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Trip to Bilston / Wolverhampton 10-01-2015


P108 HCHBilston interchangeWolverhampton, Tower Street (Stop AX)545Banga Travel
W362 ABDWolverhampton BSOxley, opp Elston Hall Lane33Travel Express
632Bushbury, before Bushbury LanePendeford (nr Oxley), adj Pendeford Trading Estate25National Express West Midlands
853Pendeford (nr Oxley), adj Pendeford Trading EstateBilbrook (Staffs), Adj Duck Lane54National Express West Midlands
2061Bilbrook (Staffs), Adj Duck LaneWolverhampton BS5ANational Express West Midlands
4598Wolverhampton BSPortobello (Wolverhampton), opp Noose Lane529National Express West Midlands
2007Portobello (Wolverhampton), adj Evans StBilston interchange82National Express West Midlands

Today we decided to revisit Bilston. We gave matthew a list of nearby towns and from the list Matthew chose Bilston. Further research was done by acquiring the Bilston bus map from the Network West Midlands site. I have been unwell recently so we wanted to choose somewhere reasonably local. We checked the weather for Saturday afternoon and the best weather was South of us. It was cool, sunny and very windy with the temperature dropping during the day. Matthew got up just after 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off at around 12:00 and today I didn't accidentally go North on Stanley Matthews Way for a change! We set off onto the A5035 and we turned North at Trentham Gardens onto the A34. We turned left onto Whitmore Road before joining the M6 and going South. Roads were clear and sunny and we mad good time down to the roadworks section South of Junction 13. We were passed passed by two coaches... First we were passed by National Express liveried Park's of Hamilton LSK 807. Shortly after this we were passed by Haytons YJ04 BOV.

Haytons YJ04 BOV on the M6
We carried on down to Junction 10 before going West onto the Black Country Route. We did this to the edge of town and we went North on the A41 before turning left into church Street. We parked up on street and we walked further down the street before turning left onto a pedestrianised area and walking into the bus station. There were to Arriva vehicles on layover at the bus station when we arrived. Solo 2563 was at the rear and E200 2149 was at the front.

Arriva Midlands 2149 in Bilston interchange
Before we went for dinner, we saw NX West Midlands 1446 arriving on a #34 from Walsall.

NX West Midlands 1446 in Bilston interchange
We went inside the bus station and mum ordered dinner. In the meantime I took Matthew to the toilet which took a while as the toilet was occupied. We sat down in the bus station cafe and Matthew had a breakfast with extra toast washed down with a bottle of Coke. After we had finished eating we said goodbye to mum and went outside to see what buses were about. Arriva Midlands 4786 was on the #530 to Wolverhampton.

Arriva Midlands 4786 in Bilston interchange
We were considering catching this bus when we saw a step entranced Banga Travel bus pull up behind it. It was dud Banga Travel P108 HCH but we decided to do it anyway.

Banga Travel P108 HCH in Bilston interchange
We got on the bus and we booked nBus day tickets at £4.60. We sat down near to the back of the bus and the bus set off out of the bus station and onto Hall Street. We turned left onto Lichfield Street and then right into Mount Pleasant. The #545 and 82 routes are almost identical. The only difference being the #545 serves an housing estate that the #82 does not. We turned right into St Chads Road and then returned back to the main road along Darlaston Lane. We headed towards portobello along Moseley Street and we passed dud Banga Travel X657 WTN going the other way on a #545. At Portobello we turned left and we headed into town along the A454 for the last couple of miles. Just before we got to town we passed another step entranced minibus. We joined the ring road before going into town near to the tram terminus and then onto Tower Street. We let the bus empty and Matthew got a picture inside Banga Travel P108 HCH.

Inside Banga Travel P108 HCH
We got off and we got another picture of Banga Travel P108 HCH.

Banga Travel P108 HCH in Wolverhampton
I asked Matthew if he wanted to catch a bus from tower street or walk over to the bus station and he chose the latter. As left Tower Street was saw NX West Midlands 1782 on a #69 service.

NX West Midlands 1782 in Wolverhampton
At the end of tower street we saw hybrid double decker NX West Midlands 5421 on layover opposite.

NX West Midlands 5421 in Wolverhampton
Leaving the bus station on a #126 to Birmingham was NX West Midlands 4571.

NX West Midlands 4571 in Wolverhampton
We also saw one of Travel Express's colourful fleet. Travel Express Y854 TGH was on a #1 service to Tettenhall Wood.

Travel Express Y854 TGH in Wolverhampton
We walked into Wolverhampton's huge bus station and we walked up the central isle. Opposite on a #529 to Walsall was NX West Midlands 4603.

NX West Midlands 4603 in Wolverhampton bus station
At the top of the central isle was Travel Express W362 ABD on a #33 to Northwood Park.

Travel Express W362 ABD in Wolverhampton bus station
We got on the bus and we flashed our nBus day tickets before sitting down near to the back of the bus. We set off out of the bus station and we headed North through the town centre along the A449 and past the railway station. We turned under the railway line and we went towards Bushbury off the A449. We carried on North past Northwood Park before circling around and going back South along Primrose Avenue. people were starting to get on the bus for the inbound service but people had not finished getting off, so Matthew took a picture of the empty seats opposite to us.

Inside Travel Express W362 ABD
We carried on South and Primrose Avenue became Wood Lane. The bus paused at the junction of a main road so we decided to get off here. Matthew got another picture of Travel Express W362 ABD before we walked around the corner.

Travel Express W362 ABD in Oxley
We decided to go and check out to stops on Elston Hall Road. After we had walked past a house with 2 giant & vicious Rottwelliers, we saw that the stop on the nearside of the road was for the Bilston bound #25. We didn't want to do that to get back because it would have taken best part of an hour. We learned that on our last trip to Bilston in June 2014. We decided we would do the opposite #25 which was what we thought was a service to Wolverhampton. We checked out the time of the next bus and it was due in 5 minutes at 14:32. The time came and went and we considered walking back onto Wood Lane for the next #33, but we would stay on this side of the road until after we passed the big dogs. Going the other way towards Bilston was required NX West Midlands 4008.

NX West Midlands 4008 in Oxley
Eventually the bus turned up around 5 minutes late and it was required NX West Midlands 632.

NX West Midlands 632 in Oxley
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets before we sat down. As the bus approached we noticed the Pendeford destination, but we thought it was because it wasn't the most straightforward back and it would change as it continues around. We crossed over the A449 and we went into the Fordhouses estate. The bus emptied in front of us and Matthew took a picture inside NX West Midlands 632.

Inside NX West Midlands 632
We turned onto Wobaston Road. We turned onto the i54 industrial estate and we turned around to head back out, briefly pausing behind NX West Midlands 853 which was on a #54 service. After we left the estate we turned right back onto Wobaston Road and we carried on along to the next industrail estate on the left. The bus pulled up and we could tell by the drivers reaction to us sitting there that we were at the end of the run... We got up and asked the driver if it was going to Wolverhampton and he said no. The section of the route that the #25 used to do has been incorporated into the #54 Wolverhampton - Codsall route. As we spoke a #54 pulled up behind us and it was required NX West Midlands 853, but it was going towards Codsall!

NX West Midlands 853 in Pendeford
We got on the bus and we flashed our nBus tickets. As the bus was empty Matthew took a picture inside this modern single decker.

Inside NX West Midlands 853
We sat down near to the back and the bus set off into the countryside. We went around Bilbrook and Codsall before the bus stopped near to Bilbrook railway station. We got off and Matthew took another picture of NX West Midlands 853.

NX West Midlands 853 in Bilbrook
A quick check of the timetable at the stop revealed there was a bus in five minutes or so. We decided to get supplies so we race to the Shell garage nearby and we brought some Coke and chocolate. We came back to the stop and Matthew had a drink of dandelion & burdock from the trip bag supplies. A minute or so later we saw required NX West Midlands 2061 arrive on the #5A to Wolverhampton.

NX West Midlands 2061 in Bilbrook
We got on the bus and we flashed our tickets nBus tickets. As we sat down we saw NX West Midlands 2060 going the other way. The bus set off and we crossed over the railway. As the bus went south Matthew saw that the bus in front was empty and he took a picture.

Inside NX West Midlands 2061
We carried on along Codsall Road. We turned left at Lowlands Avenue and we carried on into Whitmore Reans. We briefly ran along Newhampton Road West before turning left onto Evans Street. We carried on to Waterloo Road and we passed right by Molineux stadium. We joined the clockwise ring road and we went past the railway station before turning into the town. We headed back North through the town centre before entering the bus station via the bus ramp. We got off the bus and we saw Travel Express V210 ERG leaving the bus station.

Travel Express V210 ERG in Wolverhampton bus station
On the opposite side of the bus station there was also required NX West Midlands 4022 on a #82 service.

NX West Midlands 4022 in Wolverhampton bus station
Matthew used the toilet and then we walked up the centre isle. At the top of he centre isle was required Travel Express W143 ULR on a #11 Underhill circular.

Travel Express W143 ULR in Wolverhampton bus station
As we walked back down we saw an old Arriva Midlands Scania. It was required Arriva Midlands 3489 arriving on a #890 service from Bridgenorth.

Arriva Midlands 3489 in Wolverhampton bus station
We had spotted that the #529 goes through Portobello when we passed by on a #545 earlier, so I asked Matthew if he wanted to do required NX West Midlands 4598 as it was on this Walsall bound service. He took a picture of NX West Midlands 4598 before we went to get on it.

NX West Midlands 4598 in Wolverhampton bus station
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets. Matthew wanted to say hello to someone but they flatly refused to talk back to him. She ended up shout at him to go away... Not a nice person. We went upstairs and sat down opposite the staircase. The bus set off out of the bus station. We left towards the tram station and we crossed over the ring road and onto the A454. We crossed under the Wolverhampton to Birmingham line and we headed East for a couple of miles. Matthew took a picture of the empty seats opposite to us.

Inside NX West Midlands 4598
When we passed the crossroads at Portobello we go up and got off at the next stop. Matthew took a picture of the bus before it carried on Eastwards.

NX West Midlands 4598 in Portobello
We crossed under the A454 in a subway, The charred and smoking remains of something were on the floor as we passed by. It was a bit of an intimidating area. Out of the subway we headed back towards the crossroad and we started to feel a little bit safer! As we got to the crossroad we saw required Arriva Midlands 3738 running empty towards Wolverhamton.

Arriva Midlands 3738 in Portobello
Turning from the Wolverhampton direction to going North towards the depot was Coastal Liner Dennis Trident II V882 HBY.

Coastal Liner V882 HBY in Portobello
This had just come off the #905 Mecca Bilston - Wolverhampton bingo service. On Moseley Road we saw iGo KX07 KOD on the #53 Rocket Pool - Wolverhampton service.

iGo KX07 KOD in Portobello
Going towards Wolverhampton on a #82 was required NX West Midlands 4016.

NX West Midlands 4016 in Portobello
This was followed closely by dud Banga Travel Mercedes minibus X657 WTN on a #545 to Wolverhampton.

Banga Travel X657 WTN in Portobello
There were two buses due towards Bilston... A Banga Travel bus on a #545 and a NX West Midlands #82 bus. NX West Midlands 2007 turned the corner and I asked Matthew if he wanted to do it and he said yes. So I flagged the bus down and Matthew took a picture of NX West Midlands 2007.

NX West Midlands 2007 in Portobello
We flashed the nBus tickets for the last time today and we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off down Moseley Road. When we got to Darlaston Road we turned right onto Willenhall Road / Mount Pleasant. We turned left onto Lichfield street and then right into Hall Street and into the bus station. we couldnt get on stand so we did a complete lap around the bus station before stopping. The bus didn't empty as it was a through service so Matthew took a picture of the empty rear of the bus.

Inside NX West Midlands 2007
Mum was driving to the road opposite but she hadn't arrived yet. On layover was required Arriva Midlands 2157 between #229 Dudley services.

Arriva Midlands 2157 in Bilston interchange
On the #53 to rocket Pool we saw required iGo KX08 OLC.

iGo KX08 OLC in Bilston interchange
On a #530 to Wolverhampton was Banga Travel Solo S239 EWU.

Banga Travel S239 EWU in Bilston interchange
We also saw dud Banga Travel P108 HCH on the #545, which is what we probably would have caught if we had not been on NX West Midlands 2007. Matthew used the toilet in the bus station and then we saw mum arrive in the street opposite. She turned the car and she decided that she was going to drive back home today. Mum brought sausage rolls and Matthew washed this down with a small bottle of Irn Bru. We headed back onto the M6 via the A463 and then we went North. It was now fully dark. The road was fairly clear and the wind had now died down so once we got North of the roadworks we made good time. At junction 15 we left the motorway and went North on the A500. We did this to sideway and then we went East on the A50 to Longton. We went to check out the spare ground and the only vehicle there was a lucky seven taxi minibus OLZ 5869.

Lucky Seven OLZ 5869 in Longton
We turned into willow row and the yard was empty except for Z Carz Mercedes minibuses S952 VMY and M372 NWN.

Z Carz M372 NWN in Longton
We headed back onto the A50 and we came off at Heron Cross. We saw Lightning Travel T2 DLT near to the Lightning house and we carried on through Blurton and onto Church Road. We turned right onto Beaconsfield Drive and we got back around 18:15. For a late tea we had bangers & mash with carrots followed by a doughnut. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:30... Mark

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