Friday, 23 August 2013

Trip to Trent Vale 23-08-2013


30033Blurton, opp Ladybank GroveTrent Vale, adj Woodlands Road‎22First Potteries

Today we didn't have anything planned, but viewing 30033 on the #22A service i thought we could use to it to go out for dinner. The bus was dues to work the 13;05 from Longton to Newcastle, so I thought we would do it to Trent vale so that we could have a late dinner at The black Lion. Matthew got up just before 09:00 and he had some toast and orange juice for breakfast. I viewed 30033 at 11:15 on my way home from work. Matthew got dressed and as we ad a bit of time we set off to the stop on Beaconsfield Drive around 13:05. As we waked to the stop we saw 2 of the 3 buses that work on the #22. First Potteries 40010 was heading towards longton and 40020 was heading towards Newcastle. We got to the stop and realised the batteries in his camera were flat. We didn't have time to go home and back so we called mum to fetch some batteries and meet us at the bus stop. We didn't tell her which stop we were at. She did eventually find us and after a quick battery change we saw Wardle Transport 2409 at the stop on the #46 to Hanley with a recently fitted LED display.

Wardle Transport 2409 in Blurton
We then spotted First Potteries 53405 on a #23 service with a faulty display.

First Potteries 53405 in Blurton
A couple of minutes later first Potteries 30033 appeared at the top of Beaconsfield Drive and Matthew got a picture as it approached.

First Potteries 30033 in Blurton
We got on and booked to Trent Vale. Matthew took a picture inside as the downstairs was empty.

Inside First Potteries 30033
we went upstairs and that was empty too. He took another picture and we sat down to enjoy the journey. Matthew insisted on sitting on the original red and grey zig-zag seats! We set off through Blurton and onto the A5035. We turned onto New Inn Lane and passed the third #22 bus which was First Potteries 40017. We carried on into Hanford passing former Chesterbus Dart First Potteries 41070. On Church Lane we passed the final #22/22A turn which was being worked by First Potteries 40018. We crossed over the A34 and headed under the A500. After we passed the Black Lion we got up to get off the bus. After another quick picture of an original seat downstairs we jumped of the bus and Matthew got another picture of this fine beast which is only a few days shy of its 24th birthday!

First Potteries 30033 in Trent Vale
We walked back down the road to wards the Black Lion, crossing over the road before we got there. For some strange reason we had got there before mum so we sat on the wall to wait for her. Whilst we were there we saw First Potteries 40148 running empty presumably on test, and then we saw red and yellow #26/26A branded Scania Omnicity 65026 on the Northbound #101.

First Potteries 65026 in Trent Vale
Mum appeaerd from the wrong direction, she had been to a shop so she didn't have to wait for us. We went into the Black Lion and Matthew had his usual 2 sausage, egg, chips and beans with bacon and bread and butter. For afters he had toffee sponge pudding and ice cream. after we had finished eating we set off home via Z Carz in Longton. We joined the A34 and then turned left onto the A500. We the joined the A50 which we did up to Longton. First in the row was W344 WNS which recently had its decals removed.

Z Carz W344 WNS in Longton
Next was their newest coach, ALZ 8539.

Z Carz ALZ 8539 in Longton
Then was Scania coach D104 XAN.

Z Carz D104 XAN in Longton
Finally was Z Carz newest arrival, Mercedes minibus S952 VMY with its strange golden roundell on the front.

Z Carz S952 VMY in Longton
We carried on home down Longton Hall Road and we stopped at the shop on Naishe Drive. He a galaxy caramel and a Milky Way and a can of Coke. We got home around 15:00. He had some computer time and around 17:00 we went to pick up uncle Dave. We went down via stanley Matthew way and back through Heron Cross and Blurton. Matthew the chilled out on his computer, watch some bus DVD's. As he had had a big meal, he had an omelete for a late tea and chocolate Gateaux for afters. Matthew the chilled out on his computer and went to bed around 11:30...Mark

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