Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Trip to Hanley 31-07-2013


1649BentileeHanleyCharterWardle Transport
1649HanleyFentonCharterWardle Transport
1649FentonCentral Forest ParkCharterWardle Transport
1649Cental Forest ParkBentileeCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was in respite. He was going out with someone from Crossroads. Matthew got up and had toast for breakfast before being picked up around 10:00. The us that took matthew to Hanley was Wardle Transport 1649 we got on bus sat down near the back. The bus went along Dividy road and through Bucknall and up limekiln bank into Hanley. drove to Hanley and parked, Whilst there Matthew visited the museum. He went to the toilet first. Then he spent some time in the natural history section. First he photgraphed a Lion

Then he took a picture of a horse.

There were also birds too, Here is a Buzzard.

There were also local mammals such as a Badger.

The was a Fox.

There were also boxing Hares.

Then they went to see the Spitfire. here was the plane itself.

There was also an engine out of one.

Spitfire engine...
Afterwards they got back in the bus and headed up to Fenton. There they visited MacDonalds for a burger. Whilst there he went to the toilet. After we had eaten they set off through Hanley to Central Forest Park.

Central Forest Park
They had around an hour here before retuning to the bus and going back to Bentilee. Matthew spent some time in the office. he also had chips and sausage for tea with ice cream for afters. He then had a bath and supper of toast and then chilled out watching telly and using his computer before bedtime around 00:00...Mark

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