Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Trip to Bucknall / Newcastle 16-07-2014


BV51 ENLBentileeBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterStantons of Stoke
BV51 ENLBucknall Newhouse RoadBentileeCharterStantons of Stoke

Today Matthew was in respite. We got up and Matthew had toast for breakfast. There were a couple of buses outside respite today. First there was Stantons of Stoke KN61 EYG.

Stantons of Stoke KN61 EYG in Bentilee
Behind that was Matthews transport to college, Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL.

Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL in Bentilee
We got on and sat down. The bus left and went down to the A52 before turning into College. For a snack whilst at college Matthew had chicken sandwiches with an angel slice and a carton of orange juice. for dinner Matthew had potatoes and carrots followed by ice cream. After spending a day at college Matthew got back on Stantons of Stoke BV51 ENL for the journey back to respite. They headed out onto the A52 before going into Bentilee. When Matthew got back he had some tea. sausage and mash for tea and then got dressed in his suit to go to his college leaving prom. We saw Inter city KX09 DGY. We picked him up at 18:30 and we drove down to the A52. We turned towards Hanley and then climbed towards Hanley. We went around the ring road before heading down Shelton New Road. At the edge of Newcastle turned right before turning left to join the A53. We then pulled up in the car park of the borough Arms were we had his do. We had pictures taken with his on his smart suite and we said goodbye. Matthew had a good time at the party and said goodbye to his friends and teachers. At 22:00 we came to pick him. We drove out of the car park and around the one way system onto the A52. We drove to the top of Newcastle before going down Shelton New Road to the edge of Hanley. We drove around the ring road and Down Limekiln Bank and onto the A52. We then turn towards Bentilee and we dropped him off around 22:20 Matthew then got ready for bed... Mark

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