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Trip to Stoke / Tunstall 12-07-2014


60173Magdalen Road, BlurtonTrentham, adj Man-in-Space22First Potteries
65564Trentham, adj Man-in-SpaceStoke-upon-Trent, adj stop R21First Potteries
32054Stoke-upon-Trent, adj stop QNewcastle BS25First Potteries
3614Newcastle BSTunstall, adj stop M91Wardle Transport
65572Tunstall, adj stop BBurslem, Swan Bank (Stop D)29AFirst Potteries
61246Burslem, Wedgwood Street (Stop A)Bradeley, opp Moorland View29First Potteries
65562Bradeley, abj Moorland ViewTunstall, adj stop B29AFirst Potteries
3613Tunstall, adj stop BNewcastle BS91Wardle Transport

Today we decided to go out on a local trip. Mum had been ill for a few days and was still recovering, and wasn't up to a big trip. She had been so ill that she hadn't got to the pub on Friday for tea. No research was done other than to check the weather, which was for sunny weather up until teatime with rain moving in later. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. I went out and checked what buses were working on the #22. All of the buses were dud so we decided to catch the 11:50 Longton - Newcastle. We left the house just before 12:00 and we walked to the stop on Magdalen Road. We decided to do our usual move of going to Stoke via Hanford for dinner. On the Plumline today was D&G 170.The was followed by First Potteries 65729 on the #22 towards Longton. A couple of minutes later our bus appeared from around the corner and as predicted it was the dud First Potteries 60173.

First Potteries 60173 in Blurton
We got on the bus and booked Smart day tickets at £5.30. We sat down near to the back of the bus and the bus set off onto the A5035. The bus was reasonably well filled today. The last time we had this bus it was Allocated to AG. We had a trip on it from Tunstall to Hanley in the snow back in January 2013. We carried on along the A5035 and some people sitting opposite got off the bus. Matthew used to opportunity to take a picture of the empty seats opposite us.

Inside First Potteries 60173
The bus turned onto New Inn Lane. It was hot on this bus as there was only one open window. I asked Matthew if he wanted to get of the bus by the Man in Space or by the A34, and he chose the Man in Space. We got up and got off the bus. Matthew got another picture of First Potteries 60173 before it carried on to Newcastle.

First Potteries 60173 in Trentham
It felt quite nice to be out of the hot bus. The next bus was due in less than 10 minutes. We didn't see it go up, so when it appeared from out of Pacific Drive we can only assume it must have been going around the estate really slowly. The dot matrix display looked odd so I thought it may have been one of the 5 ex Northampton buses currently in service at AG. As it got closer we saw that it was. It was dud First Potteries 65564.

First Potteries 65564 in Trentham
We got on the bus and flashed our tickets and Matthew got a picture inside First Potteries 65564.

Inside First Potteries 65564
We sat down and the bus continued along New Inn Lane into Hanford. His bus was much cooler than the last on, with most of the windows open. The last time we had this bus was back in May from Burslem to Bradeley on the #29. The bus turned into Wilson Drive and we went down Church Lane onto the A34. We passed required First Potteries 42727 on the #21A and we crossed the A500 and went into Trent Vale. We turned into London Road and carried on into Stoke, where we got off. Matthew got another picture of First Potteries 65564.

First Potteries 65564 in Stoke
We crossed Campbell Place and we saw dud life limited First Potteries 61553 on a #21 to Trentham.

First Potteries 61553 in Stoke
We carried on around the corner into Church Street and into the cafe. Matthew disappeared down to the toilet an I ordered the food. Whilst Matthew was gone I saw required First Potteries 32057 on a #25 to Hanley and Wardle Transport 2342 on a Newcastle bound #41. Matthew returned from the toilet to eat his breakfast washed down with a glass of Coke. Whilst we ate we saw First Potteries 32056 on another #25, and D&G 106 on the Trentham Plumline service. We came out and walked down Church Street to catch a bus. We saw First Potteries required 40015 on a #24A to Newcastle and required 40173 on a #23A to Hanley. We let these both go to check out the next direct service to Newcastle. We could see a Scania on a #26 being followed by a Wardle Transport MPD Dart. The Scania was required First Potteries 60058 on a #26 and the Wardle Transport buses was dud 2221, which we have had a couple of times before. We have been on 2221 in Uttoxeter when it was allocated to Burton-on-Trent and Cannock and it seems to have followed us back to Stoke! We turned both of these down, to see what was on the next #25 to Keele. We could see it in the distance and it was another ALX400 double decker. With 2 buses out the way, there was a 66% chance that it was going to be a required on. As it got closer we saw it was dud First Potteries 32054.

First Potteries 32054 in Stoke
We got on it anyway, as we wanted to get to Newcastle. We went upstairs it was nearly empty, so Matthew took a picture inside First Potteries 32054.

Inside First Potteries 32054
We sat down and the bus waited for a minute or so before it carried on to Newcastle. We had been on this bus before last time we did a local trip out back in May. The bus left Stoke and we climbed up the hill to Hartshill and carried on towards Newcastle. Just before we got to George Street we passed another ALX400 double decker, required 32055. When we got to Newcastle we saw First Potteries 37156 & 37158 on the #25. Matthew wanted to go to Tunstall for a cake so we were looking at buses going in that direction. We saw required First Potteries 42893 seemingly on a #99A which we could do towards Tunstall, but it had no driver at this point.

First Potteries 42893 in Newcastle bus station
We walked down to the bottom of the bus station so that we could watch buses coming in whilst we waited for First Potteries 42893 to be readied for service. We also saw dud Bakerbus 248 on a #94 to Biddulph. We saw the bus was loading so we walked back up to the stand. It was now on a #98 to Ball Green. Not to worry we could do this to Burslem for something forward to Tunstall. Just as we were about to get on First Potteries 42893, required Wardle Transport 3614 pulled alongside us on the #91.

Wardle Transport 3614 in Newcastle bus station
Matthew decided we were going to do this bus instead. There was a quick driver change, Matthew seemed to know both drivers... The one getting off and the one getting on. We flashed our bus tickets and we sat down near to the back of the bus. The bus set off out of Newcastle and towards Wolstanton. We got to the top of Porthill Bank and we turned right down to Longport. We crossed over the A500 and we headed through Trubshaw Cross into Tunstall. When we got to the High Street the bus was emptying out as we were getting off so Matthew took a picture inside Wardle Transport 3614

Inside Wardle Transport 3614
We got off the bus and we headed into the Tunstall cafe. Matthew went to the toilet with uncle Dave and I ordered Matthew a slice of toffee cheescake and a can of Coke. After we had finished in the cafe we headed out back onto the High Street to see what we could catch. Almost immediately we saw required First Potteries 65572 on a #29A to Hanley.

First Potteries 65572 in Tunstall
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets once again. We sat down near the back and Matthew took a picture of the empty seats behind us.

Inside First Potteries 65572
The bus set off town the High Street. This was another of the ex Northampton buses in use at Adderley Green. It had been in an accident and had recently been repaired. This bus had only been back on the road just over a week or so. Outside Adsa we saw another required ex Northampton Scania 65562. If we got off at Burslem and headed back to Bradley we would probably catch up with this bus like we did similarly back in May. We carried on down Scotia Road and into Burslem town centre. We got off the bus and we got another picture of First Potteries 65572. We crossed over the road to wait for the next #29 to Bradeley. Whilst we waited we saw required and recently repainted First Potteries 65733 on a Hanley bound #20.

First Potteries 65733 in Burslem
In the distance we could see another Scania approaching down Waterloo Road. As it got closer we could see it was dud First Potteries 61246.

First Potteries 61246 in Burslem
We flashed the tickets and we sat down near the back of the bus. The bus set off back up Scotia Road. Outside Dimensions there was some kind of event. There was a bouncy castle and one of the POPS Bristol VR's amongst other things. We hadn't noticed this on the way up to Burslem! The bus passed through Tunstall and we headed down Quenns Road and into the Mill Hill estate. We passed the latest Northampton Scania, required First Potteries 65567 which had only been running locally for around a week. We turned right onto High Lane and we headed down the hill into Fegg Hayes. We turned back through Chell Heath, passing Matthew's old school Heathfield which now looks overgrown. We carried on down the hill to Bradeley. The bus had emptied out and as we got up to get off Matthew took a picture inside First Potteries 61246.

Inside First Potteries 61246
We got off the bus and Matthew took another picture of First Potteries 61246 before it carried on to Hanley.

First Potteries 61246 in Bradeley
We crossed the road and we let dud First Potteries 60062 go. We checked the timetable and we had at least 10 minutes before the bus was due. We sat on a bench on the corner and Matthew had an angel slice and a can of Barr Bubblegumade. Dud Wardle transport 2131 made an appearance and the driver set the display the return journey on the #19 service. alternating between saying '19 City Centre' the LED display also said 'Up Hanley Duck'...

Wardle Transport 2131 in Bradeley
The bus carried onto Bradeley village and walked over to the stop ready for our bus. A few minutes later it arrived and as predicted it was required First Potteries 65562.

First Potteries 65562 in Bradeley
We got on the bus and we sat down near the back. We headed back through Chell Heath back passed his old school and the bus emptied out a little as we went though Fegg Hayes. At the end of the road we passed required Wardle Transport 3613 on a Bradley bound #91 service. We turned left towards Turnhurst and on the way up we noticed the bus was empty in front of us, and Matthew took a picture inside first Potteries 65562.

Inside First Potteries 65562
We turned left onto High Lane before going right into the Mill Hill estate. Once through the estate we turned right and we climbed up the hill into Tunstall. We got off the bus and Matthew got another picture of 65562.

First Potteries 65562 in Tunstall
We decided to have a little bit of a break from catching buses before we did what was probably going to be the last journey of the day. We decided to have a toilet stop, and on the way there we stopped to take a couple of bus pictures. Firstly we saw dud Wardle Transport 2255 on the #90 to Ball Green.

Wardle Transport 2255 in Tunstall
The we saw required Bakerbus 268 which was on a #94 to Biddulph.

Bakerbus 268 in Tunstall
After visiting the toilet, we decided to take Matthew to a papershop to get some supplies for the trip bag. We walked around the back of the market onto the Boulevard, but there weren't any shops there. We decided to go to the top of the High Street to find a shop. We crossed the High Street by Betty Boo's diner and then crossed Roundwell street. We walked passed the burnt out shell of Mr Big Deals and as we got closer to the papershop we could see a police car. Luckily the police weren't attending the papershop. They were giving somebody a talking too on spare ground two door down from the papershop. In the shop Matthew had a small bottle of Irn Bru for now and a can of coke for later. He also had a couple of chocolate bars. We paid for the stuff and we headed back towards the seats on the end of the Boulevard to have a sit down. On the way we stopped and saw recently repainted First Potteries 66841 on a #99 to Biddulph.

First Potteries 66841 in Tunstall
We carried on down the High Street and we sat down on seats at the enof the boulevard whilst Matthew drank his Irn Bru. After we had finished we headed back to the stop on the high Street. We knew required Wardle Transport 3613 was due any time now,and a couple of minutes later it appeared from around the corner.

Wardle Transport 3613 in Tunstall
We got on the bus and the driver said hello to Matthew. The lady driver said 'I bet he must have hundreds of bus picture by now... No, thousands!'. She remembered picking Matthew up for school 12 years ago when he first starting taking bus pictures and she drove for another bus company. Matthew took a picture inside the empty Wardle Transport 3613.

Inside Wardle Transport 3613
We sat down near to the back and the bus set off down the High Street. I called mum to arrange a pick up in Newcastle. We carried on down Newcastle Road to Trubshaw Cross and through Longport and across the A500. We passed dud Wardle transport 3615 which was the 3rd bus on the #91 service. We climbed up Porthill Bank and turn left into Wolstanton. We then went into Newcastle passed The Bramptons and around the Jubilee roundabout. When we got to Newcastle we were going to go to the toilet and then meet up with mum. As we got to the disabled toilet, someone had got there just in front of us. Whilst we waited Matthew took a few bus pictures... First we saw required First Potteries 66304.

First Potteries 66304 in Newcastle bus station
We then saw another required bus. Former Arriva North West & Wales 2129, now numbered 2361 in the Wardle Transport fleet.

Wardle Transport 2361 in Newcastle bus station
On the #85 to Crewe we saw required D&G Solo 142.

D&G 142 in Newcastle bus station
We also saw dud First Potteries 65727 on the #34 to Wereton.

First Potteries 65727 in Newcastle bus station
We also saw dud D&G Solo 138 On the #94.

D&G 138 in Newcastle bus station
We also saw required First Potteries ALX400 double decker 32055 again on the #25 to Keele.

First Potteries 32055 in Newcastle bus station
The only step entranced bus we saw n service today was Scraggs Blue Buses 56 on the #31 to Werrington.

Scraggs Blue Buses 56 in Newcastle
The toilet became vacant after around a 20 minute wait and once Matthew had been we walked onto barracks Road before walking through the gardens to the Ironmarket to meet mum. Mum had picked up some wrights pie sausage rolls on the way to meeting us which Matthew ate and washed down with Irn Bru. We set off onto barracks Road back past the bus station and we drove down the A34 to Trent Vale. We passed First Potteries 32633 on the #101 as we crossed the A500. We carried on down the A34 to trentham. We saw Intercity minibus ND58 EDJ going towards the M6. We turned onto the A5035 which we did to Longton so we could check out what was on the spare ground a Z Carz. Today there were 3 buses on the spare ground. Firstly we saw LDV minibus DS51 ZJU.

Z Carz DS51 ZJU in Longton
Then we saw Scania Coach D104 XAN.

Z Carz D104 XAN in Longton
Finally we saw Airport Transfer minibus DL03 HHU.

Z Carz DL03 HHU in Longton
We turned into Willow Row where we saw long term SORN LDV minibus T408 JUX. We turned back onto the A50 and we headed up to Heron Cross. We went back through Blurton and we passed First Potteries 60015 on a #22 to Longton and First Potteries 40026 & 40173 on #23's. We got back home at around 17:30. For tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a cake bar. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:30... Mark

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