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Trip to Burnley / Todmorden 28-06-2014


41283Burnley BSMytholmroyd, at Burnley Road Midgley Rd517First West Yorkshire
66746Mytholmroyd, opp The Dusty Miller PHTodmorden BS590First West Yorkshire
69586Todmorden BSHebden Bridge, Market Street (Stop HB15)592First West Yorkshire
32525Hebden Bridge, Market Street (Stop HB14)Todmorden BS590First West Yorkshire
32696Todmorden BSEastwood, opp Halifax Rd Shaw Wood Road592First West Yorkshire
69585Eastwood, Halifax Rd Shaw Wood Road (SW-bound)Todmorden BS590First West Yorkshire
69583Todmorden BSBurnley BS592First West Yorkshire

Today we decided to go to Burnley. We checked the weather and it appeared to be better to the north today. So we gave matthew a choice of a few Northern towns and he chose Burnley. Research consisted of looking at the price of and validity of First tickets on the off chance we got to Burnley in time to the #517 to Halifax and it was something worth catching. It turned out the First West Yorkshire tickets was only £4.60 and Transdev Silver ticket is £6. We also checked the times of the #517 service as this changed in April. Matthew got up at 10:00 and he had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We got ready and we set off just after 11:30. We headed onto the A5035 and then we turned into Stanley Matthew Way. We had a short trip along the A50 and we joined the Northbound A500 which we did up to Shelton New Road so we could fill up with LPG. After we had finished filling up we took the A53 West following First Potteries 66307 on a #34A to Talke. We got back on the Northbound A500 and we headed up to the M6. We then went North and we saw ABC Supreme YN55 KXO going North too. We turned East at the M62 and we continued East on the M60. When we got to the M66 we went North past Bury and Ramsbottom. We overtook Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2780 on a X43 to Burnley and we then carried on up the A56 until we reached the M65. We went a couple of junctions further East before we came off the motorway for the last couple of miles into town. We parked near the bus station and we walked across the the Atlantis Cafe. Mathew went upstairs to the toilet and mum ordered the food. Apparently the owner of the cafe is from Stoke! Matthew had a breakfast and a large cup of Coke. After we had finished eating we said goodbye to mum and we walked around the end of the bus station to get a few pictures. Required First West Yorkshire 41283 was on the #517 to Halifax.

First West Yorkshire 41283 in Burnley bus station
If we walked quickly around the bus station, hopefully we would be able to catch this bus. Also in the bus station was Mainline liveried Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1857 on a #23 to Accrington.

'Mainline' 1857 in Burnley bus station
We the saw Tyrer Bus YJ05 WCE departing the bus station on a #65 service.

Tyrer Bus YJ05 WCE in Burnley bus station
We also saw Transdev Burnley & Pendle Dart 715 on a local service.

'Starship' 715 in Burnley bus station
The bus we had passed on the M66 was now in the bus station. 'Witch Way' branded Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2780 was about to work a X43 to Manchester.

'Witch Way' 2780 in Burnley bus station
Last in the row was another starship liveried bus. It was Transdev Burnley & Pendle Optare Versa 260 on a #5 service.

'Starship' 260 in Burnley bus station
We quickly walked around the into the bus station and we got on First West Yorkshire 41283. We decided to get the cheaper First West Yorkshire Day ticket and venture East. We sat down at the back of the bus which was quite full. The bus left town along Harry Potts Way past Turf Moor and the gigantic picture of Tunstall born Martin Paterson. We went beyond Brunshaw, the furthest point which we had travelled on the #517 when we did First West Yorkshire 41316 back in January. Further along the road the houses gave way to open Moorland. We caught up with a tractor puling a trailer full of Hay and we followed it for a short while. We turned left onto The Long Causeway following the tractor! The tractor pulled over a little further up the road and we went past it and off into the wide open moors. We climbed higher and the views were spectacular... I recommend doing this Saturdays Only bus as a scenic tour if you ever find yourself in Burnley at a loose end. We carried on going up and passed a large bank of wind turbines before starting the decent back into civilization. We passed the village of Blackshaw Head. We saw TLC bus 90819 on a #596 to Blackshaw Head. We carried on down into the Calder Valley and through a village called Heptonstall. As we we approaching Hebden Bridge I asked the lady in front of us if there was a bus station. She mentioned a turning circle and stops on the High Street. She also asked me if we were coming next weekend for the cycle race. The bus emptied a little and Matthew took a picture of the seat opposite us.

Inside First West Yorkshire 41283
The bus joined onto the A646 from a steep road at a sharp angle. We carried on to the next stop which also had a turning circle so the bus could turn around to head into town. For a small town Hebden Bridge has an incredibly busy high street. It is full of independent (expensive) shops. Mum wouldn't like it... We decided to go past Hebden Bridge to Mytholmroyd, a town that we have visited before from the Halifax end back in September 2013. When we got to the centre of town we decided to get off. Matthew got another picture of this interesting old Dart before it continued up the A646 towards Halifax.

First West Yorkshire 41283 in Mytholmroyd
We had a look a round to see what was there. There was a bus stop opposite with a toilet block behind it. There was also a paper shop. We decided to walk up to the crossing so we could visit the paper shop. As we walked up to the crossing we saw TLC 3097 on a Westbound local service.

TLC 3097 in Mytholmroyd
We crossed the road and we found that the paper shop was shut! We walked into town a little but we could not find a shop. As we got back to the bus stop we saw that their was a Sainsbury's local store almost exactly where we had got off the bus! At the same time we saw First West Yorkshire 69578 on a #590 to Todmorden.

First West Yorkshire 69578 in Mytholmroyd
We crossed back over to Sainsbury's and Matthew picked up a can of Coke and a twin pack of Milky Way. We crossed back over to the stop and we saw there was a bus to Todmorden every 10 minutes on service #590 from Halifax. At ten past the hour there was a through #590 service to Rochdale. There was also an hourly #592 through to Burnley at 20 to the hour. Matthew visited the toilet and when he came out we had a little picnic at the bus stop. We broke a can of Irn Bru out of rations, which he drank just before the bus turned up. The bus was required First West Yorkshire 66746.

First West Yorkshire 66746 in Mytholmroyd
We flashed our First Bus tickets and we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off back through Hebden Bridge and this time we were able to appreciate it more. All the shops were decorated with cycling related displays for the race next weekend. I could not believe it when I found out that the race is going to be part of the Tour de France! The bus carried on through the Calder Valley for a further 5 miles into Todmorden where we planned to get off. On the way we passed Leyland tiger CBM 13X parked up in a layby. The bus followed the A646 through town, turning right towards Burnley and into the bus station which is situated under the 7th arch of the railway viaduct which runs through the town overhead. We got off the bus and we had a quick walk around the bus station. We considered our next move... There was a second #517 from Burnley to Halifax at 17:05. The Burnley bound bus from Hebden Bridge would probably depart from around 16:00. Also the #592 to Burnley was due at 15:50 through Hebden Bridge too. If we could get back quick enough we should make one or the other of these buses. There was a #592 to Halifax in the bus station, required First West Yorkshire 69586.

First West Yorkshire 69586 in Todmorden bus station
We decided to do this bus to see what was happening back at Hebden Bridge. We got on and flashed our tickets to the driver. As the bus was empty at the back Matthew got a picture inside First West Yorkshire 69586.

Inside First West Yorkshire 69586
We sat down and the bus waited for it due time at 15:40. The bus set off back onto the A646 and traveled back down the Calder Valley to Hebden Bridge past the parked up Leyland Tiger and into the Western edge of town. We got off and we saw the First West Yorkshire 69582 on the #592 going the other way... The next opportunity to get back towards Burnley was the #517. We looked at the board on the stop and the bus was due at 16:07 in around 15 minutes. There was a Co-op on the opposite corner so we decided to go for a quick shopping trip. Matthew picked up another can of Coke and I got him a drink he would actually drink whilst we were out,a bottle of Irn Bru. He picked up some more chocolate and we headed for the till. It was a sizable Co-op store, and as such was quite busy. The guy on the till was having trouble with a cooked chicken, and the manager gave him a jar of coffee to scan to put something of the same value through the till. By the time we got out we only had a couple of minutes to wait for the #517. 16:07 came and went but the bus hadn't turned up. We looked up at the electronic display and it said the bus was due, but not before the #590 to Todmorden. This must the the first time we have seen and noticed real-time bus information displayed at a stop. The #590 did turn first and it was a double decker. We decided we were going to do this instead. As it got closer we saw it was required First West Yorkshire 32525.

First West Yorkshire 32525 in Hebden Bridge
We got on the bus and flashed our First Bus tickets. We went upstairs and Matthew said hello to the girl sitting at the front of the bus. The bus was empty behind us so Matthew took a picture of the bus there and then.

Inside First West Yorkshire 32525
We sat down as the bus set off back up the Calder valley and past the Leyland Tiger again. As we left town, I realised that we had been to the town that had given rise to Bogshed... Quite possibly the best band of the 1980's. We hadn't noticed a single piece of artwork, statue or even on the of those blue plaques to denote the houses of the band members! The journey to Todmorden was swift taking a little over 10 minutes to get to there and to turn into the bus station. We got off the bus and there was another TLC bus present so Matthew got a picture of it. It was TLC 90815 on a T1 Cross Lee service.

TLC 90815 in Todmorden bus station
We walked around the bus station and Matthew took another picture of First West Yorkshire 32525 before it headed off back to Halifax on the next #590 service.

First West Yorkshire 32525 in Todmorden bus station
We decided to go for a quick walk into town at this point. We thought we could still head off the #517 at Burnley if we caught 16:40 to #589 Burnley. Or we could go towards Hebden Bridge to intercept the 17:10 #592 from Todmorden. We walked through the market and across a square to the public toilets. After Matthew had used the toilet we walked around the market and back into the bus station. We though that double decker at the bus station looked different to the one we just had. It was a different bus... It was required First West Yorkshire 32696 on the #592 from Burnley to Halifax.

First West Yorkshire 32696 in Todmorden bus station
We walked around the bus station and we decided to catch the double decker instead of doing First West Yorkshire 69584 which was on the #589 to Burnley. We could then head of the next #592 just West of Hebden Bridge and catch that back to Burnley. We got on the bus and we flashed our tickets. We went upstairs and Matthew got a picture of the of the top deck of First West Yorkshire 32696 which was empty.

Inside First West Yorkshire 32696
The bus set off out of town and we went for around 5 minutes before we got up and got of the bus. We were in Eastwood (apparently)... Matthew got another picture of First West Yorkshire 32696 as it headed of East towards Halifax.

First West Yorkshire 32696 in Eastwood
We crossed the road to wait for the #592 back to Burnley. We gave Matthew the bottle of Irn Bru and we looked at the timetable at the stop. As Matthew started to drink we realised we should have passed a #590 and that we hadn't. We looked up the road to see a bus approaching. It was required First West Yorkshire 69585.

First West Yorkshire 69585 in Eastwood
We flashed the tickets and got on the bus and we sat down near to the back. This would get an extra bus in and help to break up the journey back to Burnley. The bus charged up the A646 and we got into Todmorden bus station in no time. Before we got off Matthew got a picture inside First West Yorkshire 69585.

Inside First West Yorkshire 69585
We walked around the bus station for one last time whilst we waited for the #592 to Burnley. On a #589 to Rochdale was required First West Yorkshire 69580.

First West Yorkshire 69580 in Todmorden bus station
First West Yorkshire 66746 reappeared after doing a round trip to Rochdale and back from when we caught the bus earlier.

First West Yorkshire 66746 in Todmorden bus station
The #592 to Burnley eventually turned up and it was required First West Yorkshire 69583.

First West Yorkshire 69583 in Todmorden bus station
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets for a final time today. We sat down near the back and we had to wait a few minutes before it was time to depart. The bus went onto the A646, this time towards Burnley. As the road left town we were in a very steep sided valley. The houses had virtually no gardens behind them and the gardens there were there were on steep hills, or cut into the valley. We traveled through Cornholme and Portsmouth and then we crossed over the railway line as we got towards to top of the valley. The road opened out more here and we had a long run along the A646 before we turned off the road to serve the Walk Mill area. We climbed up Mill Lnae and joined Red Leese Road for the run into Burnley. We past the Long Causeway were the #517 turns, and we carried on as the road became Brunshaw Road. As we were going to back past Turf Moor I decided to try and get a picture of the picture of Martin Paterson outside Turf Moor. I did managed to take one, albeit a little blurry. The bus dropped down into town and turned into the bus station. We waited for the bus to empty before Matthew got a picture inside First West Yorkshire 69583.

Inside First West Yorkshire 69583
We visited the shop and after a few more purchases we went out of the bus station and we saw Moving People Optare Solo YJ04 CCW.

Moving People YJ04 CCW in Burnley
As we were walking back around to the toilet in the bus station, Matthew spotted someone he wanted to say hello to and ran at them. Matthew used the toilet and we walked to the car. We walked past the girl he had run at previously, this time he was well behaved. In the car Matthew had a Greggs sausage roll and a large an of Irn Bru. We set off out of town and onto the A671. We did this up to the M65 and then went West. We traveled the short distance to the A56 and we went South. Here we climbed up an out of the valley before running down and around Haslingden and onto the M66. We had a short run down onto the M60 anti-clockwise where we spied Merseyside based minibus Hartley Travel J12 HTL. We turned onto the M62 and we got into a position where Matthew could take a picture of this minibus.

Hartley Travel J12 HTL on the M62
We carried on West towards the M6 and then Southwards into Cheshire. we overtook Maynes of Buckie KM14 YNE as we headed towards junction 16. We came off and down the A500 until we reached the A50 and then we went into Longton to check out what was parked up at Z Carz today. There were 4 minibuses on the spare ground this evening. Firstly was Mercedes minibus S952 VMY.

Z Carz S952 VMY in Longton
Next to this was Ford FP06 WTW.

Z Carz FP06 WTW in Longton
This was followed by marooned coloured VW minibus S973 OVP.

Z Carz S973 OVP in Longton
Finally we saw the airport transfers minibus DL03 HHU.

Z Carz DL03 HHU in Longton
We turned into Willow row to see what was in the compound. Today there was long term SORN LDV minibus T408 JUX and MJ03 DPU.

Z Carz MJ03 DPU in Longton
We headed back onto the A50 which we did to Heron Cross. We went through heron Cross where we saw Lightning Travel minibus T2 DLT. We got back home around 19:30 this evening. For a late tea we had bangers and mash with carrots followed by chocolate fudge cake. Mathew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 01:00... Mark

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