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Trip to Accrington 14-12-2013


L310 YDUAccrington BSBarnfield, by Clarendon Street19M&M Coaches
L310 YDUBarnfield, by Clarendon StreetAccrington BS19M&M Coaches
N617 VSSAccrington BSWest End, opp Percy Street46M&M Coaches
P350 NKHWest End, by Percy StreetAccrington BS46M&M Coaches
401Accrington BSWest End, by Percy StreetX41Transdev Lancashire United
405West End, opp Percy StreetAccrington BSX41Transdev Lancashire United
1831Accrington BSKnuzden Brook, opp Old Mother Redcap6Transdev Lancashire United
1828Knuzden Brook, by Old Mother RedcapAccrington BS7Transdev Lancashire United

Today we decided to re-visit Accrington. We didn't decided to go to Accrington until the night before so we didn't do any research for this trip except to check the weather. The weather was forecast for mild temperatures (9'), and heavy rain! Matthew got up just after 10:00 and had toast and blackcurrant juice for breakfast. We set off at 11:30 as we had to pick uncle Dave up on the way. We turned onto the A5035 and then onto Stanley Matthews Way. We then headed East into Heron Cross and then into Fenton. We picked uncle Dave up and then headed onto the A500. We did the A500 up to Shelton new road where we came off to get LPG. At the LPG place was a Roseville taxi. Matthew used to have Roseville as his school transport some time around 2002. We then headed West on the A53 and back onto the Northbound A500. We headed onto the Northbound M6 which was busy but moving quite well. There was a little congestion on the Eastbound M62 up to junction 11 as there were some roadworks. After this it was plain sailing. We headed onto the clockwise M60 and then North on the M66. North of Ramsbottom the M66 becomes the A56 and we did this up to the A680. We did the A680 for the last few miles into Accrington and then we found a parking space after a bit of driving around town. The town was busier than we have seen before but not too busy. We started to walk to the bus stop cafe on Peel Street. When we got to the corner of Peel Street we saw Transdev Lancashire United 202, which used to be a Norwich park & ride bus many years ago.

Transdev Lancashire United 202 in Accrington
We walked down the street and we spotted required M&M Coaches N617 VSS on the #46 to Blackburn. After visiting the toilet on Peel Street we went to the cafe where Matthew had a breakfast washed down with a can of Coke. After we had finished eating we said goodbye to mum before heading up onto Bridge Street to see what other M&M Coaches buses were about. Unusually there were 3 Pilkington Bus buses on Bridge Street. R846 VEC, P729 RYL and Boomerang liveried S451 WAT were all doing local services.

Boomerang S451 WAT in Bridge Street Accrington
With there being no M&M Coaches bus in Bridge Street we started to walk back onto Peel Street when we saw our first Transdev Optare Solo. Starship 1256 was on the #9 to Burnley.

Starship 1256 in Infant Street Accrington
We saw the next #46, which was dud M&M Coaches P350 NKH and then we saw required M&M Coaches L310 YDU heading towards Bridge Street. We followed the bus up there and Matthew got a picture of this fine Mercedes minibus.

M&M Coaches L310 YDU in Bridge Street Accrington
We checked the time and then checked the timetable to see that L310 YDU was about to work a #19 Barnfield circular. The bus was loading up and we got on the bus and booked up to Barnfields. We sat down and waited for the bus to go. The bus set off through town and into an estate of terraced housing. The bus went up a hill for about half a mile before heading across the street and then back down into town. When the bus got back into Peel Street we waited for the bus to empty before Matthew got a picture inside L310 YDU which appears to have been re-upholstered with a more modern Stagecoach moquette that would have been originally on this bus before it was sold on for further use with M&M Coaches.

M&M Coaches L310 YDU
We walked up to the next stop originally with the intention of getting another picture of L310 YDU. As we were about to take the picture, required M&M Coaches re-appeared from its trip up to Blackburn.

M&M Coaches N617 VSS in Accrington bus station
We got on the bus and Matthew was able to get a picture of N617 VSS empty before we sat down.

Inside M&M Coaches N617 VSS
We booked a return to the West End and sat down near the back. Whilst we waited for the bus to depart we saw the 4th M&M Coaches turn which was dud N125 YHH on the #1. When it was the time the bus left town under the railway and headed along Blackburn Road. We joined the A679 and we headed up the hill towards the M65. We got off at the top off the hill by the West end business park. We crossed the road and looked a cross and we noticed a white coach in the business park that was just too far away to see what it was. It was starting to look like st was going to rain now as we waited for the return #46. A few minutes later as expect we saw dud M&M Coaches P350 NKH approaching from up the road.

M&M Coaches P350 NKH on Blackburn Road
We got on and we sat down near the back of the bus. We chilled out as we ran back along the A679 and then along Blackburn Road and under the railway into Accrington town centre. When the bus emptied out Matthew got a picture inside P350 NKH.

Inside M&M Coaches P350 NKH
Now we had covered all of the M&M Coaches turns, I asked Matthew if he wanted to get a Pilkington Bus ticket or a Transdev Ticket. Matthew chose Transdev, although this was probably because required Transdev Lancashire United 401 was sitting on the stand in front of us on a X41 to Blackburn. We got on and booked local day tickets before going upstairs. The bus had people on it front and back upstairs so Matthew took a picture of a few empty seats that were opposite us.

Inside Transdev Lancashire United 401
The bus took the same route as the #46, out under the railway line and onto Blackburn Road passing required Transdev Lancashire United 573 on a #7A. We then joined the A679 about a mile out of town. We decided to get off a few stops earlier that we did on the #46 so we could try and get the X41 going back the other way. When we got off Matthew took a picture of Transdev Lancashire United 401 as it went off into the distance on it's journey to Blackburn.

Transdev Lancashire United 401 in West End
We crossed the road and we spotted the X41 coming down the hill so we trotted down to the stop whilst flagging the bus down. It turned out to be required Transdev Lancashire United 405. We got on the bus and flashed our day tickets before going upstairs. The bus was empty behind us so Matthew got a picture inside empty Transdev Lancashire United 405.

Inside Transdev Lancashire United 405
The bus went down the A679 and the into town along Blackburn Road and under the railway bridge. We passed the end of Peel Street and then went around town so the the bus could face the other way and get onto (Stand O). When the bus stopped we got off and Matthew got a picture of Transdev Lancashire United 405.

Transdev Lancashire United 405 in Accrington bus station
We decided to have a quick break before doing the last couple of buses. We headed to the newsagents on Peel Street to get some food. On the way we saw required Transdev Lancashire United 402 heading North on the X41.

Transdev Lancashire United 402 in Accrington bus station
We went to the papershop where Matthew purchased a can of Coke and Irn Bru, as well as a few chocolate bars. He also spotted an iced cake which we brought too. Matthew ate the cake and drank the Irn Bru. Whilst he ate we saw Required Pilkington Bus double decker X591 USC on a #20 service, another bus we can perhaps do on a future trip. After eating we headed up to the toilets. We saw required Transdev Lancashire United 1088 on a #7 Blackburn circular.

Transdev Lancashire United 1088 in Accrington bus station
Matthew wen to the toilet and by the time he had finished the bus had gone. We went to the other end of Peel Street as we could see a #6 Blackburn circular. It was required Transdev Lancashire United 1831.

Transdev Lancashire United 1831 in Accrington bus station
We decided to do this bus. Matthew wanted to do it to Blackburn, but it was getting dark and it was raining so We got on the bus and we booked to Knuzden before sitting down near the back. The bus was quite full as it was getting to the busy time of the evening. The bus set off up the Blackburn Road, but unlike the #46 of X41 the bus goes through Oswaldtwistle. The bus went through Oswaldtwistle we seem to take twicw as long as when the bus goes straight up the A679. We eventually joined the A679 in the West End and then bus headed under the M65. The bus had emptied a little and Matthew took a picture of the view forwards Transdev Lancashire United 1831.

Inside Transdev Lancashire United 1831
We saw there were shelters on both sides of the road on the other side of the M65, so we decided to get off there. We got of the bus and watched 1831 disappear into the distance. We crossed the road to wait for the next bus back. According to the Firstbus App (which is useful anywhere with all bus companies) there was a #7 around 15:57 and a X41 at 16:05. We saw a bus approaching in the distance and it turned. This must have been a #7A service. Around 15:57 the bus came up the hill and we saw that it was required Transdev Lancashire United 1828. We got and sat down near the back. This bus was even fuller than the last one as it was coming out of the busier town of Blackburn. We headed along the A679 before turning right and running through Oswaldtwistle. We joined back on the A679 further up and then we went onto to Blackburn Road. Th e bus emptied a little as we approached Accrington but it did not empty completely as it is a circular service. Matthew got a picture of a few seats in the bus just before we got off.

Inside Transdev Lancashire United 1828
We got in Peel Street and Matthew got a picture of Transdev Lancashire United 1828.

Transdev Lancashire United 1828 in Accrington bus station
We saw an unidentified Rossendale bus on the #464 to Rochdale as we walked back towards the car. Matthew decided to visit The Commercial Hotel pub to go to the toilet and say hello to a few people. We walked back to the car which mum had moved across the road where we had sausage rolls waiting for us. We drove out of town along the A679 Burnley Road. We stopped briefly to get some Irn Bru out of the boot for Matthew before carrying on up to the A56. The rain was now lashing down and it was quite windy too. We them headed South towards the M66. We accidentally turn onto the A680 towards Haslingden and we turned around and got back onto the A56. We headed South onto the M66 and then onto the anti-clockwise M60. Stoke were playing in the late kickoff of the day and we were able to listen to the first half of the commentary as we headed home. We Headed West on the M62 and then onto the Southbound M6. We headed South passing the A556 and then down onto the A500. The rain had eased a little as we headed South and the weather much better in Staffordshire. We headed down the the A50 which we did to Longton. At Z Carz tonight there were only 3 buses parked up and they were all poorly positioned for getting photographs. At the very back of the land were Mercedes minibus S952 VMY and LDV minibus M420 UEH.

Z Carz S952 VMY & M420 UEH in Longton
At the front was Mercedes minibus W221 CDN parked behind 2 cars! We turned into Willow Row and LDV minibus T408 JUX was still parked at the back of the yard SORN. We headed back onto the A50 to Heron Cross and back through Blurton. We went onto the A5035 where we passed First Potteries 40028 on a #23A to Newstead. We arrived home around 18:20. For a late tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a toffee cheesecake. Matthew Chilled out on his computer before going to bed around 00:45...Mark

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