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Trip to Accrington / Blackburn 22-11-2014


265Accrington, Bus Station (Stand H)Blackburn temporary BS6Transdev Lancashire United
2760Blackburn temporary BSCherry Tree (Blackburn), opp Woodlands Avenue152Transdev Lancashire United
2757Cherry Tree (Blackburn), adj Woodlands AvenueBlackburn temporary BS152Transdev Lancashire United
N349 AVVBlackburn temporary BSBlackburn (Blackburn), by Morecambe RoadD12Darwen Coach Services
N349 AVVBlackburn (Blackburn), by Morecambe RoadBlackburn temporary BSD12Darwen Coach Services
1096Blackburn temporary BSMoorgate (Blackburn), by Baden Terrace24Transdev Lancashire United
1303Hollin Bank (Blackburn), adj Hollin Bridge StBlackburn temporary BS1Transdev Lancashire United

Today we decided to re-visit Accrington. The weather had been forecast for mild dry weather throughout the North. We gave Matthew a list of place to go to, and out of the places list he chose Accrington. We did no further research for this trip other than to re-check the weather. Matthew got up a little after 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off just a little before 12:00 heading onto the A5035 before turning into Stanley Matthews Way. We went West on the A50 and then North on the A500. Once on the A500 we carried on North up to the M6. On the M6 the traffic was surprising light for the time of year. We made good time up to the M56 and over Thelwall viaduct. As we approached the M62 we caught up with classic AEC single decker Grand Edwardian Touring FV 4548.

Grand Edwardian Touring FV 4548 on the M6
We went East on the M62, and then we joined the clockwise M60. We came off the M60 at Prestwich so that we could fill up with diesel at Tesco. We then returned onto the Clockwise M60 before turning onto the Northbound M66. North of Ramsbottom the M66 became the A56 and we carried on past Haslingden before doing the last few miles into Accrington along the A680. We turned into the car park off Abbey Street but it was full, so we headed back onto Abbey Street and we saw a space on the street. We also spotted a chip shop cafe where we could have dinner. As we got out of the car to go eat, we saw required Rossendale Easyride 203 on the #484 to Bury.

Rossendale Easyride 203 in Accrington
We then saw South Ribble minibus RV05 PVZ parked in the street opposite.

South Ribble RV05 PVZ in Accrington
We went into the cafe and Matthew went upstairs to use the toilet. For dinner Matthew had sausage chips and gravy with bread and butter washed down with a can of Coke. After we had finished eating we went to the front of the chip shop to pay. Matthew added a small bottle of Coke to the bill and then we said goodbye to mum. We walked towards Peel Street along Infant Street. We saw Transdev Burnley & Pendle 715 on the #9 to Burnley.

'Starship' 715 in Accrington
There were a couple of Darts on Bridge Street so we decided to check them out. At the other end of the street was dud Pilkington Bus VU52 UEJ, which quickly departed. At the near end of the street was dud Pilkington Bus P729 RYL.

Pilkington Bus P729 RYL in Bridge Street Accrington
Whilst we were in Bridge Street we saw dud M&M Coaches N129 YRM arrive to work one of the local service.

M&M Coaches N129 YRM in Bridge Street Accrington
We then walked down to Peel Street. We then saw M&M Coaches L310 YDU on the #46 to Blackburn.

M&M Coaches L310 YDU in Accrington bus station
We decided to wait and see what turned up on the next #6 to Blackburn. We didn't have to wait long before required Transdev Optare Versa 265 appeared to work the next #6.

Lancashire United 265 in Accrington bus station
We decided we were going to do Transdev buses today so we got on the bus and booked a Blackburn day ticket at £4.20. We sat down near to the back of the bus and the bus filled up. We set off out of town along Blackburn Road and then we nturned onto the A679. We turned again to head through Oswaldtwistle and then we went onto Thwaites Road before rejoining the A679. We crossed under the M65 and into Knuzden before heading down into Intack. We continued onto the A678 and then we headed over the canal and railway line before going onto Barbara Castle Way and then onto Penny Street and into the temporary bus station. We waited for the bus to empty and Matthew took a picture inside Transdev Lancashire United 265.

Inside Lancashire United 265
We got off the bus and we contemplated what to do next. We had followed dud Transdev Lancashire United 2758 into the bus station on the X41. On the #152 to Preston was required Transdev Lancashire United 2760.

Lancashire United 2760 in Blackburn bus station
We decided to do this bus, but we had never been in this direction on the #152 before. We got on the bus and flashed the Blackburn day ticket. I asked the driver how far I could travel and the driver told me a pub in Feniscowles. We went upstairs ans sat down near to the back of the bus. The bus set off out of town and past the college. As there were empty seats opposite to us, Matthew took a picture inside Transdev Lancashire United 2760.

Inside Lancashire United 2760
We carried on out of town along the A674. We found a timetable and we saw that the buses were meant to pass just East of Feniscowles, however we were running late. We passed the bus going towards Blackburn earlier than expect. Basesd on the timetable time and how long we had travelled, we guessed when it was time get off the bus. We got off the bus around a mile or so too soon. Once we were off the bus Matthew got another picture of this bus.

Lancashire United 2760 in Cherry Tree
We crossed the road to the stop opposite. We had around 20 minutes to wait for the next #152, but there was a #118 due at 15:14 in a few minutes time. The bus stop timetable said it was a Holmeswood bus, but as it approached we saw it was Tyrers Solo SR YJ13 HJZ.

Tyrers YJ13 HJZ in Cherry Tree
We now had just over 15 minutes to wait for the bus. Matthew had a Rice Crispies Squares bar and the small bottle of pop that we had picked up earlier. The time seemed to pass quickly and before long we saw buses in both directions on the #152. We turned to concentrate on our own bus, which turned out to be dud Lancashire United 2757.

Lancashire United 2757 in Cherry Tree
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets before we went upstairs to sit down. The bus carried on into town along the A674 going past the college and into the centre of town. We passed he railway station and then stopped at the temporary lights in front of the Morrisons West entrance. Matthew used the opportunity to photograph the empty bus in front of us.

Inside Lancashire United 2757
The bus carried on into Penny Street passed the new bus station that is being constructed and into the current temporary bus station. We had a quick look around to see what we could photograph or catch. On a #23 to the hospital was Transdev Lancashire United 270.

Lancashire United 270 in Blackburn bus station
We had a look around and we were considering catching Transdev Lancashire United 1306 which was about to work a #1 to Bolton.

Lancashire United 1306 in Blackburn bus station
As we waited in the queue we saw required Transdev Lancashire United 1876 on a #1 to Darwen Circus. As we considered catching this bus, we saw required Darwen Coach Services N349 AVV arrive on the other side of the bus station.

Darwen Coach Services N349 AVV in Blackburn bus station
The bus was on a D12 service to Higher Croft. We asked the driver how long it would take to go out and back and he told us it just over 20 minutes. We decided to do this bus and we asked for return tickets. We sat down and the bus set off out of town towards Rockcliffe Street and onto park Lee Road. We headed up to Higher croft and around the estate with the names of Lancashire coastal towns. We went along Lytham Road and Morecambe Road and we could see the bright lights of Ewood Park in the distance. A gentleman on the bus said that Blackburn were currently losing 1-0 to Leeds United. We headed back into town past the old infirmary, before we joined the A666 for the run into town. We passed through the town centre before going into Penny Street and into the temporary bus station. We waited for the bus to empty and Matthew got a picture inside Darwen Coach Services N349 AVV.

Inside Darwen Coach Services N349 AVV
On the way into the bus station we had seen a few interesting buses parked up. We decided to walk onto Penny Street to take pictures of the buses on layover. First in the row was Holmeswood Iveco minibus PO56 PCU.

Holmeswood PO56 PCU in Blackburn
Behind this was former Keighley allocated bus, Transdev Lancashire United 1044.

Lancashire United 1044 in Blackburn bus station
We then walked back to the bus station to see what we could catch next. I though we may do the double decker on the X41 towards Accrington, but Matthew had other ideas... We saw required Transdev Lancashire United 1096 on a #24 to Chorley.

Lancashire United 1096 in Blackburn bus station
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets and we sat down near to the back of the bus. As the back seats were empty Matthew decided to take a picture.

Inside Lancashire United 1096
The bus set off through town and the we crossed over the green suspension bus over the railway line. We joined the A666and we headed down towards Ewood park. The plan was to get off before we got to Ewood Park as it was getting close to full time. It was dark and we ended up right by the stadium at the point where the bus turned towards Feniscowles. We got off the bus and started to walk back towards the A666. As we walked back to the road we spotted a gate area of spare ground where buses involved in transporting football fans were parked up. There were minibuses, coaches and double deckers all in this small enclosure. It was dark and the area was unlit. Matthew still attempted to get some kind of picture. First double decker in the row was Transdev Lancashire United 964.

Lancashire United 964 in Ewood
Behind 964 was Transdev Lancashire United Leyland Olympian 2173 in a retro lined blue and cream livery.

Lancashire United 2173 in Ewood
In front of the 3rd double decker was Rigby's minicoach ONZ 1173.

Rigby's ONZ 1173 in Ewood
Last in the row of double deckers behind the Rigby's minicoach was lime green liveried Lancashire United 984.

Lancashire United 984 in Ewood
We carried on towards the main road and mum called us on the phone. We told her it might take us a while to get to Accrington, so she said she would drive to Blackburn to meet us. We crossed over the canal bridge and we waited at the stop. We were the first people at the stop but people were now leaving the ground. By the time we saw a bus approaching there were a couple of dozen people waiting with us. As the bus got closer we saw it was required Transdev Lancashire United Optare Tempo 1303.

Lancashire United 1303 in Ewood
We got on the bus and flashed our tickets and we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus filled up before we pulled off. It was a little rowdy, but everyone was high spirits as Blackburn had made a comeback and had one 2-1. The bus went up the A666 and then into town. We stopped short of the boulevard and Leeds fans who wanted the railway station were told that this was there best stop by some of the locals. We carried on past the boulevard and into Penny Street and into the bus station. We let the bus empty and Matthew took a picture inside Transdev Lancashire United 1303.

Inside Lancashire United 1303
We started to walk towards Morrisons were we had arranged to meet up with mum. On the way we saw Transdev Lancashire United 1874 on layover.

Lancashire United 1874 in Blackburn
Also on layover was Darwen Coach Services X991 WAU.

Darwen Coach Services X991 WAU in Blackburn
We walkd the short distance to Morrisons and mum called to say that she had just arrived at the Car Park and got there unaided without the use of the GPS, which is quite a feat for a town as complex as Blackburn! We met at the toilet where Matthew used the facilities. Matthew stopped tosay hello to a member of staff in the Select store adjacent to the main part of the supermarket, and then we climbed the stairs to the car park. Mum had already purchase Greggs sausage rolls and there was also a Small bottle of Irn Bru. We set off up to the main road and we went East towards Accrington. Instead of going along Blackburn and into Accrington we went towards Church. At the junction with the A6185 we saw Transdev Lancashire United 2173 turn away from the M65 towards Clayton-le-Moors. We turned right to head towards town and then we went around the town centre of Accrington and onto the A680 WE carried on South-East for around 3 mile before we joined the South bound A56. The A56 became the M66 and we carried on down to the M60. We went anti-clockwise along the M60 and near to the M61 we saw an unidentified Arriva Hybrid doubled decker heading towards Bolton. We joined the Westbound M62 and then we went onto the Southbound M6. The roads were clear and we made quite good time. We joined the Southbound A500 which we did down to the A50. we went East for a couple of miles until we got to Longton. We came off the A50 to check out what was parked up at Z Carz. There was only one minibus parked on the spare ground tonight. The was Mercedes minibus Z Carz W221 CDN.

Z Carz W221 CDN in Longton
We turned into Willow Row and the compound was full, with Z Carz BN03 OVS being close to the gate. We went back onto the A50 which we did to Heron Cross. As we headed towards Blurton we saw Lightning Travel T2 DLT. In Beaconsfield Drive we passed First Potteries 42892 on the last #22 towards Longton of the day. we got home a little after 19:20. For a late tea we had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a cake bar. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:30... Mark

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