Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Trip to Bucknall / Stafford 17-06-2014


BV51 ENLBentileeBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterStantons of Stoke
S952 VMYBucknall Newhouse RoadRadford Bank, StaffordCharterZ Carz
S952 VMYRadford Bank, StaffordBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterZ Carz
BV51 ENLBucknall Newhouse RoadBentileeCharterStantons of Stoke

Today Matthew was in respite. Matthew got up and After he had breakfast the bus came to pick him up for college. It was his current usual bus, Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL.

Stantons of stoke BV51 ENL in Bentilee
We got on the bus and it set of onto Dividy Road. The bus went to twigs street and then cut onto the A52 before heading down Newhouse Road. We got off and went into college. Today we were going down to a soft play area in Stafford. The bus turned to take us and it was Z Carz Mercedes minibus S952 VMY. We got on and sat down at the front of the bus. The bus set off towards the A52 and into Stoke. We then went South on the A500 which we did down to A34. Once on the A34 we went South through Trentham and past Stone and into Stafford. We carried on through Stafford town centre and out the other side. just beyond Radford bank Inn we turn onto Weeping Cross for the last couple of miles before we reached the soft play area. Whilst there Matthew went to the toilet and spent time in the soft play area. He also had a sandwich. Just before dinner hey got back onto Z carz S952 VMY for the return journey. The headed back towards Stafford on the A513 and then onto the A34 at Weeping Cross. they passed through Stafford town centre before going North on the A34 up to Hanford. At Hanford they got on the A500 which they did to Stoke. They then headed back to Bucknall along the A52. When we got back we had dinner which was cheese oatcake followed by cake & custard. after afternoon lessons they went out to find Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL was ready to take them back to respite. We headed back onto the A52 and cut through to Twigg Street and onto Dividy road. When we got back Matthew headed up to his room to get his camera. in the car park was one of Stantons of Stoke's newer vehicles, KN61 EYG.

Stantons of stoke KN61 EYG in Bentilee
for tea Matthew had gammon with egg and chips followed by cake and custard. After tea matthew used his computer and watched telly before having a bath and getting ready for bed around 23:00... Mark

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