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Trip to Apedale / Newcastle 12-08-2016


DY08 FFXBlurtonFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXFentonApedaleCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXApedaleSneyd GreenCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXSneyd GreenJoiners SquareCharterShelton Care Group
DV10 JCUJoiners SqaureFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXFentonBlurtonCharterShelton Care Group
67641Magdalen Road, BlurtonNewcastle, opp Cherry Tree PH22First Potteries

Today Matthew was going to the pub for his tea, but not before he had been to his day service. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. Just before 09:00 his transport to his day service turned up and it was Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX.

Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX in Blurton
We set off onto the A5035 and we ran through Dresden. We continued up to Longton and crossed over the A50. We joined Chadwick Street and we went past the Gladstone Pottery Museum. We crossed over Uttoxeter road and onto Bridgewood street. We turned left onto Forrister and then right onto Anchor Road. We ran to the top of the hill and into Adderley Green. We turned left onto the A5272 and we ran into Bentilee where we saw white minibus H87 JHR. We went to pick up another service user and then we then set off onto Dividy Road and we ran down to Bucknall. We followed the road around to the left and at Joiners Square we went left onto Victoria Road. We went up the hill to the top of the road and then we turned right onto the City Road. We turned left onto Glebedale Road and to our destination. In the morning Matthew went out to Apedale. Transport for the trip was Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX. we got on and the bus and we went along Glebedale Road and we turned left onto City Road. At the bottom of the road we joined the A52 and we ran into Stoke and onto the Northbound A500. We ran North to Shelton New Road and then we entered Newcastle via George Street where we saw First Potteries 63096 on a #2 to Hanley. We ran around Newcastle on the A52 and we went North up the A34 past the old First Potteries bus garage. At London Road we went West up to the roundabout where we continued West on Loomer Road. We followed this around to the Apedale Heritage Centre. Matthew went to the toilet and then went for a walk around and had a drink of Coke. We then got back on the minibus and went to Sneyd Green to go to MacDonald. We set off onto Loomer Road and we ran back to the A34 via Wolstanton Road. We ran North to Talke and then we took the Southbound A500. We came off the A500 at Etruria and we went East on the A53. At Cobridge we saw First Potteries 67602 on a #3 to Crewe. We continued along the A53 under the A5272 and to the Norton Heights retail park. At MacDoanlds Matthew went to the toilet and then had a burger and fries washed down with a Coke. Once Matthew had finished eating we got back on the minibus for the journey to the pub. We continued North on the A53 and we turned right onto Newford Crescent. We followed the road around and we went to Milton Crossroad. We turned right and went South down the A5009 to Bucknall where we took Bucknall New Road where we saw Scraggs 9685 VT on a #4 to Eaton Park. We ran up to the ring road at Hanley and we turned left. We ran around to Lichfield street and we went towards Joiners Square and to the pub. In the pub Matthew went to the toilet and had a drink of Coke. Highlights of the bus sightings include Stanton's of Stoke minibus RUI 2486 and First Potteries 63171 on a #6 to Weston Coyney. When it was time to go we got on Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU for the trip to Fenton. The bus set off down Palmerston Road and we saw Scraggs 1655 VT. We turned right onto the A52 and at Joiners Square we turned left onto Victoria Road. At the top we turned sharp right onto City Road and left onto Glebedale Road. For the journey back Home we had Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX.

Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX in Fenton
We set off onto Glebedale Road and we turned right onto City Road where we saw D&G Bus 100 on the #31 to Cheadle. We turned right onto the A50 link road and we joined the Westbound A50. We came off at Heron Cross and we turned left onto Blurton Road. We ran gthriugh Blurton and we turned right onto Church Road. We turned right onto Beaconsfield Drive and Matthew got home just before 15:00. Matthew had toast and a drink of dandelion & burdock whilst he waited for the time to go out and catch the bus. Today we went to catch the 16:56 to Newcastle. We set off on foot to the bus stop all the way onto Magdalen Road. We had seen the turn earlier in the day and it was booked to be dud First Potteries 67641. A few minutes later we saw dud First Potteries 67641 turn the corner as expected.

First Potteries 67641 in Blurton
We got on the bus and we booked to Harpfields Road. On the opposite side of the road was dud First Potteries 67632 on a #22 to Longton. As we set off we had a phone call from mum to say there was a change of plan. The car was ready to pick up from the garage and we were going to meet at Grandma's near Newcastle. We set off down the rod and we turned right onto the A5035. We ran over the railway line into Trentham and we passed the Trentham Hotel where we saw Free Spirits MK52 PXH parked up. We turned right onto New Inn Lane and we ran u the hill into Hanford. We turned right into Wilson Road and then left into Church Lane where we saw A2B Airports minibus WF11 MOA. We an down to the A34 and we saw First Potteries 41520 on a #21A to Hanley. We ran under the A500 and inti Trent Vale and we turned right int Harpfields Road, where we passed First Potteries 53830 on the final #22 turn to Longton. As we ran through the hospital we saw First Potteries 32056 on a #25 to hanley and D&G Bus 157 on a #9 to Clayton. We turned right onto the A34 and we saw an unidentified Leons Coaches coach ahead of us. We got up and got off the bus and Matthew took another picture of First Potteries 67641 before it carried on towards Newcastle.

First Potteries 67641 in Newcastle
We walked up to Grandma's house, and within a few minutes mum appeared with a freshly repaired car. We said goodbye to Grandma and we ran down onto the A34. We went Southwards for a mile or so into Trent Vale and we parked up at the pub. Matthew had a brunch with oatcakes followed by toffee sponge pudding with ice cream. Whilst we ate highlights of the passing buses included First Potteries 65040 on a Stafford Bound #101 service, and ABC Supreme N806 CRJ on a Northbound shuttle. Mum realised she had left some stuff at Grandma's, so we had to go and pick up uncle Dave via Grandma's and the petrol station as we were low on fuel. We ran North to Tesco in Trent Vale and we filled u with Diesel. As we re-joined the A34 we saw ABC Supreme N806 CRJ at the retail park opposite and Keele SU minibus PN57 UZX. We North up to Grandma's and then we returned back South. We joined the Northbound A500 and at Sideway we went East on the A50 into Heron Cross. We dropped down into Fenton and we picked up uncle Dave. Once we had picked him up we ran back up to Heron Cross and over the A50. We ran into Blurton and right into Church Road and right again onto Beaconsfield Drive. We saw First Potteries 53830 on the #22 to Longton. We got home around 19:15. Matthew chilled out on his computer and we sorted things out. We chilled out on the sofa until bedtime around 00:00... Mark

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