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Trip to Fenton / Stoke 07-05-2015


DY08 FFXBlurtonFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DV10 JCUFentonStokeCharterShelton Care Group
DV10 JCUStokeFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DV10 JCUFentonBlurtonCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was going to vote later, but not before he spent the day with his day service. the day with his day service. Matthew is looking forward to voting on the today. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast and juice for breakfast. The bus turned up and it was Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX.

Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX in Blurton
We set off onto the A5035 and headed towards Trentham. We turned into New Inn Lane and then into Pacific Drive. Once we had picked up another service user we headed back onto New Inn Lane and the A5035. We headed along into Blurton and we turned into church Road. We carried on into Blurton Road and across the A50. We went through Heron Cross and onto Heron Street. Having crossed the railway line we turned left onto Christchurch Street and to our destination. In the morning Matthew was going dancing today in Stoke. Transport for his trip to Stoke was Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU. We set off onto Glededale Road and we turned left onto City Road passing Copeland's Tours MIB 520. We carried on down to Stoke and we crossed over the A500. We followed the on way system around Stoke and we turned left up Hide Street. Once we reached the destination we saw Lucky Seven minibus PO60 YGU outside.

Lucky Seven PO60 YGU in Stoke
After we had finished the session Matthew went to the toilet and had a can of Coke. We got back into DV10 JCU for the journey back. We also saw Shelton Care Group NL61 VSG going to Hanley. We head back onto the one way system and then we turned towards the railway station before turning right onto Lytton Street. At the end of Lytton Street we turned left onto City Road and then right onto Smithpool Road and then left onto Temple street. We turned right onto Christchurch Street and we reached the destination. For dinner Matthew had cheese oatcakes followed by cake. After dinner Matthew was going swimming. We set off on foot onto past the Co-op and straight onto City Road. we crossed over the road and opposite to Travers Court we saw D&G 132 on 'The Orange One' going towards Meir.

D&G 132 in Fenton
Going towards Newcastle on the same service was D&G 113.

D&G 113 in Fenton
Further down the road we saw First Potteries 53120 on a #23A to Newstead.

First Potteries 53120 in Fenton
We turned into the private road on which the swimming pool oi located and we walked the 1/2 a mile or so to the entrance. Outside the entrance today was Copeland's Tours MIB 986 on a school visit.

Copelands Tours MIB 986 in Fenton
After a quick swimming session we headed back to the base on foot. At the end of the private road we saw Copeland's Tours MIB 118 on another school visit to the pool.

Copelands Tours MIB 118 in Fenton
We walked up City Road and onto Smithpool Road. We turned onto Temple Street and onto Christchurch Street. By Albert Square we saw First Potteries 53208 on a #23 to Hanley.

First Potteries 53208 in Fenton
We walked to the centre and after a short while it was time to return home. For the journey home we were travelling on Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU. We set off onto Glebedale Road and we headed through Heron Cross via Heron Street. We headed through Blurton on Blurton Road and onto Church Road. We turned right the A5035 and headed towards Trentham. We turned into New Inn Lane and then into Pacific Drive. Once we had dropped off another service user we headed back onto New Inn Lane and the A5035. We headed along into Blurton and we turned into Magdalen Road we got off. Matthew then took another picture of Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU.

Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU in Blurton
Matthew got home around 15:00 and had toast had dandelion & burdock. Just after we decided to go out and do a few errands, on the way we went to Vote. We drove up Finstock Avenue and we parked up in Ingestre Square. We headed into The Hub and Matthew used the toilet before we headed into the hall. After Matthew had put his crosses into the boxes he chose, he put the two papers in the relevant ballot box. We headed back to the car and mum went to the chemist. Next to us in the car park was A2B Airports WF11 MOA.

A2B airports WF11 MOA in Blurton
We then set off onto the A5035 and towards Trentham passing 41494 on the #22 to Longton. We turned into New Inn Lane. We dropped a few things off towardsin Pacific Drive and Constance Avenue and we headed back onto New Inn Lane and we went towards Hanford. We joined the A34 at the bottom of Mayne Street and we saw 60202 on the #22 to Newcastle. We joined the Northbound A500 and we headed up to Longport. On the way we passed Z Carz CE02 LYX and a silver coach YP10 VZF. We turned onto the roundabout at Longport and we saw Wardle Transport 2234 on the #91 to Newcasrle. We were followed onto the roundabout to head towards Burslem we were followed by D&G 134 on the #94 to Biddulph and First Potteries 37158 on the #99A. just off the roundabout were passed by Wardle Transport 4813 on the #92 to Newcastle in red livery, ready for the transfer to D&G next week. We continued up to Burslem and we went around the one way system and parked up at B&M. After we picked up a few thing in the shop we came out and we saw First Potteries 66841 on the #3 to Keele.

First Potteries 66841 in Burslem
We went up to Cobridge and we picked on something from one of the shops there. we then saw 37156 was on the #3 to Talke. We carried on through to Hanley and we went around the ring road. At the junction with Limekiln Bank we saw First Potteries 63174 on a #26 to Hanley. We carried on around the ring road passing Scraggs 34 on the #4 to Eaton Park. We went down Lichfiled Street and over the roundabout at Joiners Square. We stopped at MacDonalds on Victoria Road to pick up some food for Matthew. After we had been through the drive through we headed home via the A50 link Road, the A50, Blurton Road and Beaconsfield Drive. We got home just after 18:00. Matthew ate his chicken nugget meal and plain cheeseburger and we had a salad and some chicken wraps. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 23:30... Mark

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