Friday, 31 May 2013

Trip to Trent Vale 31-05-2013


40150Magdalen Road, BlurtonTrent Vale, opp Chubb Way (Unmarked)22First Potteries

Today Matthew had a playscheme arranged for the morning, so we decided to take him on a bus to Trent Vale too. Matthew got up around 08:00 havig toast and orange juice for breakfast. He chilled out on his computer until around 09:30 wen mum took him up to Chell Heath. They turned onto the A5035 and then onto Stanley Matthews way. The went onto the westbound a50 and then onto the northbound A500. We saw Wardle transport 4652 on a #30 service on the A500. North of longport they turned onto the A527 Tunstall by-pass which they did over to High Lane. Off high Lane they turned down Spring bank road and into Heathfield school. She dropped him off at 10:00. Whilst there he did various thing including baking some chocolate cakes which he of course ate whilst he was there. We also spent some time outside where he was able to see buses go past. some of his sightings include bakerbus 183 & 250 on the #9 and 41495 on a #21. I picked him up from Chell Heath around 14:55. Matthew went to the toilet and then we departed. We went back via Spring Bank Road. As we turned onto Spring bank Road we saw Wardle Transport 4891 on another #61 turn. Te route back was a reverse of the rote in. High Lane, Tunstall by-pass, A500, A50, Stanley Matthews Way. Outside the Britannia stadium we saw Wardle Transport 2963 on the Plumline. We got home around 15:15 and we had a quick toilet stop before walking down to the stop on Magdalen Road. We had left the bus pass at home so we had to go back and fetch it. We returned to the stop at the exact time the bus was due. Luckily traffic was heavy today so the bus was a few minutes late. I had seen the turn early I the day so I knew the bus was going to be First potteries 40150. It turned up a round 5 minutes late and it was 40150 as predicted.

First Potteries 40150 in Blurton
We got on the bus and sat near the back. This is a bus that Matthew had done before but hadn't. He hadn't been on it for a long time, the last he did it was when he had respite in Parklands more than two years ago!. It was very warm and Matthew was glad I made him leave his jacket at home. The bus turned onto the a5035 and then onto New Inn Lane. We passed 40148 on a Longton bound #22 and we stopped on New Inn Lane to let someone off and the bus cut out! The bus was quickly restarted and we carried on to Wilson Road and Church Lane. We then got onto the A34 and then headed to Trent Vale, and then turned onto Harpfields Road. As we passed the Black Lion pub we had seen mum parking the car. We got off the bus and then Matthew took another picture of 40150 as it carried on to Newcastle.

First Potteries 40150 in Trent Vale
We walked onto the A34 towards the Black Lion. As we walked down we spotted a Scania in the distance. It was 65040 on a Hanley bound #101. He got a picture as it headed away.

First Potteries 65040 in Trent Vale
We walked to the pub car park and met up with mum. Inside Matthew had his usual brunch and toffee sponge pudding with ice cream. this was washed down with coke and blackcurrant and soda. Whilst we ate we saw a number of #101 including two the rarer Scania's for this service 65003 and 65004. We left the pub around 17:00, setting off to pick up uncle Dave. We headed down the A34 and onto the A500. As we joined the A50 we were alongside Wardle Transport 2260 on a #350 service. We headed to Heron Cross and after picking up uncle Dave We headed back through Heron Cross into Blurton. We got hone around 17:30. We then chilled out watching telly ad eating snacks. He also spent time on his computer and watching bus DVDs before going to bed around 23:30...Mark

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