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Trip to Wigan / Bolton 03-12-2016


2678Wigan BSHorwich, Chorley New Rd/The Crown (Stop D)575Arriva NW&W
15239Horwich, Lee Lane/The Crown (Stop A)Bolton BS125Stagecoach Lancashire
2828Wigan BSBolton, Selkirk Road/turning circle534Arriva NW&W
2828Bolton, Selkirk Road/turning circleBolton, Blackburn Rd/Three Pigeons (Stop E)534Arriva NW&W
1873Bolton, Blackburn Rd/Three Pigeons (Stop E)Bolton BS1Transdev Lancashire United
19524Bolton BSWigan BS540Stagecoach Manchester

Today we decided to re-visit Wigan. We gave Matthew a list of destinations in the North West and Midlands and from the list he chose Wigan. Research for the trip consisted only of checking the weather for today which was for a cold sunny day. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had a giant crumpet and orange juice for breakfast. We set off around 11;30 and we ran through Blurton along Beaconsfield Drive. We turned left onto Church Road and at the roundabout we went left onto Blurton Road. We stopped at the shop briefly so mum could drop something off with a friend and then we continued up Blurton Road to Heron Cross. We turned left onto the Westbound A50 and at Sideway we went North up the A500. We decided to stop for gas so we came off the A500 at Shelton New Road where we saw First Potteries 65034 on a #101 to Stafford. We turned at the old Twyfords factory and we ran up to Eturia to stop for gas. Whilst I filled up we saw First Potteries 37156 on a #4A to Kidsgrove. Once we had filled up we got onto the WEstbound A53 and we re-joined the Northbound A500. Traffic was light and as we went North we passed Holmeswood PO12 EOA, S&S Travel M940 JBO & Lakeside YN56 ORY. We got onto the Northbound M6 and once again traffic was fairly light. As we travelled North we saw Diamond Coaches double decker N125 YRW and Hollinshead Coaches mini coach WA08 GPZ. We Passed the A54 junction and Red Rose Neoplan coach N60 PLN came onto the M6 behind us and then overtook us.

Red Rose N60 PLN on the M6
We also saw Ellisons coach YR16 UCN which we very slowly caught up with as we went through the roadworks section.

Ellisons YR16 UCN on the M6
We went over the Thelwall viaduct and beyond the M62 and passed quickly through a short section of roadworks around Winwick. A few miles further up the M6 we left the motorway and we ran into Wigan up the A49. As we went into town we saw Coachmaster Travel H10 RFL & dud Arriva NW&W 4577 on a #385 to Southport. Outside Wigan North Western railway station we saw Ogdens Travel coach S111 JDO on rail replacement work. We turned left into King Street west and we parked up on the corner of Crawford Street and Bishopgate. Today we decided to eat somewhere differently. we walked up Hallgate past Mr Chips and we turned left into Market Street. We decided to try out The New Chippery on Market Street which mum had seen before on previous visits, but we had never been in. When we got there we saw that it was busy but we were able to get a table. Matthew went to the toilet and then had sausage chips and gravy with bread and butter washed down with a small bottle of Coke. Once we had finished eating we said goodbye to mum and we walked into the bus station via the alleyway from Market Street. One of the first things we noticed were a couple of brand new white Enviro200's... The first was Hatton's Travel SN66 WLB which was on a #607 to Ashton Heath.

Hatton's Travel SN66 WLB in Wigan bus station
The other bus was also Hatton's Travel... It was Hatton's Travel SN66 WLA on a #613 to New Springs.

Hatton's Travel SN66 WLA in Wigan bus station
We decided to carry on around the bus station looking for something interesting to catch. On layover in the North West corner of the bus station was required Stagecoach Manchester 36790 on a #625 Beech Hill circular service.

Stagecoach Manchester 36790 in Wigan bus station
We walked over to the middle stands and we saw required Arriva NW&W 2689 about to work a #320 service to St Helens.

Arriva NW&W 2689 in Wigan bus station
We walked up the middle stand and we saw required Arriva NW&W 2678 on a #575 to Bolton.

Arriva NW&W 2678 in Wigan bus station
We decided to do this bus so we waited in the queue before we got on it. We purchased System One bus only day tickets at £5.20 before we sat down towards the back of this well filled bus. The bus set off out of the bus station out of the North West exit and onto New Markert Street We ran around the town clockwise and we went via Greenhough Street onto Scholes. As we ran out of town Scholes became Whelley. They don't have have some strange street names in these here parts... We continued North Eastwards through New Springs and we went forwards onto Wigan Road. On the Eastern Edge of Aspull we turned left onto Holly Road and left again onto St David's Crescent. At the end we turned right onto the B5239 and we ran ran Southwards into the centre of Aspull. We turned left onto Scot lane and we ran Eastwards out of town. We came to T junction and we turned left onto the B5408. To the left of us we could see a large transmitter on top of a hill. A little research revealed it is Winter Hill, the main TV transmitter for the North West. We travelled North through the village of Blackrod, and then when we got to the other side of the village we went South down the A6. At the next big crossroads we turned left onto Station Road and we passed Blackrod railway station and then went under the M61. We climbed the hill into Horwich and when the bus turned right into Chorley New Road we decided to get up and get off the bus so that we could catch something different into Bolton. We saw the bus go South Eastwards towards Lostock and then we walked through the car park of The Crown pub onto Lee Lane. There was a bus due in a few minutes so we waited patiently at the stop. Whilst we were there we saw First Manchester 69172 on a #575 service. A few minutes later we saw the bus approaching.. As it got closer we saw that it was required Stagecoach Lancashire 15239 on a #125 to Bolton.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15239 in Horwich
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One day tickets to the driver before we went upstairs. As the top deck was empty matthew took a picture inside Stagecoach Lancashire 15239.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 15239
We set off along Lee Lane and we went through the centre of Horwich. It was a little smaller than I thought it was and we went out of the other side into familiar territory. We passed the point from which we had previously travelled North from Bolton when we came to Horwich back in August 2013. We had now done the entire route from Bolton to Preston, albeit in sections and over several years... We continued Eastwards through Bottom O' Th' Moor and down the hill through Monserrat and Doffcocker. We crossed the ring road and continued along St George's Street and we turned right onto Knowsley Street going past the Market Place Shopping Centre. We turned right onto Deansgate and and we ran to the end where we turned left onto Moor Lane. We entered the bus station from the West end and we got up and got off the bus. Once off the bus we had a walk around on the way to the toilet. As we walked along the East side of the bus station we saw First Manchester 37547 waiting to work a #8 to Manchester.

First Manchester 37547 in Bolton bus station
We also saw Arriva NW&W Plaxton President 4183 about to work a #534 to the Oldhams estate.

Arriva NW&W 4183 in Bolton bus station
As we carried on South along the bus station we saw required First Manchester 30948 on a #524 service to Bury.

First Manchester 30948 in Bolton bus station
We walked along the South end of the bus station to the South Western corner where the Tardis style toilet is located. Today it was actually working! Matthew used the facilities and then we walked around the bus station looking for something to catch next. On Black Horse Street we saw required First Manchester 69150 about to work a #575 to Horwich.

First Manchester 69150 in Bolton bus station
Along the North end of the bus station is an area where buses layover between local services. On one of the layover area we saw required Arriva NW&W 2828 which was in between workings on the #534 Oldhams estate service.

Arriva NW&W 2828 in Bolton bus station
We sat down by the stop for the #125 to Preston and when one came in Matthew decided he wasn't going to do that bus. whilst we made a decision on what to do we saw Rotala Diamond 40415 which was on the #300 to The Trafford Centre.

Rotala Diamond 40415 in Bolton bus station
Matthew decided he wanted to do Arriva NW&W 2828 which was on the #534 to the Oldhams estate. I knew it was a quick out and back service, so we decided to do it. We got on the bus and we flashed the System One day ticket to the driver before we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off out of the bus station onto Black Horse Street onto Great Moor Street past the new Bolton Bus station which is due to open in Spring 2017. We ran North up the A575 and we turned left into Deansgate. We turned right into Bridge Street and we ran out of town over the ring road. We continued North onto Blackburn Road and we went up to Astley Bridge. We turned left onto the A675 and then left again onto Broad O' Th' Lane. We went into the estate along MacKenzie Street and then left onto Athlone Avenue. We went North up Selkirk Road until we got to the turning circle. The bus emptied out and Matthew took a picture inside Arriva NW&W 2828.

Inside Arriva NW&W 2828
We decided to travel back to the main road and catch something else back into Bolton, as it looked like we would do too many more buses as it was starting to go dark! I went back up to the front and flashed the System one tickets to the driver and we set off back down Selkirk Road onto Athlone Avenue. We travelled back to the main road via MacKenzie Street, Broad O' Th' Lane and the A675. When we got back onto Blackburn Road we got up and got off the bus. Matthew took another picture of Arriva NW&W 2828 before it carried on back to Bolton.

Arriva NW&W 2828 in Astley Bridge
We decided to nip into the local newsagent and buy a few things Matthew chose a can of Coke and a can of Tizer as well as a couple of chocolate bars. We checked the timetable at the stop and we saw there was a #1 to Bolton due in less than 5 minutes. Within the 5 minutes the bus turned up and as it got closer we saw that it was dud Transdev Lancashire United 1873.

Transdev Lancashire United 1873 in Astley Bridge
We got on the bus bus and we flashed the System One day ticket to the driver before we sat down towards the back of the bus. This was a bus that we first had from Bolton to Egerton back in August 2013. We set off down Blackburn Road and we travelled the mile or so into the town centre. We ran down Bridge Street and we turned right into St George's Road. We turned left into Knowsely Street and we passed the Market Place Shopping Centre before going into the bus station via Deansgate and Moor Lane. When we got to the bus station we let the bus empty and Matthew took a picture inside Transdev Lancashire United 1873.

Inside Transdev Lancashire United 1873
Once we got off the bus, we had a quick wander around the bus station whilst we decided how were going to get back to Wigan. whilst we walked around we saw dud First Manchester 66880 on a #524 to Bury.

First Manchester 66880 in Bolton bus station
Matthew didn't want to do a #125 so we waked up to the stop from which the#540 departs. When we got there we saw required Stagecoach Manchester 21245. For some reason Matthew didn't want to do this bus. A few minutes later the following bus turned up and it was required Stagecoach Manchester 19524.

Stagecoach Manchester 19524 in Bolton bus station
It looked like Matthew wasn't going to get on this bus either. Whilst we tried to persuade Matthew that it was in his best interest to catch this bus, we saw Park's of Hamilton (National Express) HSK 652 go by on a #328 service to Blackpool. Eventually we got on the bus and we flashed the System One day tickets to the driver for the final time today before we went upstairs. The top deck was empty at the rear so matthew took a picture inside Stagecoach Manchester 19524 before we sat down.

Inside Stagecoach Manchester 19524
The bus set off put of the bus station onto Moor Lane and we went forwards onto Deane Road. We ran about 3 miles out of town and we crossed under the M61. Near to the Chequerbent roundabout we saw an unidentified Grayways coach parked up at the side of the road. At the roundabout we turned right onto the A6 and we saw a giant illuminated santa at the Mercury service station. We turned left onto Bolton Road and we ran down towards Westhoughton. We turned right onto Market Street and we passed through the town centre of Westhoughton. We turned left and we joined the Southbound A58. At the corner in the road we turned left into Southfield Drive and we worked our way across to the B5235. We went South past daisy Hill railway station and we turned right into Lower Leigh Road. We turned left onto Hindley Road and we ran through to Hindley via Swan Lane. We turned right onto Green Lane and we headed through the estate between Hindley Green and Hindley where we passed an unidentified Shearing Holidays coach going the other way. We joined the A58 and we ran down int Hindley centre where we turned right onto the A577. We crossed under the railway line and past Walmesley park and we continued into Ince. We followed the road to the left and we ran the last 1/2 mile to the eastern edge of Wigan town centre. We crossed the A49 onto King street and we ran into the town centre. We crossed Wallgate onto King Street West and we ran into the bus station up Dorning Street. Once off the bus Matthew went to the toilet and then we walked around the bus station and we took a few pictures... Buses seen around the bus station were Stagecoach Manchester 19518, Stagecoach Manchester 36796 on a #621 Kit Green circular, Arriva NW&W 2688 on layover between runs on service #362 and Stagecoach Manchester 19524 outside the bus station on layover. We went back to the car where mum was waiting with Greggs sausage rolls. Matthew also had a small bottle of Irn Bru. We set off around the one way system and we joined Frog lane before cutting across to the A49 via Prescott Street and Miry Lane. We went North past the pier and then we went around the other side going South Pottery Road. After we passed the big roundabout we travelled a couple of miles South before we joined the M6 at Junction 25. It was nor fully dark and we didn't see a great deal as we travelled South. What we did see was S&S Travel M940 JBO that we had seen on the A500 earlier. We came off the M6 at Junction 16 and we ran South down the A500 to Sideway. We went east on the A50 and we came off it again at Longton so we could see what was parked up at Z Carz this evening. In the first row we saw Z Carz minibus MV53 KKO.

Z Carz MV53 KKO in Longton
Next in the row was Z Carz Volkswagen minibus OV05 WSW.

Z Carz OV05 WSW in Longton
Next in the row was Z Carz LDV minibus PN06 ONM.

Z Carz PN06 ONM in Longton
Nearest in the the first row was Z Carz silver LDV minibus CN57 HWA.

Z Carz CN57 HWA in Longton
nearest bus in the second row was Z Carz Renault minibus BU04 GYW.

Z Carz BU04 GYW in Longton
We turned into Willow Row to see what was in the compound. There appeared to another new minibus PE10 MJK.

Z Carz PE10 MJK in Longton
We returned onto the A50 and we ran Westwards to Heron Cross where we came off onto Blurton Road. We ran through Blurtona nd we turned right onto Church Road. We turned right again onto Beaconsfield Drive and we got home around 18:45. For a let tea Matthew had bangers and mash followed by a jam filled shortbread biscuit. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:00... Mark

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