Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Trip to Fenton / Stone 16-06-2015


DY08 FFXBentileeFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DV10 JCUFentonBentileeCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was in respite today as well as being at his day service and dad was in Cumbria. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had some breakfast. Matthew sat in his room whilst he waited for his bus to turn up. Whilst there we saw Z Carz minibus SL09 BXN.

Z Carz SL09 BXN in Bentilee
A few minutes later Matthew bus appeared. It was Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX.

Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX in Bentilee
We left the respite place and we travelled through Bentilee to Bucknall. We joined the A52 and followed around to joiners Square. We then went up Victoria Road before turnung right into manor Street. We tutned left onto to City Road and right onto Glebedale Road before reaching our destination. In the morning Matthew went into the sensory room and also used the computer. For dinner Matthew had pasta with tomato sauce. After dinner Matthew walked to Aldi to do his weekly shopping. The walked along Christchurch Street and across City Road and onto Manor Street. At the end of Manor Street we turned left onto Victoria Road. In Aldi Matthew picked up his weekly shop. On the way back up Victoria Road we saw First Potteries 63171 on a #6 to Hanley.

First Potteries 63171 in Fenton
We turned right onto Manor Street and walked to the end. Having crossed over City Road we headed back to the day centre. When it was time to go home Matthew got back on the bus to go Back to Bentilee. It was Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU. We set off onto Glebedale Road and into Heron Cross. We cross over the crossroads and over the A50 into Blurton. We went along blurton Road and Church Road and onto the A5035. We turned right and we headed to Trentham. We turned right again onto new Inn Lane and right again onto Pacific Drive. We dropped another service user off and we head back onto the A5035. In Longton we crossed the A50 and we jinked around the edge of Longton down Chadwick Street and Bridgewood street. We turned onto Sutherland Road and then we turned right onto Anchor Road. At the other end of Anchor Road we turned left towards Bentilee. We travelled around a mile to the respite centre. Matthew went up into his room whilst he waited for teatime. Whilst we ate highlights of the passing buses was Stanton's of Stoke BV57 VGP and Bennetts Solo W246 PAU going towards. One of the buses that arrived after his was Stoke-on-Trent city council welfare bus FJ59 OES.

Stoke-on-Trent city council FJ59 OES in Bentilee
Tonight Matthew went out for tea. We got in a Lucky Seven taxi and went to the Darlaston Inn. The taxi took them onto Dawlish Drive and then onto the A52. We went along the A52 to Stoke before getting on the Southbound A500. At Hanford they turned left to join the Southbound A34. At the pub Matthew had Burger followed by chocolate fudge cake and ice cream. Matthew went to the toilet after they had finished eating. They got in a taxi for the return journey. We went up the A34 up to Trentham and then onto the A5035 to Longton. The A50 was done up to Meir before joining the Northbound A520. At Weston Coyney we turned left onto the A5272 and this was done past Park Hall and Adderley Green and into Bentilee. After Matthew got back he had a bath and then chilled out on his tablet until bedtime around 23:00... Mark

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