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Trip to Blackburn 18-01-2014


566Blackburn temporary BSGreat Harwood, by Holgate Street6Transdev Lancashire United
1068Great Harwood, by TowngateBlackburn temporary BS7Transdev Lancashire United
207Blackburn temporary BSRoyal Blackburn Hospital, Royal Blackburn Hospital (Stand A)2Transdev Lancashire United
17Royal Blackburn Hospital, Royal Blackburn Hospital (Stand A)Blackburn, by Old Royal Infirmary5CTransdev Lancashire United
1878Blackburn, by Old Royal InfirmaryBlackburn temporary BS1Transdev Lancashire United
402Blackburn temporary BSAccrington BSX41Transdev Lancashire United
403Accrington BSBlackburn temporary BSX41Transdev Lancashire United

Today we decided to re-visit Blackburn. It was the first time we had been since the interchange closed. Research consisted of a quick look at the Transdev website and to check the weather which was for cool and cloudy with occasional rain showers. Matthew got up around 10:00 and he had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off around 11:45 and we headed onto the A5035. We then headed down Stanley Matthew Way and onto the Westbound A50. We took the Northbound A500 up to Shelton and we came off the A500 to get some LPG. We then headed onto the West bound A53 and back onto the Northbound A500. The M6 was running well for a change and we made good time up to the M65. As we approached the M65 we passed one of our local coaches Phil Smiths Travel PSM 117H was heading North too. We then headed east and passed Blackburn before heading into town along the A678 into the town from the East. I managed to find my way unaided by GPS to Morrisons where we parked up so we could have dinner. After using the toilet, Matthew had a small breakfast washed down with a cup of Coke. The meal seemed to take a while so Matthew had his rice crispy cake first. It was after 14:00 when we walked out of Morrisons and towards the temporary bus station. As we walked towards the bus station Matthew took a few pictures. First bus we saw was 'Spot On' liveried 1829.

'Spot On' 1829 in Blackburn
Parked up outside the bus station was Transdev Lancashire United 440.

Lancashire United 440 in Blackburn
We walked into the bus station and we saw former Norwich park and ride bus, Transdev Lancashire United 205 on the #2 to Chorley.

Lancashire United 205 in Blackburn bus station
On a #4 service to Leyburn Road was Lancashire United Optare Versa 271.

Lancashire United 271 in Blackburn bus station
We then saw dud M&M Coaches N125 YHH on the #46 to Accrington.

M&M Coaches N125 YHH in Blackburn bus station
We decided not to do this bus as it was one we did back in November 2013 on the same service. There was an older Volvo B10 on the #6 Hyndburn circular. It was Transdev Lancashire United 566. I asked Matthew if he wanted to do it. He said yes and then he got a picture of it.

Lancashire United 566 in Blackburn bus station
We got on and asked for day tickets to Great Harwood and we were charged for the silver tickets. Next time I'll make sure I know the tickets before we book... We sat down near the back and the bus set off. We were going to go to Great Harwood, but the bus was a clockwise service via Rishton and Great Harwood and would take 45 minutes. I checked the buses I Have Travelled on page ans we realised that the bus was dud. It was our second Transdev bus that we had back in August 2013. To be fair when we last had the bus it was in 'Spot on' livery, with different seat moquette! The bus was quite full but Matthew took a picture of the rear of the bus.

Inside Lancashire United 566
When we knew the bus was dud, we decided to get off in Great Harwood and catch something else. We came into the town through a housing estate and into the main square adjacent to the town hall. We got off the bus and Matthew got a picture of Lancashire United 566 as it went off into the distance.

Lancashire United 566 in Great Harwood
The plan had been to wait for 12 minutes and to catch the next bus forward to Great Harwood, but Matthew had other ideas. He wanted to go to the toilet so we decided to go for a little walk. As we got to Blackburn Road we saw a Solo approaching. This was Holmeswood YJ55 BGO on the #14 to Chatburn.

Holmeswood YJ55 BGO in Great Harwood
We crossed over the road and had a walk around but we could not find a toilet Block, so we headed back to the stop. We had missed lancashire United 574 on the Accrington service so we decided to wait for the 15:08 to Blackburn. Whilst we were there we saw 2 of the Pilkington Buses on their Hyndburn circular service. First we saw dud Dart N230 TPK.

Pilkington Bus N230 TPK in Great Harwood
Going the other way was dud Pilkington Bus Olympian G301 UYK. Our bus turned up and it was required Lancashire United 1068. We got on the bus and we sat down near the back. We set off back through Rishton and over the M65 and we headed back into Blackburn. When we got back to the bus station we waited for the bus to empty and then Matthew got a picture inside Lancashire United 1068.

Inside Lancashire United 1068
As he had not got a picture of the bus at Great Harwood, he took a picture of Lancashire United 1068 here.

Lancashire United 1068 in Blackburn bus station
Opposite us was 'Spot On' liveried decker 2702 on the #4 to Leyburn Road.

'Spot On' 2702 in Blackburn bus station
Matthe still hadn't been toilet so we headed of to The Mall to use the toilet there. He went to say hell to someone in the Pos Office and again in the travel agents before we headed into the shopping centre and up the escalator. Upstairs we set off towards the toilet but Matthew decided to chase after someone else to say hello. We then went to the toilet and we headed back to the bus station out of the door by the toilets and around the outside! When we got there we saw required 'Spot On' liveried single decker 207.

'Spot On' 207 in Blackburn bus station
We asked the driver about the route / frequency of the service and he told us it was half hourly and via the hospital so We booked to Darwen. After we had sat down near the back, we set off out of town passed a retail park and towards the Hospital. The bus was quite full so he took a picture inside the bus towards to back seat.

Inside 'Spot On' 207
As we approached the hospital we saw a lime green step entranced Olympian which Matthew identified as Transdev 18. This gave me the idea that we could maybe get off at the hospital and catch either the 5A or 5C service. We got off and Matthew got another picture of 'Spot On' 207.

'Spot On' 207 outside the Royal Blackburn Hospital
It looked like we had missed the hourly 5A and 5C services, so we decided to do the next bus. One of the former Norwich park and ride bus came up to the stop. It was required Lancashire United 212. we were about to get on the bus and we were taking pictures when a step entranced decker appeared behind 212.

Lancashire United 212 outside the Royal Blackburn Hospital
We flagged down the decker and got on it. I asked the driver about the service and where we could go, and after a brief discussion we decided to do the bus to the Ewood area of town where we could pick up a #1 or #2 into Blackburn. We went upstairs and sat down. The bus set off through several different housing estates with lots of speed bumps! From the top deck of the bus we could see Ewood Park in the distance as we headed towards the A666. I took a guess as to where we need to get off and I had guessed correctly. As we were getting off Matthew got a picture inside the top deck of Transdev 17.

Inside Transdev 17
We got of the bus and we took a picture of the bus as it went off into the distance.

Transdev 17 in Ewood
We crossed the road and we checked the buses. We just missed Lancashire United 1877 as it would have meant running for it. We also saw minibus PO54 BOV. We checked the timetable and there wasnt a #5A due for a while. There was quite a wait for the next #2 service too. We decided to catch the next #1 whatever that may be. It was now starting to go dark. A few minutes later we saw a bus approaching and it was required Transdev Lancashire United 1878.

Lancashire United 1878 in Ewood
We got on the bus and sat down. It didn't take long from here to get into town. I was almost a straight run up the A666. When we got there Matthew waited for the bus to empty before getting a picture inside Lancashire United 1878.

Inside Lancashire United 1878
We decided to get a quick trip in on 2 more buses. There was an M&M Coaches bus in on the #46, but this was dud N125 YHH. We then noticed Lancashire United 402 was about to set off on a X41 to Manchester. We took a picture and then went to get on it.

Lancashire United 402 in Blackburn bus station
We got on the bus and went upstairs. The bus set off out of town and we checked the page to see that it was a required bus! It is a bus we have seen work before back in December 2013. We crossed the M65 and headed into Accrington. As there were passengers front and back Matthew took a picture of the empty seats across from us.

Inside Lancashire United 402
We came into town past the town hall and market . We passed dud M&M Coaches N375 PNY which was doing the local services, before circling around past Santa's Pizza and into Peel Street from the other end. We got off the bus and headed towards the toilet. Matthew then took a picture of Transdev Lancashire United 402.

Lancashire United 402 in Accrington bus station
The toilet had been locked so we thought it better that we head straight back to Blackburn. As we thought about what we might catch we saw Lancashire United 403 heading back to Blackburn.

Lancashire United 403 in Accrington bus station
We got on the bus and went upstairs. The bus set off back through the town and out towards Church. We climbed the bank and crossed under the M65 again. we then headed down through Intack before dropping into the bus station. The bus stopped at the top of the bus station and Matthew got a picture of the inside of the bus as we got off.

Inside Lancashire United 403
We met up with mum and we started to head back to the to the car park. On the way we back we took a few pictures. Lancashire United 1872 was on a #6A Hyndburn circular.

Lancashire United 1872 in Blackburn bus station
We then crossed over the road and we took pictures of the buses lined up along the end of the bus station. A recnt arrival from Burnley was this ex Witch Way double decker Lancashire United 2753.

Lancashire United 2753 in Blackburn
Behind this was Darwen X991 WAU.

Darwen X991 WAU in Blackburn
At the end of the row was a bus we had done earlier Lancashire United 1878.

Lancashire United 1878 in Blackburn
We visited the toilet in Morrisons before we headed back to the car via the opticians and Select so Matthew could say hello to their staff. We went to the top floor of the car park and we had sausages rolls and Irn Bru before we set off. We stopped at the Shell garage for some petrol and then we headed onto the M65. Once on the M65 we went West to The M6. We went South along the M6 down to the A500. We did the A500 to Sideway before doing the A50 Longton. At Longton today we saw the following vehicles. There were 2 coaches parked up at the near end. Van Hool coach M534 RSO was at the back and the Blackwood liveried coach B12 FWS was at the front.

Z Carz B12 FWS in Longton
Behind these was the Mercedes minibus W221 CDN.

Z Carz W221 CDN in Longton
Closest to the wall was recently painted repainted Van Hool coach CNZ 3828. We turned left into Willow Row and we saw SORN LDV minibus T408 JUX in the compound. We turned in the road and when we headed back out Matthew got another picture of CNZ 3828.

Z Carz CNZ 3828 in Longton
We headed back onto the A50 and we came off at Heron Cross where we saw Lightning Travel T2 DLT. We headed through Blurton and we got home around 19:15. For a let tea we had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a custard tart. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 01:00...Mark

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