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Trip to Bromsgrove / Kidderminster 09-08-2014


32854Bromsgrove BSUpper Catshill, adj Aintree Close144AFirst Worcester
67640Catshill, adj Gibb Lane SchoolBromsgrove BS144First Worcester
30382Bromsgrove BSKidderminster, Town Hall (Stand 2)X3Rotala Diamond
30439Kidderminster, Town Hall (Stand 1)Bromsgrove BSX3Rotala Diamond
33403Bromsgrove BSRubery (Worcs), Opp Old Plough Inn144First Worcester
33039Each Way (W Mids), adj Birch RdBromsgrove BS144First Worcester

Today we decided to revisit Bromsgrove. Once again the weather had been a little unpredictable so we left deciding where to go until Saturday morning. no research was done for this trip, we had timetables already on the phone from our previous visit. We checked the weather on Saturday morning and it was for sunny weather with vary occasional showers. Matthew got up around 10:30 today and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We gave him a list of place from around the North West and the Midlands and from these places Matthew chose Bromsgrove. We set off a little after 12:00. On Magdalen Road we saw ABC Supreme HK57 LGZ parked up before we went onto the A5035. We turned down Stanley Matthews Way out of habit, because we meant to carry on down to the A34! At the end of Stanley Matthew Way we went West onto the A50 and then South down the A500 to the M6. We went South on the M6 and it was relatively quiet. On Radio Stoke we heard the two of the three North Bound lanes around junction 17 were blocked, so we had a lucky on choosing Bromsgrove. Traffic was fine all the way down to junction 10A, and even here it was moving well but busy. We turned onto the Southbound M5 at junction 8, and traffic was fine until we reached the roadworks just North of the junction for the A38. We came off here and it seemed that everyone else was trying to avoid this so it was busy all the way down to the A448. here we headed West and into Bromsgrove where it seemed a little quieter than on the A38. We parked up in Asda and we walked across to the bus station. Just before we entered the bus station we saw Rotala Diamond 20357 departing down the A448 on a #143 to Studley.

Rotala Diamond 20357 in Bromsgrove
We walked over to the market plaice chip shop and we sat outside on the picnic benches in their yard. We couldn't see a toilet we walked back over to the bus station and and Matthew stopped used the toilet here. Whilst there we saw Hanson Bus 1520 on the #318 to Stourbridge. Also Matthew took a picture of Rotala Diamond 30382 on the X3 to Redditch.

Rotala Diamond 30382 in Bromsgrove bus station
Back at the chip shop, Matthew had chips and sausage and two rounds of bread an butter washed down with a small bottle of orange Fanta. Whilst we ate we saw First Worcester 33405 and Clearway PEZ 3058. When we were done we walked back over to the bus station to wait for something interesting. the first thing we saw we couldn't catch, Seaview Services YN07 DZK coach picking up for a holiday tour.

Seaview Services YN07 DZK in Bromsgrove bus station
The we saw an interesting double decker which we decided to do. It was required first Worcester 32854 on a #144A to Catshill.

First Worcester 32854 in Bromsgrove bus station
As we walked up to the Catshill stop, we saw First Worcester 67647 on a #144 to Worcester.

First Worcester 67647 in Bromsgrove bus station
We got on First Worcester 32854 and we booked our Connecta tickets at £6.50 each. We went upstairs and the bus set off Northwards out of town. We headed North out of town and up the B4091. as we left town we passed First Worcester 33403 on a Worcester bound #144 service. The bus turned right off the main road to serve the Prince of Wales community Hospital before returning onto the main road and continuing Northwards. We crossed under the M42 and we went through the village before doubling back onto Green Lane. The bus sat for a short while and Matthew took a picture inside First Worcester 32854.

Inside First Worcester 32854
We then decided to get off! We got off and Matthew took another picture of First Worcester 32854 as it went off into the distance back towards Bromsgrove.

First Worcester 32854 in Catshill
We walked along Green Lane and Golden Cross Lane. We carried on to Gibb Lane and we checked the stop to see when the next bus was due. There was a #144 in 5 minutes, so no time to do anything. The bus rounded the corner and it was required First Worcester 67640.

First Worcester 67640 in Catshill
We flashed our tickets and sat down near to the back of the bus. The bus carried on South through Catshill and back under the M42. As we went South we passed First Worcester 67636 on a Northbound #144 service. Before we got into town the seat behind us emptied and Matthew took a picture of them.

Inside First Worcester 67640
We arrived in town and we got off First Worcester 67640. We had caught up with First Worcester 32854 at the bus station and it promptly departed towards Worcester. A few minutes later required Rotala Diamond 30382 arrived in the bus station on a X3 service to Kidderminster and Stourport.

Rotala Diamond 30382 in Bromsgrove bus station
As Matthew has never been to Kidderminster before we decided to do this bus. We got on and flashed our tickets. We saw that the back of the bus was empty so Matthew took a picture before we sat down near to the back of the bus.

Inside Rotala Diamond 30382
There was a minute or two before departure and dud Clearway minibus PEZ 3058 pulled up behind us on the #99 service to Charnford. We had been on that bus on our previous visit to Bromsgrove in June. At 14:52 the bus set off Southward down the A448 before following the route right along the A448. The bus left the Western edge of Bromsgrove and as we got to the national speed limit sign the bus made a spirited run. The 10 mile journey to Kidderminster was booked to be done in 25 minutes which is a fast run on a service bus. We raced along at high speeds only slowing / stopping to let passengers off, until we reached Chaddersley Corbett. The bus got stuck behind a tractor briefly and we carried on West through Mustow Green and Stone at a slightly slower speed. After dropping down into the Severn Valley and passing the railway, we headed into town. We saw what looked like a bus station as we turned right to the town hall and stop for this service. We got off and got a picture of the bus.

Rotala Diamond 30382 in Kidderminster
We had around 20 minutes before the return service so we had to use our time well. We set off on foot back towards the bus station and as we went we saw Rotala Diamond 20658 pass us on a #1 Rifle Range circular service.

Rotala Diamond 20658 in Kidderminster
We crossed the river and there was indeed a bus station. The bus station was set in between old mill / factory type buildings that had been converted to retail use, and modern buildings which seem to have been built to match the surrounding mills There were a handfull of buses in the bus station with most buses on layover. The first bus we saw was Rotala Diamond 20848 which was about to work a #303 to Worcester.

Rotala Diamond 20848 in Kidderminster bus station
We then saw Rotala Diamond 20113 which was on layover.

Rotala Diamond 20113 in Kidderminster bus station
There were 2 Whittle buses on layover. Whittle 175 was on Layover between #3 Areley Kings services and Whittle 170 was between #192 services.

Whittle 175 in Kidderminster bus station
These two buses were joined by Whittle 167 which was between #1 Rifle Range duties.

Whittle 167 in Kidderminster bus station
Once we photographed everything we set off back to the town hall. Outside the town hall was required Rotala Diamond 30445.

Rotala Diamond 30445 in Kidderminster
We visited a sweet shop where we brought two cans of pop and some sweets. Matthew indicated that he wanted to go to the toilet but we hadn't got much time. The town hall appeared to open, so we went in think there would probably be toilets there. There appeared to be an exhibition on, as well as a craft fair. We asked someone where the toilets were and they directed us. to the toilet near the other entrance. We walked through the building back to the entrance that we entered into the building. Uncle Dave was waiting for us and so was required Rotala Diamond 30439 on the X3 back to Bromsgrove!

Rotala Diamond 30439 in Kidderminster
We got on the bus and flashed our tickets. As the back seat was empty Matthew photographed it as we got on the bus.

Inside Rotala Diamond 30439
The bus set off out of town along the A448. We climbed up the hill and out of the Severn Valley passing the railway stations. Out of town there was quite a climb so the bus wasn't going particularly quickly. We passed through Stone and Mustow Green. The bus went through Chaddersley Corbett where there appeared to be some kind of family fun day and classic car show. We then got onto the fast part of the run and the bus hammered through the Worcestershire countryside and under the M5. We got to the edge of town and we slowed down for the last mile or so. As the A448 turned Northwards we followed the road up to the bus station and we got off. We sat on a bench and Matthew had a can of Vimto and a couple of Milky Ways. Whilst we waited for the next bus Clearway PEZ 3058 made another appearance in the bus station on the #99 service.

Clearway PEZ 3058 in Bromsgrove bus station
Matthew visited the toilet and and then we waited for an interesting bus to catch. We didn't have to wait for long... required First Worcester 33403 made a reappearance on the #144 to Birmingham.

First Worcester 33403 in Bromsgrove bus station
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets. We went upstairs and sat down. The bus set off out of town and Matthew took a picture of the empty sets opposite us.

Inside First Worcester 33403
We climbed the hill past the hospital and we headed under the M42. We passed Hanson Bus 0387 going South on a #318 service. As we went through Catshill the bus stopped opposite the Clearway bus garage and Matthew quickly turned on his camera and took a picture of it.

The Clearway depot in Catshill
Next door we saw Harris Coaches 28 JCH. We carried on through Catshill. On Golden Cross Lane we passed the South bound #144 so we had to carry on North for a while or wait a long time for next bus. We joined the Northbound A38 and we went over the M5 roundabout that we came off at earlier in the day. We continued North up the A38 and we decided that when we left the dual carriageway we would get off the bus. The bell rung and the bus turned so we decided to get off. Matthew took a picture of First Worcester 33403 as it carried on towards the centre of Rubery.

First Worcester 33403 in Rubery
We weren't sure where we had to catch the bus back. We had seen a stop on the opposite side of the A38 so we crossed the road under the subway. we saw 33403 double back and cross over the A38 and go passed where the other stop was. At the stop we saw that the Bromsgrove bound #144 did go from this stop as well as the Halesowen bound #202. We sat on a bench opposite the stop so we could get a picture of the #202 bus. It came passed and appeared to be Rotala Diamond 30500 although it's hard to tell from the picture! We ate a Galaxy caramel bar between us which was a little bit melted, and then we went back to the stop to wait for the #144. Whilst we waited Shearing Holiday tri-axle Setra coach BN09 FXF came barreling past, making us realise there wasn't much time from sighting the bus to it getting to the stop! A few minutes later required First Worcester 33039 came around the corner and Matthew quickly took a picture.

First Worcester 33039 in Rubery
We got on the bus and flashed our Connecta tickets. We went upstairs and the bus set off onto the A38. We passed the M5 junction and we headed South. At the Toby Inn we turned right onto Golden Cross Lane. and down through Catshill. The people in front of us got off as we approached Bromsgrove, so Matthew got a picture of the empty bus in front of us.

Inside First Worcester 33039
We carried on into town and we got off First Worcester 33039. Mum was waiting for us, so we quickly took a picture of the bus.

First Worcester 33039 in Bromsgrove bus station
We also saw Rotala diamond 30930 on a #202 to Halesowen.

Rotala Diamond 30930 in Bromsgrove bus station
Matthew used the toilet before we walked back over to Asda. We went to the car and mum went to the pay station. At the car Matthew had a Greggs sausage roll and a small bottle of Irn Bru. We set off out of the car park and onto the A448. We carried on North along Birmingham Road before joining onto the A38 near the Northern edge of town. We joined the M5 at junction 4 and we went North. We made good time until we got to the M6 where we slowed a little in heavy traffic. North of junction 10A we hit the roadworks and we traveled up to junction 13 at 50mph. North of junction 13 we made good time again and we got to the A500 around 18:30. We went North up the A500 until we reached the A50 where we turned Eastwards. At Longton we came off the A50 so that we could check out what was on Z Carz this evening. There were 5 buses on the spare ground this evening. Firstly we saw Scania coach D104 XAN.

Z Carz D104 XAN in Longton
Next we saw Matthews old school bus, LDV minibus M420 UEH.

Z Carz M420 UEH in Longton
In the far corner was Volkswagen minibus DX55 WGE.

Z Carz DX55 WGE in Longton
Next was Ford Transit minibus FP06 WTW.

Z Carz FP06 WTW in Longton
Finally was Mercedes minibus BV51 BNO which is currently on e-bay.

Z Carz BV51 BNO in Longton
We turned left into Willow Row where we saw Mercedes minibus M372 NWN and long term SORN LDV minibus T408 JUX. We went back onto the A50 which we did to Heron Cross. We ran back through Blurton and we saw First Potteries 41512 on a #22 to Longton. We got home a little before 19:00. For a late tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a cake bar. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 01:00...Mark

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