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Trip to Middleton / Cheetham Hill 16-04-2016


27625Middleton BS‎‎Moston, opp Moston Lane/Blue Bell112Stagecoach Manchester
17245Moston, opp Moston Lane/Blue BellHigher Crumpsall, Crumpsall Way/NMG Hospital (Stop C)118Stagecoach Manchester
33836Higher Crumpsall, Crumpsall Way/NMG Hospital (Stop C)‎Middleton BS42First Manchester
30958Middleton BS‎‎Cheetham Hill, Bury Old Road/Seymour Road (Stop H)59First Manchester
37545Cheetham Hill, Bury Old Rd/Shopping Centre (Stop J)Oldham, Lord Street/Sports Centre (Stop Lb)59First Manchester
RIG 2134Oldham BSHolden Folds, Park Avenue(Sthbnd) (OS House 13)406M Travel Buses

Today we decided to re-visit Middleton. We had checked the weather and it was for mainly dry cloudy weather with the chance of an odd shower, but cool around 8'. We gave Matthew a choice of destinations from the Midlands and North West and from the list Matthew chose Middleton. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off a fraction before 12:00 onto the A5035 and we turned right onto Stanley Matthews Way. We joined the Westbound A50 and then turned right onto the A500. As we traveled North up the A500 we passed National Express liveried The Travelers Choice FN63 PXB on the #333 service to Bournemouth and Happy Als AA61 ALS. As we approached the M6 we saw that the Northbound side was running slowly. We didn't hear anything on the radio that would be cause for concern so we joined the Northbound M6. Progress up the M6 was slow and the radio now said there was a problem between junctions 18 & 19 and that traffic was running slow all the way back to junction 16. It took us around 30 minutes to do the 7 miles or so from junction 16 to 17... As we traveled North we passed an unidentified Barnes coach and Walton's BX13 CYJ. We left the M6 at junction 17 and we went East along the A534 to the A50. We then went North towards Knutsford and we passed GHA 1407 on the #42 to Crewe. North of Knutsford we turned right onto Mereside Road and then right onto the A556. We passed through the roadworks and we ran forwards onto the M56. As we traveled East towards Stockport we passed Stagecoach Megabus 50244. we went forwards onto the anti-clockwise M56 and we passed Stockport & Hyde before coming off the M60 at the A576. We ran the last couple of miles into Middleton along the A road and we went into the shopping centre car par adjacent to the bus station. Once we had parked up we w3alked through the shopping centre stopping at the toilets. We went around to the bus station and we had dinner at the food van on to pavement opposite to the bus station. Matthew had a sausage and egg barm with some fries, washed down with a can of Vimto. Whilst we ate we saw First Manchester Solo 50236 on the #415 to Oldham and Enviro400 double decker 19103 on a #112 to Manchester. After we had finished eating we walked over to the bus station and we saw First Manchester 37411 on a #17 to Manchester.

First Manchester 37411 in Middleton bus station
We also saw Stagecoach Manchester 27625 on a #112 to Manchester.

Stagecoach Manchester 27625 in Middleton bus station
We decided to do the Stagecoach bus down to Moston and then head to the North Manchester General Hospital. We got on the bus and we booked System One bus only day tickets at £5.20 each. We sat down towards the back of the bus and the bus set off out of the bus station and onto the roundabout outside. We checked the Buses I Have Travelled On page and it turned out Stagecoach Manchester 27625 was dud! We had it from Middleton to the NMGH back in September 2014 when the bus was still in JPT livery. Instead of going past the Middleton Arena and the back of Tesco. We headed up the A669 towards Oldham and then we turned right onto Townley Street. We carried onto to Grishaw Lane and we ran down to Middleton Junction. We turned right onto Greengate and we stopped near to the Stagecoach Middleton depot for a driver change. As we had the driver change we were passed by a coach P144 CRN. We carried on down Greengate over the M60 and to the roundabout where we saw Atlantic coach YJ06 LCZ. We joined Moston lane and we passed 67419 on the #81 to Manchester. Further South we passed required Stagecoach Manchester 16971 on a #118 to Charlestown. We continued South and when we got near to the cemetery and the Blue Bell pub we got up and got off the bus. Matthew took another picture of Stagecoach Manchester 27625.

Stagecoach Manchester 27625 in Moston
We crossed the road and we sat in the bus stop outside the Blue Bell pub, we didn't have to wait long before we saw a double decker coming up the road. As it got closer we saw that it was required Stagecoach Manchester 17245 on a #118 to the North Manchester General Hospital.

Stagecoach Manchester 17245 in Moston
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One tickets to the driver before we went upstairs and sat down. The bus set off up Moston Lane and we followed the road around the corner to the shops. At the roundabout we went left onto Charlestown Road. We passed Stagecoach manchester 16971 again, this time on a Manchester bound #118 and then we traveled past the entrance of Boggart Hole Clough. We crossed the A664 and we saw Stagecoach Megabus 54266 on a Plymouth bound service. We traveled along Old Market Street and past Ye Golden Lion, following the road around to the left onto Delaunays Road. We went South West for a short distance and we turned into the hospital. W got up and before we got off Matthew took a picture inside the empty top deck of Stagecoach Manchester 17245.

Inside Stagecoach Manchester 17245
The bus pulled off immediately and went on layover on the road out side. We then saw required First Manchester 33836 on a #42 to Middleton.

First Manchester 33836 outside the NMGH
Also waiting by the hospital was required First Manchester Solo 40334 on a #94 to Pilsworth via Cheetham Hill.

First Manchester 40334 outside the NMGH
We decided to do First Manchester 33836 so we got on the bus and we flashed the System One ticket to the driver before we went upstairs. The rear of the top deck was empty so Matthew took a picture inside First Manchester 33836 before we sat down.

Inside First Manchester 33836
We set off onto Delaunays Road and we followed it around onto Old Market Street. We turned left onto Chapel Lane and we headed North up to Plant Hill Road. After a short journey along the road we turned left onto Bank House Road. We turned right onto Tweedle Hill Road and at the end right again onto Victoria Avenue. As we headed East we passed a large Co-operative Food store. At the crossroad we turned left onto the A664 and we went North over the M60 and for around a mile and a half up to Middleton. We arrived in town at the big roundabout opposite to the bus station. We entered the bus station and we got up and got off the bus. We stopped opposite to the toilet, but the toilet was engaged so we went for a short walk around the bus station area to get a few bus pictures. From the A576 we saw required First Manchester 37281 on a #17 to Manchester.

First Manchester 37281 in Middleton bus station
On the roundabout we saw required First Manchester 37404 on a #163 to Manchester.

First Manchester 37404 in Middleton bus station
We then saw required First Manchester ALX400 double decker 30958 on a #59 to Manchester so we decided to this. We walked back to the bus station and Matthew got a picture of First Manchester 30958.

First Manchester 30958 in Middleton bus station
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One ticket to the bus driver before we went upstairs. Before we sat down, Matthew took a picture of the empty rear of the top deck of First Manchester 30958.

Inside First Manchester 30958
We set off out of the bus station and we saw Rothwells minibus P173 NAK outside the bingo hall before we turned onto the A576. We ran the couple of miles down to the M60 and we crossed over and into Blackley we past the East side of Heaton Park. We carried on for another couple of miles and we turned left onto Bury Old Road. It seemed like the cntre of Cheetham Hill as it was a busy shopping area so we got up and got off the bus. Matthew took another picture of First Manchester 30958 before it carried on South towards Manchester.

First Manchester 30958 in Cheetham Hill
We decided to go for a walk to try and find a small grocery store or a paper shop. It was quite a sight walking down the main road. The place was full of takeaway shops of all nationalities as well as banks, bookies and pawnbrokers! We passed a side street and we saw a couple of buses parked up so we went to investigate... As we walked down to them First Manchester 69197 came past us on a #52 to Eccles.

First Manchester 69197 in Cheetham Hill
We got to the buses and we saw First Manchester 69204 on another #52 to Eccles.

First Manchester 69204 in Cheetham Hill
Behind the Volvo was another older example, First Manchester 66855 which had come in on a #53 to Pendleton. We walked back onto the main road and we went in am international grocery store. It seemed like a ordinary grocery store and Matthew picked a can of Coke and a can of Barr raspberryade. When we got to the chocolate most of the selection were unrecognisable! The only exceptions were Smarties which matthew doesn't eat and Kinder eggs which he does. After choosing a Kinder Egg we paid for the stuff and left. At the bus stop we considered which service we could do. We saw a #42 coming up the road but it passed the bus stop before turning into Crescent Road. It was First Manchester 33846 bound for the North Manchester General Hospital.

First Manchester 33846 in Cheetham Hill
The next #59 was due in around five minutes... The five minutes passed quickly and and we saw a double decker approaching up the hill. As it got closer we saw that it was required First Manchester 37545 on a #59 to Rushcroft.

First Manchester 37545 in Cheetham Hill
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One ticket to the driver before we went upstairs. as this was our fifth bus of the day we decided to do this through Middleton to Oldham and we could do a bus back to Middleton for the last bus. The bus set off up Bury Old Road and we turned right the A576 where we stopped for a short while. Whilst we were there we saw Atlantic Executive Travel coach BX08 XTD. The bus carried on along the A576 towards Blackley and as we approached the M60 we were passed by Holmeswood Coaches coach PN09 CXB. We crossed the M60 and we ran the couple of miles into town. We entered the bus station and we saw Rosso East Lancs Spryte Dart 140 on Layover from a #412 service. Whilst we were stopped in the bus station Matthew took a picture inside First Manchester 37545.

Inside First Manchester 37545
We left Middleton bus station and we went East out of town along the A669. The weather had now turned and it was starting to snow! A couple of miles out of town we crossed under the railway line by Mills Hill railway station and we saw M Travel Buses Dart RIG 2134 on a #406 service to Oldham. We carried on another 3 miles or so through Chadderton. We crossed under Oldham Way and instead of going into the bus station we went left onto Rochdale Road right into St Mary's Way and right into Lord Street going around the bus station. This didn't seem right so we got up and we asked a passenger if the bus station was closed. It was... It was closed for four week for maintenance! We got off the bus and Matthew got another picture of First Manchester 37545 before it carried on towards Rushcroft.

First Manchester 37545 in Oldham
We needed a toilet as Matthew hadn't been for a while so we decided to head towards the bus station where we knew there was one. It was snowing, and we managed to get most of the way there without getting wet under the canopy of the market building. when we got to the toilet it was shut, so we went into the travel office which was still open. We asked where the #415 service to Middleton departs from as that part of the bus station was shut, and we also asked where the nearest toilet was. For the bus we needed to be on West Street and the nearest toilet was in The Spindles shopping centre. On the way over to the shopping centre we saw Stagecoach Enviro400 double decker 19365, which was parked between services.

Stagecoach Manchester 19365 in Oldham bus station
We went into the shopping centre and we turned the corner and went up a floor and the toilet where at the near end. After using the facilities we headed back to the open part of the bus station. As we considered walking down the road in the rain we saw required First Manchester 30954 on a #425 to Fitton Hill.

First Manchester 30954 in Oldham bus station
We turned and saw M Travel Buses RIG 2134 on a #406 to Mills Hill.

M Travel RIG 2134 in Oldham bus station
Great! We thought... We could do this bus to Mills Hill and cross the road and get a #59 into Middleton without getting too wet... We got on the bus and we flashed the System One ticket to the driver before we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off out of the bus station down West Street and right onto Rochdale Road. We went up to and into the Oldham Royal Infirmary and then we went back South down the A6048 to the A627. We turned right onto the A627 and we headed up to the roundabout at Holden Fold. We crossed over the A627(M) and we went onto Burnley Road before turning left into Parkway. What we didn't know was that this was the last turn of the day and the bus was terminating in the estate and not running down to Mills Hill. At the end the driver asked us where we were going. He dropped us at the end of the estate and Matthew took a picture inside M Travel RIG 2134 before we got off.

Inside M Travel RIG 2134
matthew then took another picture of M Travel RIG 2134 as it headed off to the depot.

M Travel RIG 2134 in Holden Folds
It was still snowing and we check the first bus stop as we headed towards Mills Hill. It was only serving the #406 service so that was no use! The next stop down the road also had the #412 service, but the next one wasn't due until 19:31 in around an hour and three quarters. Mum phoned to say she was parked outside the bus station and needed to move the car so she decided to come and get us! We told here we were near to Nordens Drive and that we were continuing to Mills Hill station. It had now stopped snowing. Further down the road we saw Tyrers coach TYR 95 coming the other way.

Tyrers TYR 95 in Holden Fold
Just before we got back to the main road we saw mum coming the other way. We got in the car and Matthew tucked into his Greggs sausage roll and his small bottle of Irn Bru. We drove back up Burnley Road and we joined the A627(M) which we did up to the M62. The M62 became the anti-clockwise M60 and as we traveled West we saw First Manchester 30947 running empty as well as East Yorkshire Coaches 62 and 88. We continued West on the M62 and we eventually joined the Southbound M6. We made good time down to junction 19 and there was some traffic as we passed the A556 and Knutsford services. After the roadworks we ran down to junction 16 before going South down the A500 to Sideway. We did the a50 up to Longton where we cam off to see what was parked up at Z Carz this evening. In the front row we saw Z Carz minibus BU04 GYW.

Z Carz BU04 GYW in Longton
Next to this was Z Carz minibus Y568 XFV.

Z Carz Y568 XFV in Longton
This was followed by Z Carz minibuses S973 OVP & and Airport Division MJ03 DPU.

Z Carz MJ03 DPU in Longton
Behind the Airport Division minibus was Z Carz Green Ford minibus T418 WYJ.

Z Carz T418 WYJ in Longton
We turned left into Willow Row to see what was in the compound. Nearest bus to the gate was Z Carz minibus BN03 OVS.

Z Carz BN03 OVS in Longton
parked on the road near to the depot was Z Carz Renault minibus MV53 KKO.

Z Carz MV53 KKO in Longton
We headed back onto the A50 and we we passed Harpur's WM04 NYW which was going East back to Derbyshire. We came off the A50 at Heron Cross and we traveled through Blurton along Blurton. We carried on forwards onto Church Road and we turned right into Beaconsfield Drive. We got home around 19:20. For a late tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a jam filled shortbread biscuit. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 01:30... Mark

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