Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Trip to Fenton / Florence 20-10-2015


DV10 JCUBentileeFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DV10 JCUFentonBentileeCharterShelton Care Group
WF11 WHCBentileeLightwoodCharterRoseville
WF11 WHCLightwoodBentileeCharterRoseville

Today Matthew was in respite and he was going into his day service. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast for breakfast. After he had finished eating he eaited in his room for his transport to arrive. When it turn up it was Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU.

Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU in Bentilee
We got on the bus and the bus set off onto Dividy Road. We headed Eastwards towards Adderley Green and then we turned right onto Anchor Road. At the bottom of Anchoe Road we went around the one way system and crossed over the A50 before going West on the A50 towards Heron Cross. At the second roundabout we turned right and went through the traffic lights onto Heron Street. We followed the road around the corner onto Station Bridge Road and then we turned left onto Christchurch Street and then to our destination. In the morning Matthew went into the sensory and spent time using a computer. For dinner Matthew had cheese oatcakes. After dinner Matthew went shopping. We walked onto Glebedale Road and onto City Road. We crossed over and went up to Victoria Place before heading down Victoria Road. Part way down we saw First Potteries 63172 on #6 to Meir.

First Potteries 63172 in Fenton
We carried on down the road and we went into Aldi. Matthew did his weekly shop for the day service and then they set off back to the unit. We set off back up Victoria Road and then turned right into Manor Street. We crossed over City Road and then went along Christchurch Street and to our destination. After putting the shopping away it was time to go back to respite. We climbed aboard Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU. We set of out of Glebedale and right onto City Road and up into Longton along King Street. We carried on forwards onto Market Street and then left onto Anchor Road. At the top of Anchor Road we turned left onto Dividy Road and into Bentilee. We got back to the unit around 15:00. Matthew went up to his room whilst he waited for tea. Whilst he was waiting he watched the other buses coming and going. On of the arrivals was Free Spirits Ford minibus MV05 YMM.

Free Spirits MV05 YMM in Bentilee
A short while later we saw Allendale PN07 BHJ.

Allendale PN07 BHJ in Bentilee
For tea this evening Matthew was going out to the pub. The taxi arrived and it was Roseville minibus WF11 WHC. We set off onto Dividy Road and through Adderley Green towards park Hall. We turned right onto Glandore Road and left onto Carberry Way. We turned left onto Weston Coyney road and right onto the A520. At Meir across the main roundabout and then right onto Grosvenor Road. We followed the road forwards onto Meir Road and when we got to the roundabout we went right before going into the New florence pub. Matthew used the toilet and then had a drink of Coke. For tea Matthew had an All Day Big Breakfast washed down with Coke. For afters he had Chocolate Fudge Cake with ice cream. When he had finished eating they returned to Bentilee in Roseville minibus WF11 WHC. We set off back onto Meir Road and then we turned right onto Upper Normacott Road and across the A50. We joined Uttoxeter Road and then onto Sutherland Road and Weston Coyney Road. We cut through the housing estate and we joined Anchor Road off Amiston Street. At the top of Anchor Road we turned left and we headed to the unit in Bentilee. When Matthew got back he watched telly and chilled out in his room. Later on he had a bath and then had some toast for supper. Matthew went to bed around 23:00... Mark

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