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Trip to Hanley / Biddulph 28-08-2013


2302Blurton, adj Ladybank GroveHanley BS46Wardle Transprt
30031Hanley BSNewcastle BS34AFirst Potteries
34285Newcastle BSPennine way, Biddulph99First Potteries
34285Pennine way, BiddulphBiddulph BS99First Potteries
267Biddulph BSNorthwood, adj Providence Square9Bakerbus

Today we decided to go out and catch a few buses locally to see if there was anything interesting about. I had ben t work and seen a few of the local turns. Matthew got up around 09:00 and had some toast an orange juice. I came home from work just before 13:00 and I had viewed what was going to be working the 1315 to Hanley #46 and the 13;17 to Newcastle #22. I quickly got ready and we set off just after 13:00. I asked Matthew if he wanted to do Wardle Transport 2302 to Hanley on the #46 or First Potteries 40145 on the #22 to Newcastle. Matthew chose to do Wardle Transport 2302. We waited a few minutes and then the bus turned up.

Wardle Transport 2302 in Blurton
It turned out we needed Wardle Transport 2302! We got on and it was empty so Matthew got a picture inside of the bus too.

Inside Wardle Transport 2302
We sat own near the back and the bus set off. This was our first time we had done the new #46 service. We passed First Potteries solo 53155 in Blurton and then turned up Longton Hall Road. The bus went into Longton interchange and whilst we were there we saw Wardle Transport 2038 on a #46 going towards Blurton and wardle Transport 4802 on a X50 to Derby. We did the diversion around King Street railway bridge, passed the Crown Hotel and joined back onto King street near the Foley Arms pub. We carried on down City Road and then along Leek Road to the railway station. We then went up College Road and into Hanley. At the bus station we decided t visit the toilet and then to go get something to eat. As we were leaving the the bus station we saw First Potteries 34286 arrive into the bus station. We decided to go and wait for it to come out and get a picture before we carried on to get something to eat. As we went up towards the entrance of the bus station we saw required First Potteries Dart 40173, now the last Dart of this batch in service with First Potteries.

First Potteries 40173 near Hanley bus station
Right behind this was one of Bakerbus' new deckers 267.

Bakerbus 267 near Hanley bus station
We stood on the corner for a couple of minutes to wait for 34286 to depart from the bus station. Eventually it appeared and it was working a #20A to Talke Pits.

First Potteries 34286 in Hanley bus station
We walked past The Victoria theater and the town hall and went to The Seafarer chip shop. We had a portion of chips between us and 2 cans of pop. Today we decided to take the food back to John Street car park rather than eat at a bench and then go to the car park. We ate our chips and Matthew drank his can of dandelion and burdock. We saw Bakerbus loan vehicle AE09 DJK and Wardle Transport 4891 which was on a #19 service.

Wardle Transport 4891 in Hanley bus station
We put our rubbish in our trip bag and continued taking a few pictures. Then required First Potteries 30031 made an appearance!

First Potteries 30031 entering Hanley bus station
We decided to run to the bus station to see if we could make it the 400 yards or so into the terminal before the bus left. It took us a couple f minutes to get there and negotiate the crowds in and around the bus station. When we got there the bus was loading and was on a #34A to Talke Pits. We booked to Talke Pits and we went upstairs. There were people on the bus so he didn't get a picture inside. As we traveled down towards Festival Park it did occur it me that we would probably pass First Potteries 34286 coming the other way at so point so there might be a move on. We looped around Festival Park and onto the A53 towards Newcastle. After traveling up and over the hill in Basford we headed down into Newcastle town and bus station. As we entered the bus statin we saw dud First Potteries 30033 on layover which was probably working the X39, We also saw another step entranced double decker. As we got closer we saw it was required 34285! We didn't know what it was working as we couldn't read the dot matrix display from an angle. I asked Matthew if he wanted to get off and try and catch the bus and he said yes. We negotiated the crowds in the bus station and we saw the bus was having a driver change. We also noted that it was on the #99 to Biddulph. We both got a picture of this bus as we waited for the driver to ready the bus for service.

First Potteries 34285 in Newcastle bus station
When the bus was ready we got on and sat upstairs. The bus set off just after 15:00 and we headed out of Newcastle towards Wolstanton. At the top of Porthill we turned right down the hill towards Longport. We headed into Tunstall, and after we passed through Tunstall we went down Queens Avenue and into the Mill Hill estate. We turned left onto High Lane and then at the roundabout we turned right towards Fegg Hayes were we saw Bakers coaches 4 & 7 (3601 RU and 1513 RU). We then made the climb towards Biddulph. We went through Brindley Ford and straight up to to the crossroads an Knypersley, where we turned right. We went around the estate and then into town. I was expecting the bus to go into the bus station such as it is, but after the bus left the High Street we passed nearby the bus station and into a housing estate North East of the town. We went along Pennine way which must the terminus of the service and then headed back into town. In this direction the bus serves the bus station so we got up and rang the bell. As we got up Matthew got a picture of the empty top deck.

Inside First Potteries 34285
We got off the bus. Bakerbus 180 was at the bus station working a #99 service. We then we went to the toilet. We sat down and had a drink of Coke and waited for a bus. There were 2 buses back towards Hanley due just after 16:00. There was 7A First Potteries at 16:13 and then a Bakerbus #9 at 16:20. The #9 arrived first and it was required Bakerbus 267. Right behind this was required Bakerbus 250 on a #99 service to Macclesfield.

Bakerbus 250 in Biddulph bus station
Matthew had a quick look at the bus and then he went to the driver to ask him if we could go on the bus and have a look inside. The driver let us on and we had a look inside this fine Dart. Matthew got a picture and we got off again.

Inside Bakerbus 250
We said thank you to the driver and then we went to wait for the bus and sat at the stop. We had seen dud First Potteries 61239 on the #7A, we had also seen Bakerbus 186 on a #94A to Newcastle. Just before 16:20 Bakerbus 267 pulled up towards the bus stop and Matthew got a picture.

Bakerbus 267 in Biddulph bus station
As we got on the bus we went upstairs It was empty so at the back so Matthew got a picture inside the bus.

Inside Bakerbus 267
The bus set off back around the main estate and towards Brown Lees. I called mum to arrange to meet on the edge of Hanley. We joined back onto the A527 near to the Bakerbus depot and then headed down through Brindley Ford. We then headed down to Fegg Hayes. We turned right and went through Chell Heath. At Bradley we passed step entranced Volvo B6 227 and then we traveled through Smallthorne and onto High Lane. We headed towards Hanley and we got up when we reached the triangular Providence Square. We got off and Matthew got a picture off 267 as it headed off into Hanley passing Bakerbus 268 on the Northbound #9.

Bakerbus 267 near Hanley
Mum was waiting on Merrick Street and we walked over to her. We headed hoe via Northwood, Limekiln Bank, Leek Road and then passed the Co-op we went straight at joiners square and went straight onto City Road. We turned right under the railway bridge and then passing Wardle Transport 2217 on a #41 service. We joined the Southbound A500 and then did the A50 up to Stanley Matthew Way. At the end of Stanley Matthews way we stopped at the chip shop to pick up tea. We got home around 17:40 and Matthew ate his sausage, chips and gravy. Matthew chilled out n his computer and I set off to the football around 18:50. around 20:30 mum and Matthew went to take uncle Dave home. They stayed at uncle Daves and I walked down to meet them after the match, getting pictures of Wardle Transport 3615,4802,4891 & 4895 on support shuttle buses. Just after 22:00 we all went home via Heron cross and Blurton. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:00...Mark

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