture of the outside too before crossing the road to go and visit Morrisons. Weused the facilities and then Matthew had his favourite lemon merringue pie and a cup of Coke in the cafe. After having this quick snack matthew took us a round the supermarket to buy a few things too. We then went outside and sat on a rock whilst we waited for a bus back. Arriva 4421 arrived from Liverpool on a #433 service.

Arriva NW&W 4421 in New Brighton
Arriva 'Golfish bowl' 2451 came in from Birkenhead and then went out of service. Also coming in Liverpool was Arriva 4000, which was on a #432 service.

Arriva NW&W 4000 in New Brighton
Eventually another new Pulsar 2 appeared on a #410 service, which was required 3129.

Arriva NW&W 3129 in New Brighton
We decided to do this bus, and because it was around 17:05 we assumed it was a Clatterbridge service. We stopped at the side of Wilkinson's and then carried on past the bus station as it was on a Woodside service. We got off around the corner near to Hamilton Square.

Arriva NW&W 3129 in Birkenhead
As we walked back we saw Arriva 2453 and then Avon 923.

Avon 923 in Birkenhead
We me back up with mum and then headed to the car. Matthew decided he wanted to got to the toilet, but as the green 'tardis' by the bus station was closed I drove to Conway park station to use the toilets there. We flashed our saveaway tickets to the lady on the barrier and then used the toilet before retuning to the car. We then had our customary sausage rolls in the car. It was now nearly 18:00 as we set off home.We travelled home down the A41, and we we passed Eastham we saw a Helms of Eastham Volvo going the other way and I realised this was 'the' Eastham where Helms are based! We got onto the M53 and then onto the Eastbound M56. As we joined the M6 we soon caught up with a couple of coaches. One of the coaches Bowens XTJ 802 and Matthew got a picture out of the window. The other one was which was a white coach was possible XTJ 817. We got onto the A500 and this time we went straight home as we were a little later than usual returning. We got back in the house around 19:20. After having fish finger sandwiches for supper, we settled down in front of the telly before bedtime...Mark

Monday, 10 September 2012

Trip to Abbey Hulton / Bentilee 10-09-2012


1450Ladybank Grove BlurtonBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
1485Bucknall Newhouse RoadDividy Road BentileeCharterWardle Transport
1485Dividy Road BentileeBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
1450Bucknall Newhouse RoadLadybank Grove BlurtonCharterWardle Transport

Today was Matthew first Monday at college of the new term. He got up just after 07:00 and was picked up at 08:00 by his usual bus, Wardle Transport 1450.

Wardle 1450 in Blurton
On the way to college he passed Wardle Transport 1649. They travelled own to Fenton via Heron Cross and Heron Street. Then in Fenton he saw First Potteries 30029 and 30033 on Schools work. They travelled own to joiners square and along Leek Road to Limekiln Bank. They then headed up the A52 to bucknall before turning into Newhouse Road. He arrived at college around 09:00. Wardle Transport 1485 was waiting in the yard. Whilst there went out on a quick trip to Bentilee on Wardle Transport 1485. Hey travelled back along Newhouse Road to the A52. They went passed the Meadows as he went up Dividy Road and then stopped for breakfast. They then went back to college on Wardle Transport 1485. They went down Dividy road to the A52. Around 15:00 he was picked up again by Wardle Transport 1450. Also in the yard was Wardle Transport 1648 on another transport. He got on Wardle Transport 1450 to bring him home. He then settled down for the evening having pitta bread pizza's for tea...Mark

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Trip to Newcastle / Crewe 08-09-2012


34286Sandyford, adj NewfieldNewcastle BS99AFirst Potteries
40145Newcastle BSTunstall, adj stop A99First Potteries
34158Tunstall, adj stop MCrewe BS20First Potteries
34288Crewe BSHanley BS20First Potteries

Today we were going on a local trip. worked First Potteries #20 - Hanley service Double Decker. As Matthew had an activity in the morning we decided to drive to Westport lake and then to a tour of South Cheshire and North Staffordshire by car. Matthew got up just before 09:00 and we took him up to Heathfield for 10:00. We Drove onto the A5035 and then along Stanley Matthews way. We went onto the Westbound A50 and ten onto the Northbound A500. We then went along The A527 to Chell and then we drive down to heathfield. Whilst there he went to the toilet. We collected him at 12:30 and then drove up to Wickes in Tunstall. We drove up onto High lane and then to Chell Roundabout. We then drove along the A527 Tunstall by-pass up to Wickes. We stopped there so we could have burgers and bacon baps at the burger van with the best view in town.

Burger with a view...
After eating we was First Potteries Alexander RL 34286 to Newcastle. We got on went upstairs sat down bus set off. The bus went via Trubshaw Cross and Longport. The bus then went via Porthill and Wolstanton to Newcastle. we got off we bus station we also saw First Potteries 40140 on a #72 service. We had an ice cream before returning to the bus. It we was First Potteries 40145 with it's ALX200 body. we got on the sat down bus set off through Wolstanton to Porthill and then down through Longport to Trubshaw Cross. We then headed up the Road into Tunstall. We went past the site of the proposed Morrisons in Tunstall. We got off Northwards through Tunstall on First Potteries 34158 we got on a #20 Crewe. We went upstairs and sat down bus.

First Potteries 40142 in Tunstall
As we set off passed through we saw First Potteries 40142. The bus went up the A50 to kidsgrove and then forward Alsager and to Haslington we saw First Potteries 31518 then went past the railway station and into the bus station. Empty in We got off Then carried we saw First Potteries 34288 #20 service to Hanley. we got on went Upstairs. we sat down bus set off back to Haslington and then trough to Alsager. we then went down to Kidsgrove we did 40142 down to Tunstall saw then he went down through Burslem and then Hanley. we was picked up from the bus station we saw First Potteries 60128 was on a #20. we went back to Crewe and we saw 40143 on a #17 service back to the Hanley From here he walked back toey. where he met up with mum. Next we had a sausage roll and Coke. We drove down to Limekiln Bank and then onto Dividy Road. We went passed the Meadows and then on to Adderley Green where we passed 40169 on a Hanley bound #2 service. We then went down Anchor Road, around Longton and then passed the Z Carz depot. we got a picture of D104 XAN.

Z Carz D104 XAN
Next to that was a one time School bus DS51 ZJU.

Z Carz DS51 ZJU
There was Mercedes minibus BV51 BNO which has just had the Z Carz decals re-applied.

Z Carz BV51 BNO
Finally at the end of the row was coach V690 EBC. It had a service 279 sticker in the front window.

Z Carz V690 EBC
We passed a camper van as we went back past the depot. We then headed down Longton Hall Road passing First Potteries 40148 going towards Newcastle. We also saw First potteries 40152 heading towards Longton. We got home at around 16:40. We had bangers and mash for tea and Matthew then settled down for the evening before bedtime...Mark