Monday, 3 July 2017

Trip to Fenton / Meir Park 03-07-2017


DG10 VMJFentonHanley ParkCharterZ Carz
DG10 VMJHanley ParkFentonCharterZ Carz

Today Matthew was in the residential unit and he was going to his day service. later on he was going out for tea with a few friends. Matthew learned that Firstbus had taken over the running of the Ipswich Park and Ride bus service. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast for breakfast. before Matthew went to the day centre he watched buses out of the window. Across the road we saw First Potteries 41497 on a #23 to Hanley. Around 09:00 we set off on foot to the day centre. We walked onto Temple Street and right onto Christchurch Street. At the day centre we saw Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX. In the morning Matthew went down Fenton to go swimming. We set off on foot onto Christchurch Street and we crossed over City Road. As we passed the car hire place we saw Afford rent-a-car's new minibus PO17 ZYE.

Afford rent-a-car's PO17 ZYE in Fenton
We continued down the hill over the old railway line to Leek and we turned right into the private road and we walked down to the baths. we saw Global Travel HUI 6822.

Global Travel HUI 6822 in Fenton
After a quick swimming session we headed back to the base on foot. At the end of the private road, We walked onto City Road and we crossed over before turning right onto Christchurch Street. We stopped at the Co-operative Food store and we picked up some oatcakes. We then walked round the corner back to the day centre, For dinner Matthew had a ham sandwich followed by a cupcake. In the afternoon we were going to the Hanley Park on Z Carz DG10 VMJ. We set off onto Glebedale Road and we turned left onto City Road. We ran down to the A52 and we turned right. We continued along the A52 and we veered left onto Boughey Road. At the end we turned right onto the Avenue. We stopped and Matthew and a few of his peers went into Hanley Park to use the play equipment. When they had finished they returned onto The Avenue to get on Z Carz DG10 VMJ to return to Fenton. We travelled West and we turned left onto College Road. We ran down to Station Road and we turned left. At the end we ran onto the A52. We turned left onto City Road and we ran up the hill. We turned right into Smithpool Road and then left into Temple Street and back to the residential unit. We turned up to pick Matthew up and we saw First Potteries 32081 on a #11 to Newcastle. We grabbed some batteries and set off onto Temple Street. We turned right onto Christchurch Street and we ran to the end. At the end we turned right onto Station Bridge Road and we crossed over the railway line. We ran forwards Heron Street and we went through Heron Cross and over the A50. We ran into Blurton along Blurton Road and we veered right onto Church Street. We turned right onto Beaconsfield Drive we stopped to pick up the friend and then we continued down Beaconsfield Drive. We turned right onto Finstock Avenue and then left onto Magdalen Road. At the end we turned left onto the A5035. We ran through Dresden up to Longton and then we crossed over and joined the Eastbound A50. We ran up to Meir Park and we came of the A50 and right at the roundabout into the pub. We beat the other group to the pub and around 5 minutes later they turned up. Matthew went to the toilet and then had a glass of Coke. For tea Matthew had a burger and fries as well as some of his mum's mixed grill! For afters he had a chocolate fudge cake and ice cream. After we had finished eating we said goodbye to the friends and we got in the car to go back to Fenton. In the car park we saw Arley Hall Shopping Spectacular minibus BX10 BYT.

Arley Hall Shopping Spectacular BX10 BYT in Meir Park
We set off onto Lysander Road and we turned left onto the A50. We ran down to Heron Cross and we came of the A50 and onto the link road. We ran up to City Road and we saw silver minibus DS17 WFV. We ran down to Smithpool Road and we turned left and left onto Temple Street and back to the residential unit. We took matthew up to his room and we said goodbye for a few days. Matthew went to his room and chilled out for a while. later on Matthew had a bath and then had toast for supper. He then chilled out in his room until bedtime around 23:00... Mark.

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