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Trip to Bromsgrove / Droitwich 28-02-2015


33402Bromsgrove BSCatshill, adj Ash Drive144First Worcester
67636Catshill, adj Gibb Lane SchoolBromsgrove BS144AFirst Worcester
S895 SNYBromsgrove BSCharford, adj Austin Road Shops99Clearway
S895 SNYCharford, adj Austin Road ShopsBromsgrove BS99Clearway
2640Bromsgrove BSBromsgrove, Bromsgrove Railway Station (N-bound)318Hanson Bus
2640Bromsgrove, Bromsgrove Railway Station (N-bound)Bromsgrove BS318Hanson Bus
2002Bromsgrove BSDroitwich Spa, Adj Victoria Square145iGo
67647Droitwich Spa, Adj Victoria SquareBromsgrove BS144First Worcester

Today we decided to re-visit Bromsgrove. We had checked the weather and it appeared to be better to the South. We gave hime a list of destinations that were mainly to the South. From the list Matthew chose Bromsgrove. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast for breakfast. We set off just after 12:00. We went down to the A5035 and we turned right. We did the A5035 through to Trentham and when we got to the A34 we went North. We turned left onto Whitmore Road and we joined onto the Southbound M6 at the junction of the A500 and A519. As we headed South down the M6 we passed M & B Travel X856 HEE & Edwards L800 EDW. The road was fairly quiet and we made good time as we went through the roadworks from junctions 13 to 10A. It was a little busier from junction 10 down, but still not to bad. We joined the Southbound M5 and the matrix signs were indicating that the road was slow from junctions 4 to 5. We were coming off the M5 at junction 4 so we carried on regardless. As we were about to leave the motorway, we caught up with Go North East 7097 in National Express livery on a #531 service from Newcastle to Plymouth.

Go North East 7097 on the M5
We left the M5 to join the Southbound A38. At the junction with the M42 we passed an unidentified Harris Coaches coach and Dudleys M750 VYB. Further South as we turned to come into the North of town we passed Leons Coaches 216. We came into town and we parked up in Asda car park. We walked across to the bus station and we saw required Clearway Mercedes minibus S895 SNY on the #93. We carried on and Matthew used the toilet. He heard the engine of a minibus so he came out of the toilet to get we saw Euro Liners DK55 NLF.

Euro Liners DK55 NLF in Bromsgrove bus station
Matthew finished off in the toilet and came out to get a picture of Rotala Diamond 20304 on a #149 to the Webbs of Wychbold gardens centre.

Rotala Diamond 20304 in Bromsgrove bus station
He then decided to run over and say hello to someone. They were on the phone and he scared her and her reaction shocked us all up a little. We went to the chip shop and we got a table inside today.Matthew had sausage chips and gravy and also had a bap to make a chip sandwich. He washed it own with a can of Coke. After we had finished eating We said goodbye to mum and returned to the bus station. Matthew had promise to be on his best behaviour from now on... As we walked into the bus station we saw Hanson Bus E200 2640 on a #318 to Halesowen.

Hanson Bus 2640 in Bromsgrove bus station
We walked down to see required Clearway S895 SNY on the #93 to Charford.

Clearway S895 SNY in Bromsgrove bus station
We decided to leave the required minibus until after we had purchased the Connecta ticket later on. We saw dud Rotala 30382 on a X3 to Redditch. Matthew had a battery change on his camera and by the time we had done it the bus was pulling off! It must have been running a few minutes late. We decided to catch the next bus, which just happened to be required First Worcester 33402 on the #144 to Birmingham!

First Worcester 33402 in Bromsgrove bus station
We got on the bus and we booked our Worcestershire County Connecta tickets at £6.90 which allowed to to travel on any companies buses in the county. We went upstairs ans sat down. The bus behind s was empty so Matthew took a picture inside First Worcester 33402.

Inside First Worcester 33402
The bus set off Northwards out off town on the B4091. We passed the hospital an we carried on under the M42 and into Catshill. We turned right into Meadow Road and we passed the Clearway depot where the usual bus on the #93 (usual to us anyway) PEZ 3058 appeared to be on the ramps having some attention. We carried on a little further up the road and we decided to get off. Matthew got another picture of First Worcester 33402 before it carried on towards Birmingham.

First Worcester 33402 in Catshill
We crossed the road and we decided to walk down to where we could catch either a #144 or a #144A. As we walked down we were passed by required First Worcester 67632 on a #144 to Worcester. Drat! We got to the stop and checked the timetable. There wasn't another bus for 15 minutes so we decided to visit the nearby Premier convenience store. Mathew purchase a can of Coke and a can of Fanta. He also had two chocolate bars an a flapjack. We walked back to the bus stop and Matthew drank the can of Fanta and ate the flapjack. By the time he had done that the bus was due. It came around the corner and we saw it was required First Worcester 67636. We got on the bus and it was empty. Matthew poked his camera around the corner to get a picture inside First Worcester 67636.

Inside First Worcester 67636
We showed the Connecta ticket and then we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus carried on down the road and we turned left onto the B4091. We carried on Southwards under the M42 and though Northern end of Bromsgrove and into town. We turned into the bus station and we got off the bus. Matthew then got another better picture of First Worcester 67636.

First Worcester 67636 in Bromsgrove bus station
We decided to wait for and get the required Clearway minibus. S895 SNY. The bus was every 20 minutes, so we sat own on a bench to wait for the next appearance which was imminent. We then saw required Rotala Diamond 30935 terminate in the bus station.

Rotala Diamond 30935 in Bromsgrove bus station
A minute or so later required Clearway S895 SNY came into the bus station.

Clearway S895 SNY in Bromsgrove bus station
We got on the bus and we flashed our Connecta tickets to the driver. The bus set off South out of town and onto Worcester Road. We paused at the junction of Bromsgrove School. The driver was letting a coach come into the school. It just happened to be Meir base Copeland's Tours Van Hool bodied white coach MIB 229! We headed into the housing estate and we started win around the houses. The #93 is a circular service so when we got around 1/2 way round I went to the driver to show him the tickets for the return journey. We re-joined the main road and we returned into town up Worcester Road and into the bus station. We let the bus empty and Matthew took a picture inside Clearway S895 SNY.

Inside Clearway S895 SNY
We sat down briefly before we saw required Hanson Bus 2640 come into the bus station.

Hanson Bus 2640 in Bromsgrove bus station
We decided to do this bus. We went to the bus and we tried to book to Catshill. The bus was going the other way towards the railway station. We decided to the anyway. We could go to the station an back and then go after something else... We showed the driver the Connecta tickets and we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off onto the High Street and we went South Eastwards towards Aston Fields. We passed the railway station and carried on around the circular end of this service. We went North up the A38 and into Regents Park Road. We then went back towards town along Stratford Road. The bus emptied out in front of us and Matthew got a picture inside Hanson Bus 2640.

Inside Hanson Bus 2640
We carried on back into town and into the bus station. As the bus station was empty Matthew went to the toilet. As he came out we saw iGo Solo 2002 on a #145 to Droitwich.

iGo 2002 in Bromsgrove bus station
We decided to do this bus. We got on the bus and as it was a Solo Matthew decide to honk the horn... The driver didn't mind on this occasion. We sat down towards the back of the bus and we set off out of town. Once again we headed towards Aston Fields. This time instead of going towards the railway station we went South and into Morrisons. We continue South out of town down the Eastern by-pass We continue South through Stoke Prior and Stoke Works before rejoining the A38 just North of the point where we cross under the M5. We continued into town and when we got to Victoria square the bus terminated. We let the bus empty and Matthew took a picture inside iGo 2002.

Inside iGo 2002
We got off the bus and got another picture of iGo 2002 before it went off empty.

iGo 2002 in Droitwich Spa
We walked up to the Spar shop and Matthew had a drink an some chocolate. We walked back to the Square an on the way we saw required First Worcester 67635 on a #144A to Worcester.

First Worcester 67635 in Droitwich Spa
As we got close to the stop we saw First Worcester 67647 emerge from the road opposite on a #144 to Birmingham.

First Worcester 67647 in Droitwich Spa
We walked to the stop and we got on the bus. We flashed the tickets an we sat down towards the back of the bus. On this journey the bus went straight up the A38 into town. We passed Bromsgrove School and the Copeland's Tours coach MIB 229 was still in the grounds. We pulled into the bus station and the bus completely emptied, and so Matthew got a picture inside First Worcester 67647.

Inside First Worcester 67647
As we came into the bus station we saw a First Worcester Enviro300 in the 'Olympia 2012' livery. We stopped an got a picture of required First Worcester 67665.

First Worcester 67665 in Bromsgrove bus station
Matthew used the toilet and we walked over to the car in the car park. Waiting for us were sausage rolls an Matthew washed his down with a small bottle of Irn Bru. We set off out of the car park and we headed North out of town along Birmingham Road. We joined the Northbound A38 which we did up to the M5. We joined the Northbound M5 at junction 4 and traffic was fairly light. As we passed under junction 1 we saw the West Brom fans walking along the over bridge back to their home following thier 1-0 win over Southampton. We joined the M6 and as we went North we were passe by Stagecoach 'Megabus' coach 54057.

Megabus 54057 on the M6
We carried on North through the roadworks and we made good time north of junction 13 up to Junction 15. We lift the M6 and we went onto the Northbound A500 up to Sideway. We passed a Wright Gemini double decker on a football shuttle as we joined the A50 and we headed up to Longton. We came of the A50 at Longton and we headed to Z carz. There were three buses on the spare ground tonight, although initially we though there were only two. First in the row was Mercedes minibus CE02 LYX.

Z Carz CE02 LYX in Longton
This was hiding Z Carz Volkswagen minibus OV05 WSW behind it!

Z Carz OV05 WSW in Longton
Finally we saw Z Carz Ford minibus FP06 WTW.

Z Carz FP06 WTW in Longton
We turned into Willow Row to see what was in the compound. Tonight we saw Mercedes minibus Z Carz S952 VMY.

Z Carz S952 VMY in Longton
We turned back onto the A50 and we came off at Heron Cross. We passed Lightning Travel T2 DLT in it's usual spot and we headed through Blurton and onto Beaconsfield Drive. We got home at 18:10. For a late tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a cake bar. mum had gone out to spend the evening with a friend so we went out to take uncle Dave home around 21:40. We wnr out via Blurton Road and Heron Cross. As it was nearly 22:00 we decided to return via heron Cross and Stanley Matthews Way to see the #500. As we turned onto the A5035 we spotted a coach parked up on Newstead industrial estate. We turned into the estate to investigate. We saw it was City Circle tri-axle coach PK13 GDF. As we rejoined the A5035 was saw D&G 170 on the evening #500 to Norton. We got home just after 22:00. Matthew then chilled out at home using his computer. Mum came home just before bedtime and brought some pizza with her! Matthew went to bed around 01:00... Mark

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