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Trip to Talke / Trent Vale 02-01-2015


53829Blurton, adj Ladybank GroveHanley BS23First Potteries
N8 GHAHanley BSTalke, Opp Congleton RoadX81GHA
66308Talke, Adj Newcastle RoadNewcastle BS4AFirst Potteries
66310Newcastle BSTrent Vale, adj Black Lion BS22First Potteries

Today Matthew was off from his day service, so we decided to take this opportunity to ride on the X81 service. Matthew got up around 12:00. He has some toast and orange juice. I asked him if he wanted to do a few extra buses today and he said yes. We worked out what we were going to do and when we had to leave the house. We set off at around 13:40 and walked all the way to the bus on Beaconsfield Road. We saw First Potteries 66310 going towards Newcastle on the #22 and then First Potteries 60072 on the #22 to Dresden.

First Potteries 60072 in Blurton
Going towards Newstead on the #23A was First Potteries 53208.

First Potteries 53208 in Blurton
A few minutes later a Solo rounded the corner and it was dud First Potteries 53829.

First Potteries 53829 in Blurton
We got on the bus and booked to Hanley. There was only one passenger on the bus at this point and they were sitting near to the front, so Matthew got a picture of the inside of First Potteries 53829 too.

Inside First Potteries 53829
The bus set off through Blurton and onto Blurton Road. We headed through heron Cross and onto Heron Street. On the corner by the railway line there was a smashed up car. We carried on and turned onto left onto Christchurch Street. We turned left onto City Road and then down under the railway line and into Stoke. After a brief pause in Stoke town centre we went around the one way system and onto Glebe Street. We went under the railway and turned left onto Station Road. By the railway station we passed First Potteries 41494 on a #3 service. We went up Cauldon Road and we passed Hind Street we saw GHA single decker N8 GHA parked up ready to the X81 later... We crossed the ring road and we entered the bus station via Bethesda Street and John Street. After using the toilet we realised that we had almost 30 minutes so there was time to go to the car park to take bus pictures. Matthew bumped into one of the staff members from his day service and we stopped to have a quick chat. We carried on towards the car park and as we crossed the road we saw Scraggs YJ59 GHH entering the bus station on the #50 from Longton.

Scraggs YJ59 GHH in Hanley bus station
We entered the car park and went upstairs. One of the first buses we saw was required First Potteries 40805 on the #7B to Biddulph.

First Potteries 40805 in Hanley bus station
This was followed dud (for Matthew) First Potteries 40029 on a #23A to Newstead.

First Potteries 40029 in Hanley bus station
We then saw required First Potteries 60174 running out of service.

First Potteries 60174 in Hanley bus station
We also saw Bakerbus 267 on a #9 to Biddulph.

Bakerbus 267 in Hanley bus station
Bakerbus service buses are soon to history as D&G are taking over these operations... We then saw First Potteries 37157 on a #3 to Madeley.

First Potteries 37157 in Hanley bus station
First Potteries route branded Scania 65001 was being used on it's correct route of #18 to Leek.

First Potteries 65001 in Hanley bus station
On a #16 to Leek was dud Wardle Transport 3601.

Wardle Transport 3601 in Hanley bus station
Wardle Transport 3601 is high mileage bus as we have had this from Sudbury to Fenton on the old X50 back in April 2014 just before the service finished. On a #3 to Newcastle was dud First Potteries 66838.

First Potteries 66838 in Hanley bus station
We had that bus last time on the 27th December. It was time to walk back to the bus station before the X81 arrived. We got back with a few minutes to spare. There was a reasonable crowd waiting to catch this service. When the bus arrived it was as expected GHA step entranced Volvo single decker N8 GHA.

GHA N8 GHA in Hanley bus station
We got on the bus and booked to Talke. We sat down near to the back of the bus and the bus set off out of the bus station and onto the ring road. We went towards Festival Park and the onto the A53. At Basford we headed onto the Northbound A500. Matthew then took a picture inside N8 GHA.

Inside GHA N8 GHA
The bus carried on up the A500 and we came off at the A34. We then carried on North for another couple of miles or so until we got close the the Caudwell Tavern. We got up and got off the bus and we got another picture of GHA single decker N8 GHA before it carried on Northwards.

GHA N8 GHA in Talke
We had just under 20 minutes to wait for the next Newcastle bound #4A. We had just see a service going towards Kidsgrove so we waited for over bus in the sunshine. It was cold as it was about to go dark. Just before our bus came we saw First Potteries 66839 on a Kidsgrove bound bus.

First Potteries 66839 in Talke
A minute or so later we could see a Cherry branded bus at the bottom of the hill. As it got closer we saw it was required First Potteries 66308.

First Potteries 66308 in Talke
We got on the bus and booked to Newcastle before sitting down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off up the hill and we turned left into the housing estate. We came out on the High Street and as the people behind us got off Matthew took a picture of the empty rear of the bus.

Inside First Potteries 66308
the bus carried on down the High Street and we then turned right and diverted into the Freeport before carrying on South. We crossed the A500 and we headed into Red Street. We continued South into Chesterton and then we turned left onto Wolstanton Road before we turned right onto the A34. We went South past the depot where we could see First Potteries 34311 and 30031 parked up towards the back of the depot. We diverted onto Liverpool Road and then onto the Ryecroft before going down Barracks Road and turning into the bus station. We got off the bus and we saw required First Potteries 60069 on a #22 to Dresden. Not to worry, we were going to catch the 16:05 extra #22 that runs as far as Trentham Mondays to Fridays. Whilst we waited we took a few pictures. Between duties was dud Wardle Transport 2356,

Wardle Transport 2356 in Newcastle bus station
Also between duties was dud First Potteries 43877.

First Potteries 43877 in Newcastle bus station
On a #101 service was required First Potteries 65027.

First Potteries 65027 in Newcastle bus station
On a #3 was required First Potteries 66313.

First Potteries 66313 in Newcastle bus station
On the soon to be finished #33 service was Wardle Transport 2259.

Wardle Transport 2259 in Newcastle bus station
On a #164 from Market Drayton to Hanley was Arriva Midlands Optare Versa 3698.

Arriva Midlands 3698 in Newcastle bus station
I would appear that there was a Saturday service operating today as the 16:05 never came. At 16:10 the next bus came in and it was dud First Potteries 66310.

First Potteries 66310 in Newcastle bus station
After a driver change the bus loaded up and we booked to Trent Vale. We sat down near to the back of the bus and the bus set off out of the bus station onto barracks Road. We went South on the A34 before turning into the hospital. after traveling trough the hospital we came out onto Hilton Road and we did this forward onto Harpfields Road. At the other end of Harpfields road we re-joined the A34 and we got up and got off near to the pub. Matthew got another picture of First Potteries 66310 as it carried on towards Dresden.

First Potteries 66310 in Trent Vale
We met mum and Matthew had a brunch with bread and butter followed by toffee sponge pudding with ice cream. Whilst we ate the highlights of the passing buses was First Potteries double decker 32627 on a #101 to Hanley. After we had finished eating we called Uncle Dave and we went to pick him up. We drove along the A34 and onto the Northbound A500. We went East at the A50. We came off the A50 at Heron Cross and we dropped into Fenton. After we had picked up uncle Dave, we headed up to Heron Cross and through Blurton, getting home around 18:40. Matthew then chilled out watching bus videos and using his computer before bedtime around 00:00... Mark

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