Friday, 18 October 2013

Trip to Bucknall 18-10-2013


1450BlurtonBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
1450Bucknall Newhouse RoadBlurtonCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was at home and going college. Matthew got up and was ready for college at around 08:15 when his bus turned up. It was Wardle Transport 1450.

Wardle Transport 1450 in Blurton
we got on the bus and it set off. The bus set off through Blurton and down to Heron Cross. The bus went East on the A50 to Longton. The bus went through Longton and onto Anchor Road. The bus went up to Adderley Green and the then left onto Dividy Road. we passed First Potteries 60063 on a #26A service. We carried on down to Bentilee where we went onto the a52 via Twigg Street, Wooliscroft Road and Pennell Street The bus then went onto Newhouse Road. For dinner Matthew Fish fingers and chips and beans with cake and custard for afters. he then went to the toilet. After a day at college we came out to find Wardle Transport 1450 waiting for his return journey home. The bus went along Newhouse road and onto the A52. They went through Bentilee via, Pennell Street, Wooliscroft Road and Twigg Street and onto Dividy Road. here we saw First Potteries 34286 on school bus turn. The bus headed aroun Longton Via Anchor Road and Commercial Street. The bus went into Lghtwood and stopped off Star and Garter Road before returning back to Dresden via Meir Road and Belgave Road. At this point we saw First Potteries 32627 & 34158 and Wardle Transport 4891. The bus then went into Newstead estate and we saw Z carz S952 VMY retuning to the depot After dropping off another client in Newstead we carried on towwards Trentham to drop another off near Jonathan Road. We then retuned to Blurton along the A5035. He got home around 16:00. After he had a couple of slices of toast and mum had retrned home, we went out in the car to have some tea. We turned onto the A5035 where we passed Wardle Transport 2531 on a school bus turn. At the A34 we headed north and passed preserved Midland Red 780 GHA. We stopped in Trent Vale at the Black Lion pub. We had been followed up by a coach which we now identified as Leons BT12 LCT. At the pub Matthew had sausage Egg bacon chips and beans followed by toffee sponge pudding and ice cream. Highlights of buses seen in the pub include First Potteries 65705 on a #22, First Potteries 65002 on a #101, Leons Coaches CT13 LCT and Wardle Transport 3290. When we had finished we went to pick uncle Dave up. We got back onto the A34 to Hanford and then up the A500 to Sideway. We did the A50 Eastwards to Heron Cross and then we picked up uncle Dave. We then headed back through Heron Cross passing Z Carz T2 DLT. We got home around 18:00 and Matthew chilled out on his computer. He watched a few bus DVDs and we ate some Strawberry Vienetta. He then went bed around 00:00...Mark

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