Friday, 21 October 2016

Trip to Trent Vale 21-10-2016


67637Blurton, opp Ladybank GroveTrent Vale, opp Chubb Way22First Potteries

Today Matthew was due to go to his day service, but he was sick first thing this morning. Matthew went back to bed for a couple of hours and when he got up he was fine! We think Matthew gulped down his orange juice too quickly and that is what made him ill. Matthew got up him again around 10:45 and had some toast for breakfast. We chilled out on the Sofa watching MTV and using the computer. For dinner we had omelette and chips washed down with a can of Coke. we continued chilling out through the afternoon and around 16:00 Matthew had some toast. We decided that today we were going to attempt to get a couple of the new buses that First Potteries put into service on the #23 & #21 services on Monday. There were eight new buses carrying the numbers 67151 to 67158. We set off to the bus stop around 16:20 and we walked to the stop on Beaconsfield Drive adjacent to ladybank Grove. We got to the stop around 16:25 and there was a #23A to Hanley due around 16:31. We waited patiently for the bus to show up and we saw the bus that we would normally catch coming down Beaconsfield Drive. Going the other way was Jayjay's Travel minibus YM61 PUA.

Jayjays Travel YM61 PUA in Blurton
On the #22 to Newcastle was First Potteries 67633.

First Potteries 67633 in Blurton
Shortly afterwards we saw First Potteries 67637 running a few minutes later towards Longton on the #22. Another 20 minutes later and the following #23 didn't show up either, nor did we see anything going towards Newstead. Then First Potteries 67635 appeared on the next #22 to Longton.

First Potteries 67635 in Blurton
We decided to give up on trying to catch the new buses on the #23/23A today as there was obviously some kind of traffic problem somewhere along the route. We crossed over the road to catch a #22 to Newcastle, we we knew would be First Potteries 67637 when it returned from Longton. In the meantime, we got our first glance of one of the new buses, albeit on a #23A towards Newstead! It was required First Potteries 67156.

First Potteries 67156 in Blurton
After over 40 minutes waiting for a bus, Matthew sat down on the floor to wait, when in the distance we saw First Potteries 67637 come around the corner and down the road.

First Potteries 67637 in Blurton
We got on the bus and we booked to harpfield Road before we sat down towards the back of the bus. We set off down Beaconsfield and we turned right onto Finstock Avenue. We followed the road around onto Magdalen Road and at the end we turned right onto the A5035. We ran over the railway line into Trentham and we saw another new bus, First Potteries 67151 on a #21 to the Trentham Hotel. We turned right into New Inn Lane and past the main in Space. We climbed the hill and we passed Hanford Court Care Home WR11 ENU outside the Co-operative food store. We turned right into Wilson Road and we saw First Potteries 67633 on the #22 to Longton. We turned left Church Lane and we ran down the hill and joined the A34. As we joined the A34 we saw required First Potteries 67157 on a #21A to Trentham Gardens. We crossed under the A500 into Trent Vale. As we passed London Road we saw First Potteries 41540 on a #21 to the Trentham Hotel. We turned right into Harpfields Road. We got up and got off the bus and Matthew took a picture of First Potteries 67637 as it carried on towards Newcastle.

First Potteries 67637 in Trent Vale
We walked back onto the A34 we saw First Potteries 65035 on a #101 to Stafford.

First Potteries 65035 in Trent Vale
We walked to the pub and we saw ABC Supreme minibus S14 AMC.

ABC Supreme S14 AMC in Trent Vale
We got to the pub and mum was already inside. Matthew had a brunch with oatcakes followed by toffee sponge pudding with ice cream. Whilst we ate highlights of the passing buses included First Potteries 32632 on a Stafford Bound #101 service and ABC Supreme NUI 1582 on a Northbound shuttle. When it was time to go we got in the car to go home and we saw Carillion BG63 HCF. We went South down the A34 and we turned left onto the A500 and ran North. We continued up to Sideway and we turned right onto the A50 where we saw Selwyn's short wheelbase coach FJ65 XRX going Eastwards. we came off the A50 at Heron Cross dropping down into Fenton to pick uncle Dave up. Once we had picked him up we ran back up to Heron Cross and over the A50. We saw Lightning Travel T2 DLT parked in the drive and we ran into Blurton along Blurton Road. We turned right into Church Road and right again onto Beaconsfield Drive. We got home around 18:45. Matthew chilled out on his computer and we sorted things out. We chilled out on the sofa until bedtime around 00:00... Mark

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