Friday, 18 July 2014

Trip to Bucknall 18-07-2014


BV51 ENLBlurtonBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterStantons of Stoke
BV51 ENLBucknall Newhouse RoadBlurtonCharterStantons of Stoke

Today Matthew was at college. He got up just before 08:00 and had some orange juice. The bus came around 08:15 and it was his usual bus Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL.

Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL in Blurton
We got on and the bus set off. They headed through Blurton and picked up a couple more people on the way before going to Heron Cross. The bus got onto the Eastbound A50 and then came off at Longton. The bus went past the bus station before going onto Anchor Road and to Adderley Green. The bus turned left onto Dividy Road and through to Bucknall. The bus then went through the side streets of Bucknall before they crossed the A52 and went into Newhouse Road. After spending the day at college Matthew came out to find Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL was his bus home. the bus went onto the A52 and through Bucknall and onto Dividy Road. They went up to Adderley green and down Anchor Road into Longton. The bus headed into Normacott to drop someone off before going back onto the A5035 towards Blurton. The bus dropped someone else off in Newstead and then into trentham to drop another person off. The bus then headed back into Blurton along the A5035 and Matthew took another picture of Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL.

Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL in Blurton
home around 16:30. After having some toast and orangeade we set off to have tea in Trent vale. We got onto the A5035 and into Trentham. We then did the A34 up to Trent Vale passing Wardle Transport 2131 coming the other way. For tea Matthew had a brunch followed by toffee sponge pudding with ice cream. When we had finished eat we headed back down the A34 abd then onto the Northbound A500. We then went East on the A50 to Heron Cross and then we went into Fenton. After we had picked uncle Dave up we went though Heron Cross. In Heron Cross we saw minibus T2 DLT. We carried on into Blurton and we got home around 18:00. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 23:25...Mark

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