Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Trip to Fenton / Hanley 29-03-2017


53829Fenton, Victoria PlaceHanley, Lichfield Street6AFirst Potteries
63178Hanley, stop O 1Fenton, adj Victoria Place6First Potteries
DY08 FFXFentonWestport LakeCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXWestport LakeFentonCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was in the residential unit and he was going to his day service. Matthew got up and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. Whilst waiting for time to got to the day centre Matthew spent time in his room watching buses. We saw First Potteries 67642 on a #11 to Hanley.

First Potteries 67642 in Fenton
Around 09:00 we set off on foot to the day centre. We walked onto Temple Street and right onto Christchurch Street where we saw First Potteries 67158 on a #23 to Hanley.

First Potteries 67158 in Fenton
In the morning went to Hanley on the bus. We set off on foot onto Glebedale Road and across City Road. At the top we went around the corner onto Victoria Road to wait for the bus at the bus stop. A few minutes later the bus turned up and it was unusually First Potteries 53829 on a #6A to Hanley.

First Potteries 53829 in Fenton
We got on the bus and we booked to Hanley before we sat down towards the back of the bus. We set off down Victoria Road and we crossed over the A52 at Joiners Square. We ran up Lichfield Street and we crossed over the ring road. We then got up and got off the bus at the stop outside the bus station. We walk up Lichfield Street and through Hanley to the Intu Potteries shopping centre. Matthew went to HMV and Game and brought some stuff to use back at the day centre. When we had finished shopping we walked back along parliament row and we went to McDonalds for dinner. Matthew used the toilet and then had a burger meal with fries and a cup of Coke. Once we had finished eating we continued down Parliament Row and we turned right onto Old Hall Street. to down Lichfield Street and to the bus station. We waited at the stop outside for a bus back to Fenton and we saw First Potteries 63178 on a #6 to Weston Coyney. We set off up onto Old Hall Street. and we turned right onto the ring road. Weran around to Lichfield Street and we turned left. We ran down the hill to Joiners Square and then across the roundabout onto Victoria Road. At the top of the road by the square we got up and got off the bus. Matthew took a picture of First Potteries 63178 as it continued towards Weston Coyney.

First Potteries 63178 in Fenton
Once we got off the bus we walked onto City Road and we crossed over before turning left onto Glebedale Road. We walked to the day centre and we got on Shelton care Group DY08 FFX for a trip to Westport Lake. We set off down temple Street and onto City Road, and we joined the Northbound A52. We turned left onto Station Road and we turned right onto College Road. We ran through Shelton and we ran forwards onto Regent Road. At the end we turned left onto Lichfield Street. We joined the anti-clockwise ring road and we around to town Road. We left townand we joined the A5272. We ran through Sneyd Green and at Smallthorne roundabout we veered left onto Moorland Road. We crossed through Burslem and we ran down Newcastle Street down to Trubshaw Cross. We turned right onto davenport Street and we turned left into Westport lake. At the lake Matthew walked around the pool before returning to Shelton care Group DY08 FFX for the journey back to Fenton. We turned right onto Davenport Road and we ran down to Trubshaw Cross. We turned right onto the A5271. At the roundabout we turned left onto the A500 and we ran fast through Etruria and Stoke. We came off the A500 at City Road and we went up the hill to Fenton, and we turned right onto Glebedale Road. Once back at the day centre we walked back to the residential unit. We walked down to Christchurch Street and we turned left onto Temple Street. In the residential unit matthew went to his room and had some toast and used his computer. Me and mum came to visit and we caught up on the weekends bus sightings and tdid some of the Blog, We also watched buses out of the window and we saw C.M.P minibus BG12 NRU on the road opposite.

C.M.P BG12 NRU in Fenton
Matthew went into the sitting room and had tea. tea this evening was fish and chips with tomato sauce followed by cake. Matthew returned to his room and we saw First Potteries 67154 on a #23 to Hanley.

First Potteries 67154 in Fenton
Later on Matthew went out shopping. We set off onto Temple Street and we turned left onto Christchurch Street. We crossed over City Road and we walked along Manor Street to the other end. We turned left onto Victoria Road and we walked down to Aldi. At the supermarket Matthew brought some shopping which included bananas, carrots and cake. Once we had finished we returned to the residential unit in a Intercity taxi. We ran back up Victoria Road and right onto George Street. We turned left onto Manor Street and we turned right onto City Road and left onto Smithpool Road. We turned left onto Temple Street and back to the residential unit. After put the shopping away Matthew returned to his room. Matthew had a bath and then got ready for bed. He then chilled out in his room until bedtime around 23:00... Mark

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