Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Trip to Fenton / Hanley 24-11-2015


DV10 JCUBentileeFentonCharterShelton Care Group
BU05 EWXFentonYMCA HanleyCharterShelton Care Group
BU05 EWXYMCA HanleyBentileeCharterShelton Care Group
BX07 NWBBentileeHanleyCharterStantons of Stoke
BX07 NWBHanleyBentileeCharterStantons of Stoke

Today Matthew was in respite and he was going into his day service. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast for breakfast. The bus came to pick Matthew up for his day service. When it appeared it was Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU.

Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU in Bentilee
We got on the bus and the bus set off onto Dividy Road. We went up to Adderley Green and we turned right onto Anchor Road. We followed the one way system around Longton and we crossed over the A50 before going along the the high level Road. We joined the A50 and we came off again at Heron Cross. We turned right on the second roundabout and through the traffic Lights onto Heron Street. We continued forwards onto Station Bridge Road and then we turn left onto Christchurch Street before reaching our destination. In the morning Matthew went in the sensory room and used the computers. For dinner Matthew had Potato Waffles and chips followed by cake. After dinner Matthew was going to the YMCA. His transport for that journey was Shelton Care Group BU05 EWX. We got on the bus and the bus set off onto Glebedale Road. We turned left onto City Road and we went down the hill towards the railway before turning right onto the A52. We went forwards onto Station Road and then right onto Stoke Road. We stopped at the petrol station and we saw Intercity YK07 NYX. Once we had filled up we went left onto Stoke Road and right onto Avenue Road. We turned left onto College Road and we continued onto Regent Road before we turned right Harding Road. We parked up at the YMCA and Matthew got a picture of Shelton Care Group BU05 EWX.

Shelton Care Group BU05 EWX in Hanley
At the YMCA Matthew played football and generally chilled out. When it was time to go we got back aboard Shelton Care Group BU05 EWX. We got onto College Road and we headed towards the railway station. We went past the railway station along Station Road and left onto the A52. At Joiners Square we crossed the roundabout and continued along the A52. At Limekiln Bank we turned right and carried on along the A52 and we saw Stanton's of Stoke GN57 MFZ going to Blackfriars college. We went as far as the Esso petrol station where we turned right onto the A5272. We went right the way up to the Wagon and Horses roundabout and we did a u turn and we went back down Dividy Road to respite. Once we got there Matthew got off the bus and we saw Stanton's of Stoke KN61 EYG.

Stantons of Stoke KN61 EYG in Bentilee
Matthew went for a ride up to a soft play area in Hanley. The transport turned up and it was Stanton's of Stoke BX07 NWB. We got on the bus and the bus set off onto Dividy Road. We traveled down to the A52 and we turned left. At Limekiln Bank we went straight on and up toward Hanley. We went around the ring road Clockwise as far as Etruria Road and then we turned left and went under the A53 into festival park. We went to the end of Festival Way and then turned around. We went back under the A53 and back onto Etruria Road before arriving at the destination. When we got there Matthew went to the toilet. After spending some time in the soft play area they got back on Stanton's of Stoke BX07 NWB for the return journey. We set off back onto Etruria road and then we turned left onto the anti-clockwise ring road. We around around to Limekiln Bank and then we went down the hill to Bucknall. We continued straight onto the A52 and then right onto Dividy Road. We went into Bentilee and to our destination. Matthew went inside and went upstairs. For tea Matthew had potatoes followed by apple crumble and custard. Matthew chilled out watching television and using his computer. Later on he had a bath and went bed around 23:00... Mark

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