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Trip to Rochdale / Royton 06-09-2014


60275Rochdale InterchangeJericho (Bury), Rochdale Old Road/Jericho (opp Service Station)468First Manchester
241Jericho (Bury), Bury and Rochdale Old Road/Jericho (Church)Rochdale Interchange468Rossendale Easyride
37463Rochdale InterchangeWrens Nest (Shaw), by Milnrow Road/Wrens Nest182First Manchester
30956Wrens Nest (Shaw), by Milnrow Road/Wrens NestRoyton, High Barn St/Park St (Stop H)181First Manchester
37553Royton, High Barn Street/Park Street (Stop E)Wrens Nest (Shaw), adj Smallbrook Road/Wrens Nest181First Manchester
37469Wrens Nest (Shaw), at Smallbrook Road/Wrens NestRochdale Interchange182First Manchester

Today we decided to re-visit Rochdale. We left the choice until the morning again, the weather had been forecast for Cloudy weather with an occasional shower. Matthew got up just after 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. Just before 12:00 we set off onto the A5035 and we turned right onto Stanley Matthew Way. We went West on the A50 and then North up the A500. There was a broken down van at Sideway and the police had cone off part off the sliproad for Stoke. We carried on North and we got onto the Northbound M6. We caught up with a couple of Richardson's coaches, the rear one of the convoy was YN57 BWE. The coaches turned of onto the M56 before we caught back up with them. Near to Thelwall viaduct we passed Z Carz W221 CDN going South. We turned onto the Eastbound M62 and then forward onto the M60. As we passed the M61 it started to rain. We saw ABC Supreme VK06 LTV and Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2776,which was on a X43 to Burnley. We carried onto the M62 and the windscreen wiper jumped out of its holder, so we turned into Birch services to effect a repair. Wiper back on we carried on along the M62 and we came off onto the A627(M). We turned righ onto the A58 and we headed into town passing First Manchester 37298 on a #471 service. We parked up near to the town hall and we walked into town to get something to eat. As we walked alongside the main road we saw Rossndale Easyride Solo 60 on a #448 service.

Rossendale 60 in Rochdale
We spotted a Yates that seemed to have good meal deals, so we went into to inquire about them. Matthew headed downstairs to use their toilet. Mum had been informed that there was going to be at least a 30 minute wait on food, so we walked around the corner to the chicken place. There wasn't a free table here, and it was raining anyway, so we walked back to Yates. Matthew had a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a glass of Coke. After we had finished eating we walked up to the interchange. As we walked in we saw Yorkshire Tiger Solo 311 on a #528 to Halifax. We walked up to the top of the interchange so that we could get a few pictures. We saw required Rossendale Easyride Volvo B7RLE 216 on a #464 to Accrington.

Rossendale 216 in Rochdale Interchange
Parked up between #6 Kirkholt circulars was First Manchester 60240.

First Manchester 60240 in Rochdale Interchange
We walked down the other side of the interchange and we saw First Manchester 60275 on a #468 to Tottington.

First Manchester 60275 in Rochdale Interchange
I asked Matthew if he wanted to do the Citaro and he said yes. As we went to catch the bus we saw First Manchester Solo 40331 on layover between duties.

First Manchester 40331 in Rochdale Interchange
We got on the bus and booked System One bus tickets at £5.20. The bus was nearly empty, so before we sat down Matthew took a picture of the empty rear of First Manchester 60275.

Inside First Manchester 60275
A few minutes later the bus set off out off the interchange and across the A58. W headed out of town towards Spotalnds before turning back South towards Jericho and along War Office Road. At the bottom we turned right onto Bury and Rochdale road and we passed the Church in Hooley Bridge where we had done Rossendale Easyride 163 out for 139 back in July 2014. It was still a little damp so we were looking for a stop on the opposite of the road with a shelter. About half a mile down the road we spotted a shelter opposite so we got up to get off the bus. The bus pulled off from the stop and was stopped at some temporary roadworks.

First Manchester 60275 in Jericho
We crossed the road and headed for the stop. We could see a 'Rosso' bus on the other side of the roadworks so we walked quickly to the stop... So much for needing a bus shelter! The bus got closer and we saw it was required 'Rosso' 241.

Rossendale 241 in Jericho
We got on the bus and we flashed our System One tickets. The bus was nearly empty so Matthew took his picture inside 'Rosso' 241 there and then.

Inside Rossendale 241
The bus headed of down Bury and Rochdale Road and we turned left onto War Office Road. We went past Spotlands and then into town past Asda and across the A58. When we got back into the interchange we got off and Matthew got another picture of 'Rosso'241.

Rossendale 241 in Rochdale Interchange
We walked up to the toilet and after Matthew had done we had a look around to see what we could catch. Looking around we spotted required First Manchester 37463 on a #182 to Manchester. As we had done a #182 before and we knew where it went, I asked Matthew if he wanted to do this bus and he said yes. He took a quick picture before we went to get on this bus.

First Manchester 37463 in Rochdale Interchange
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One tickets to the driver. We went upstairs and it was empty, so Matthew took a picture inside First Manchester 37463 before we sat down.

Inside First Manchester 37463
We came out of the interchange and we stopped at the tram track to let Metrolink trams 3008 and 3061 go passed on their way to East Didsbury. We followed the tram up Drake Street and then turned onto Milnrow Road. We passed through Newbold and the Kingsway Retail Park and carried on South to Milnrow. We went down the high street under the M62 motorway. Here we reached a more rural part of the route crossing over and back over the Metrolink tramway. Just North of Shaw we stopped at triangular junction with a green in the middle. As we stopped we saw required First Manchester 30956 park opposite on a #181 service. we also saw required 30959 whizz past on a #59 service. Damn! Two good buses that we wouldn't of minded doing go past us in less than 30 seconds. The driver then shuts the engine down on the bus that we were on and says that the bus was going out of service and we would have to get on the bus opposite when it come around. That was well timed. The bus opposite had just terminated and it was about to form a #181 back to Manchester... We would have never have dared got off to catch it by ourselves but now we were being asked to do so. We got of First Manchester 37463 and we took another picture of this bus.

First Manchester 37463 in Shaw
A quick check of the timetable revealed First Manchester 30956 was due off in a few minutes. When it was time the bus came around the triangular green and pulled up at the stop.

First Manchester 30956 in Shaw
We got on the bus and flashed our System One tickets. We went upstairs and as the bus was empty Matthew took his picture inside First Manchester 30956 immediately.

Inside First Manchester 30956
We sat down and the bus set off down through Shaw along the high street. The #181 take a slightly different route into Royton, and we went along Oldham Road and Blackburn Lane before going onto High Barn Street. Just before we got to Royon we passed another Volvo B7TL on a #181.. This was First Manchester 30963. We rang the bell as we approached Royton, and we got up and got off the bus. As the bus carried on towards Manchester we took another picture of this fine bus.

First Manchester 30956 in Royton
We decided to got and visit the Co-op Food store, so we crossed over the two roads and went into the shop. Matthew had a can of Coke and a bottle of cherry Coke to drink now. He also had a six pack of Milky Ways. We paid for the thing and went down Oldham Road to take a few pictures and to look at the timetable at the bus stop. There was a #181 to Shaw in around 15 minutes so we decided to wait for that. Matthew had his Cheryy Coke and a Milky Way and whilst we waited we let First Manchester 33755 go on a #409 to Rochdale.

First Manchester 33755 in Royton
Just after this we saw First Manchester 30955 going South on #64 service. After Matthew had finished his bus stop picnic We decided to go back to High Barn Street to wait for the #181. As we got to high barn Street we saw a heritage liveried First Manchester bus approaching. As it got closer we saw it was required First Manchester 37451.

First Manchester 37451 in Royton
We crossed over High Barn Street and sat down to wait for the #181. A few minutes later we saw it was a modern double decker... As it got closer we saw it was required First Manchester 37553.

First Manchester 37553 in Royton
We got on the bus and we flashed our System One tickets. We went upstairs, and as the top deck was empty behind the stairs, Matthew took a picture there and then on First Manchester 37553.

Inside First Manchester 37553
The bus set off back to Shaw via Blackburm Lane and Oldham Road, and we headed into Shaw up the high street. We went out of the North end of town and then bus terminated at the triangle-shaped green an we got off the bus. The bus moved off and parked on the opposite side of the road in a layover area. Also in this area was Ring & Ride minibus BX58 VCT.

Ring & Ride BX58 VCT in Shaw
We walked over to the other stop where the #58 departs, as well as the #182 towards Rochdale. The first bus due was a #58, we saw that it was a single decker as it went around the green. As it got closer we saw it was dud First Manchester 66858.

First Manchester 66858 in Shaw
This is a bus that we had been on between Moorside and Oldham on the #83 back in September 2013. The was a Rochdale bound #182 due a few minutes later, and we were certain that this would be a double decker. We saw it approaching and it was a double decker. As it got closer we saw it was required First Manchester 37469.

First Manchester 37469 in Shaw
We got on the bus and we flashed our System One tickets for the last time today. We went upstairs and as it was empty Matthew took a picture there and then.

Inside First Manchester 37469
The bus set off into the sticks and we went through Milnrow and Newbold before popping into Rochdale. We dropped into the interchange and we met up with mum. She was in the shop, and Matthew had another couple of pieces of chocolate here. We decided to have a walk around and take a few pictures before we headed back to the car. First Manchester 66912 was parked up on layover between duties.

First Manchester 66912 in Rochdale Interchange
Rossendale Easyride 208 was about to work the next #468 to Bury.

Rossendale 208 in Rochdale Interchange
We walked down to the bottom end of the interchange. Running empty was First Manchester 66880.

First Manchester 66880 in Rochdale Interchange
Also on layover was First Manchester 37371.

First Manchester 37371 in Rochdale Interchange
We waled back up to the top and we saw a First Manchester Solo approaching. Closer inspection revealed it was First Manchester 40319.

First Manchester 40319 in Rochdale Interchange
Then a minibus arrived. Branded for 'Kingway Link' was Manchester Community Transport DX09 KWR.

MCT DX09 KWR in Rochdale Interchange
We headed back to the car where Matthew had got a sausage roll waiting for him. This was washed down with a 500ml bottle of Irn Bru. We drove out of the town centre and onto the A58. We turned left onto the A627(M) and then we joined onto the Westbound M62. We joined the anti-clockwise M60 and then carried on the West bound M62. Just before we got to the M6 we had a minor electrical issue with the car.We turned onto the Southbound M6 and we came off the M6 at the A57 so we could stop somewhere to sort out the problem. We turned the car off for a few second and the problem was cured. We carried on South on the M6 and we caught up with Ridlers YYD 154 around the junction with the A54.

Ridlers YYD 154 on the M6
We left the M6 at the North end of the A500 and we went south through Stoke-on-Trent. At Sideway we took the Eastbound A50 which we did up to Longton. We went passed the Z carz depot today see what was there. first in the row was Z Carz Mercedes minibus S952 VMY, which appears to have had a little accident with the front bumper.

Z Carz S952 VMY in Longton
As we were taking pictures, Z Carz Mercedes minibus M372 NWN arrived at the depot.

Z Carz M372 NWN in Longton
Also at the depot tonight was former Alton Towers Transport coach M534 RSO.

Z Carz M534 RSO in Longton
There were quite a few Ford minibuses at the depot tonight including Z Carz BN03 OVS.

Z Carz BN03 OVS in Longton
At the back was Z Carz FP06 WTW. The last of the buses on the front row was airport transfer bus DL03 HHU.

Z Carz DL03 HHU in Longton
We turned left into Willow Row and there were a few minibuses in the yard. These included long term SORN LDV T408 JUX and Y568 XFV, We headed back onto the A50 and through Heron Cross, At the lightning house was T2 DLT. We went through Blurton we tirned right onto Beaconsfield Road and we saw First Potteries Solo 40016 on the last bus up to Longton. We got home just after 19:20. For a late tea Matthew had sausage, potatoes and carrots followed by a slice of lemon meringue pie. He then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 01:00... Mark

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