Friday, 1 November 2013

Trip to Trent Vale 01-11-2013


60015Newstead, adj Crowcrofts RoadTrent Vale, opp Chubb Way (Unmarked)22First Potteries

Today was the last weekday of the college holiday. I had been to work in the morning and I had driven to Fenton along the A5035 and then past Z Carz depot where there were 3 buses visible today. The two coaches M534 RSO & D104 XAN were side by side and Mercedes minibus S952 was behind these. Matthew got up around 10:00 this morning and had some crumpets and orange juice for breakfast. He used his computer and watched his telly for a few hours before having half an omelette for dinner. I viewed the #22 buses and there were 2 required buses out today. First Potteries 60015 was on the #22A turn and was going to be passing through Blurton around 15:15. First Potteries 43875 was going to be working the bus through Blurton around 15:30. The other 2 buses on the #22 were dud First Potteries 40304 and 43876. We decided to go out after required Scania First Potteries 60015. It was a terrible day with regards to weather and it had been raining all day. We set off just after 15:00 and we decided to walk to the stop on the A5035 as it had a shelter. On the way there we saw an unusual working. Wardle Transport 2962 was on the Plumline instead of the usual dedicated Plum coloured bus 2963.

Wardle Transport 2962 in Blurton
We walked to the stop to wait for the bus. Wardle Transport 2962 came past us again this time heading towards Hanley. Around 15:20 (a minute or two late) the bus appeared in the distance on Magdalen Road and we could see it was a Scania. As it got closer we saw it was required First Potteries 60015 as expected.

First Potteries 60015 in Blurton
We got on the bus and booked to Trent Vale. We sat down near the back. The bus was maybe 1/3 full but people were spread out in the bus. Matthew took a picture towards the back of the few seats that were empty there.

Inside First Potteries 60015
The bus carried on along the A5035 in Trentham and then onto New Inn Lane. We carried on to Hanford passing First Potteries 41521 on the #21A and First Potteries 60060 on the #21. At the top of church Lane First Potteries 61555 was stopped and it appeared that it had been in a minor collision where someone had run into the back of the bus. We carried on down to Trent vale and onto the A34. Sometimes when a Scania works this service the bus goes straight along the A34 to avoid the tight turns in the hospital. Today however the bus turned into Harpfields Road to head towards the hospital. Had we not been meeting up with mum it would have been nice to do this rare trip of a Scania through the hospital. The bus turned and we got off, Matthew getting another picture as the bus drove away.

First Potteries 60015 in Trent Vale
We walked back onto the A34 and along towards the pub. Mum texted us to let us know she had beaten us into the pub today and we walked straight in to meet her. Matthew had two sausages, egg, chips and beans with bacon and 2 rounds of bread. He also helped mum with her cheese and sausage toastie! For after he had toffee sponge pudding and ice cream. When we had finished we went to pick up uncle dave. We headed onto the A34 and then onto the Northbound A500. We then went east on the A50 to Heron Cross and down into Fenton. When we picked up uncle Dave we headed back to heron Cross where we saw a few buses. First Potteries 40378 and 40173 were on #23/23A's and we saw JayJays Travel minibus RX57 POV going across the a50 roundabout and on Blurton Road we saw Z Carz T2 DLT. We got back home around 17:15 and Matthew spent the night on his computer, watching bus DVD's and watching telly. He went to bed around 00:00...Mark

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