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Trip to Northwich / Tarvin 20-12-2014


W465 WGHNorthwich InterchangeTarvin, o/s Londis Store82GHA
R226 HCDTarvin, opp Red Lion PH Northwich Interchange82GHA
AA04 GHANorthwich InterchangeTarvin, o/s Londis Store82GHA
R638 MNUTarvin, opp Red Lion PH Northwich Interchange82GHA

Today we decided to re-visit Northwich. It is the Shortest Saturday of the year so we decided to stay fairly local but still to travel. We gave him a list of local destinations from which he chose Northwich. Research consisted of looking at the Chester & West Council website to look at the bus maps and to download the #29 and #37 timetables. The weather suggest that there were going to be rain showers north of Manchester. Matthew got up around 10:30 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off just after 12:15 today. We headed onto the A5035 and then turned onto Stanley Matthews way. We went West on the A50 and then north onto the A500. As we approached the M6 we saw that it was stationary, so we decided to divert onto the B5078. We went through Radway Green and then we turned right onto the B5077. We headed into Alsager and we passed GHA Solo BA56 GHA going the other way. We also passed First Potteries 65730 on a Crewe bound #3 service. We turned left onto Sandbach Road North and we continued along here until we got to the A533. We crossed over the M6 near to Sandbach services and the M6 was moving well here. We got to the edge of Sandbach we saw GHA FJ06 URR going the other way. and went around the town before carrying on North along the A533. We passed sandbach railway station and we headed out of town. We then went alongside the canal as the canal and road run side by side all the way into Middlewich. We saw Franks Mercedes minibus GLZ 7702 and then we parked up just off the one way system and had diner at the country kitchen food truck adjacent to the Golden Lion pub. Matthew had a sausage bacon and egg bap and a bottle of Coca Cola. After we had finished eating we carried on along the A54 before turning right onto the A533. A mile or so later we followed the road through a left turning before going right at the next roundabout. We headed the last 4 miles into town along the A533. As we passed the interchange we saw GHA double decker W465 WGH on the #82 to Chester and Arriva NW&W 2500 on the #1 town service. Ee parked up in the car park off Chester Way. We parked up and said goodbye to mum. As we walked to the interchange we saw Network Warrington 55 on a #45 to Warrington.

Network Warrington 55 in Northwich
We walked to to the interchange Matthew got a picture of required GHA double decker W465 WGH.

GHA W465 WGH in Northwich Interchange
We asked someone at the stop when it was due ton leave. They told us it was 14:10 so we had around 15 minutes before it was due to leave. Matthew used the toilet near to the market and we used the cash machine. Whilst we got some money, as few buses appeared in the interchange. We walked up to take a few pictures. We saw Arriva NW&W 700 on the #4 Barnton circular service.

Arriva NW&W 700 in Northwich Interchange
We also saw Arriva NW&W 2611 on a #29 to Over St Johns.

Arriva NW&W 2611 in Northwich Interchange
As we took a picture of 2611 we saw another Plaxton Centro whizz past. We walked to the one of the top stands to it was required Arriva NW&W 2614 on the #1 town service.

Arriva NW&W 2614 in Northwich Interchange
We then saw another GHA Dart arrive. AS we walked down to get a picture of the Dart we saw Arriva NW&W Solo SR 705 on the #2 town service. It was GHA East lancs Dart R504 JFE arrive on the #82 from Northwich.

GHA R504 JFE in Northwich Interchange
The double decker was now starting to load so we we walked over and got on GHA W465 WGH. We purchased GHA day tickets at £5 each before going upstairs. As the rear of the bus was empty Matthew took a picture inside W465 WGH.

Inside GHA W465 WGH
The bus set off and turned onto the A5509. We crossed over the A533 and we turned left onto the Westbound A559. We left town and crossed under the railway line before passing Greenbank and Hartford railway stations. We then joined the Westbound A556 and we ran fast for around a mile before we turned right into Sandiway. AS we entered the housing estate we saw dud GHA AA04 GHA (SB02) coming the other way. We carried on through the estate and into Cuddington. We joined onto the Southbound A49 and at the next junction we re-joined the Westbound A556. we carried on West passed the Vale Royal Abbey Arms and a mile or so further on we joined the A54. We continued West for a further mile or so before we turned left to go towards Kelsall.In Kelsall we waited a minute or so at the timed stop in the village. As we waited we saw required GHA step entranced double decker R638 MNU coming the other way. The bus carried on out of the village and back onto the A54. We had another mile or so of fast running along the A54 before we turned left into Tarvin. We had already decided that we would get off in Tarvin and catch the next bus back. In the high street we got up and got off the bus. Matthew got another picture of GHA W465 WGH as it carried on towards Chester.

GHA W465 WGH in Tarvin
We had around 15 minutes before the return bus back towards Northwich so we decided to visit the local Co-operative food store. The sign on the High Street is a little misleading as there is a passage that leads to the shop around 100 yards away. In the shop Mathew had a double Milky Way, a bottle of Irn Bru and a can of Coke. After we had purchased the stuff we walked back to the bus stop and Matthew ate the Milky Ways and drank the Irn Bru. There was a flurry of activity just as the bus was due. Dud Arriva NW&W 4215 came past on a Chester bound #84 and required Arriva NW&W 2503 went the other ay on a Crewe bound #84. A few minutes later we saw a long single decker approaching. AS it got closer we saw it was required GHA Volvo R226 HCD.

GHA R226 HCD in Tarvin
We got on the bus and flashed the day tickets. The bus set off along Tarvin High Street and back onto the A54. We were running a few minutes late and we passed R504 JFE just as we turned in to go through Kelsall. We worked out that we would pass AA04 GHA somewhere near Sandiway and we should just make it to Northwich to get on required double decker R638 MNU. We passed through Kelsall and we joined back onto the A54 before turning left onto the A556. When we got to the A49 we went North. Before we turned into the housing estate we passed R638 MNU! By my calculation this should have been on the next turn. For some reason which I don't yet know the double decker was turned straight around and AA04 GHA was held back a turn to work an hour after it arrived. That changed the plans. We carried on back through Sandiway and onto the A556 before doing the A559 back past Hartford and Greenbank railway station. By now we had caught up the late time so we got back to the bus station at 15:35. We got up and matthew took a picture inside GHA R226 HCD before we got off.

Inside GHA R226 HCD
Matthew quickly ran to the toilet. In the mean time R226 HCD ran off empty. We headed back to the interchange to catch the bus. Not before getting a picture of GHA AA04 GHA.

GHA AA04 GHA in Northwich Interchange
We got on the bus and flashed the day tickets. We sat down near to the back of this quite well loaded bus. The bus set off and out of town along the A559, under the Ironbridge and past Greenbank and Hartford railway stations. We first had this bus back in October 2011 on our first ever visit to Northwich. The bus carried on through to the A556 and we went West to Sandiway. The bus emptied out at the back so Matthew took a picture of the back seat.

Inside GHA AA04 GHA
As we went through the estate we passed decker W465 WGH going the other way. We carried on through to the A49 and then West along the A556. Further West we joined the A54 before turning off the main road to go though Kelsall. We passed GHA Dart R504 JFE going the other way. We rejoined the A54 and then turned to go into the High Street in Tarvin. As we went down the High Street we got up and then got off the bus. We then got another picture of GHA Wright bodied bus AA04 GHA.

GHA AA04 GHA in Tarvin
Right behind us was Arriva NW&W 2609 on a #84 to Chester. We walked to the stop to wait for the bus and Matthew had a Galaxy Caramel and a bottle of Cherryade from the trip bag. We still had some time so we decided to stock up the bag at the newsagent opposite. Matthew brought a Milky Way and a Curly Wurly and a can of Coke for later. We sat back down at the sop and mum called to find out how long we would be. The next bus was going to be our last bus today, and we should be back at Northwich around 17:05. The bus turned and it was as expected, required GHA Northern Counties double decker R638 MNU.

GHA R638 MNU in Tarvin
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets for the final time. The bus went down the High Street and onto the A54. We travelled along for a short distance before making the right turn into Kelsall. In Kelsall we passed double decker W465 WGH. Which means that R226 HCD had stayed away and everything was turning straight around at the Northwich end. We rejoined the A54 and we turned left onto the A556. We went North up the A49 before turning into Ash Road. We passed GHA Dart R504 JFE in Sandiway, which made sense if the Volvo had returned to the depot. There were also some outrageous displays of Christmas lights here! We re-joined the A566 for the short fast run up to the A559. We then ran into town through Hartford and Greenbank. We did the last mile or so of the A559 and we crossed over the Town Bridge and over the weaver into the interchange. Before we got off Matthew took a picture of the inside of GHA decker R638 MNU with it's mainly 'Blue Smartie' moquette.

Inside GHA R638 MNU
We got off the bus and it was around 17:10. We saw an unidentified Plaxton Dart on what was probably the 17:10 #82 departure to Chester. R638 MNU also disappeared and we walked towards where mum had moved the car to near to stand G. We then saw dud Arriva NW&W 2612 on the #29 to Over St Johns.

Arriva NW&W 2612 in Northwich Interchange
Matthew misbehaved slightly and followed someone onto this bus. We got him off and he went to the toilet. As we walked to the car we noticed that W465 WGH had re-appeared having worked to Tarvin on the 16:10 and then run back empty. As it was parked up on stand it is presumed it was going to work the 17:40 Northwich to Chester. We got back to the car and Matthew had a sausage roll and a bottle of Irn Bru. We drove out of town Eastwards along the A559 and then onto the A556. We joined the M6 at Junction 19 and we headed South down to Junction 16. We caught up with an unidentified TJ's travel Plaxton Cheetah minibus as we turned onto the A500. We carried on South and we and we went East on the A50 up to Longton. At Z Carz tonight there were 3 buses on the spare ground. First we saw Ford minibus GL04 CVE.

Z Carz GL04 CVE in Longton
Next to this was Mercedes minibus CE02 LYX.

Z Carz CE02 LYX in Longton
Also present tonight was Z Carz BN03 OVS.

Z Carz BN03 OVS in Longton
We turned left into Willow Row and we saw Mercedes minibus M372 NWN in the compound.

Z Carz M372 NWN in Longton
We turned in the street and headed back onto the A50. We went along the A50 to Heron Cross and we turned onto Blurton Road. We headed through Blurton and we into Beaconsfield Drive. We got home at around 18:15. For a late tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a home made lemon meringue. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 01:00... Mark

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