Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Trip to Fenton / Birches Head 11-04-2017


LV10 OTMFentonBurslem ParkCharterZ Carz
LV10 OTMBurslem ParkFentonCharterZ Carz
DY08 FFXFentonBirches HeadCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXBirches HeadFentonCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was in the residential unit and he was going to his day service. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast and orange juice. Whilst waiting for the time to go to the day centre, we saw D&G Bus 113 on 'The Orange One' service to Meir.

D&G 113 in Fenton
Around 09:00 we set off on foot to the day centre. We walked onto Christchurch Street and past the square to the day centre. In the morning Matthew went on the computer. For dinner Matthew had ham sandwiches followed by an orange jelly. In the afternoon Matthew went on Z Carz LV10 OTM to Burslem Park. We set off onto Glebedale Road and we turned right onto City Road. We continued up onto King Street and into Foley before we ran into Longton under the railway bridge. We turned right onto Baths Road and we turned right onto the A50. We ran Westwards to the A500 and then we ran North up to Longport. We turned right onto the A5271 and we ran up though Middleport to Trubshaw Cross. We turned right onto Newcastle Street and we ran up into Burslem town centre. We crossed over the A50 onto moorland Road and we ran up the hill to the entrance of Burslem Park. At the park Matthew walked to the other side near to Hamil Road to the playground. Once we had finished at the park we returned to the gates and returned to Fenton in Z Carz LV10 OTM. We set off up Moorland Road to Smallthorne where we turned right onto the A5271. We ran through Sneyd Green to Birches Head and we ran forwards onto Town Road. We joined the clockwise ring road and we ran around Hanley to Lichfield Street. At Joiners square we ran straight across onto Victoria Road and we ran up to the top of the hill. We turned sharp right onto City Road and we ran down to Smithpool Road where we turned left. We turned left onto Temple Street and back to the residential unit. Once back at the unit Matthew chilled out in his room for a while and used his computer. Outside we saw First Potteries 63178 on a #11 to Newcastle.

First Potteries 63178 in Fenton
we saw First Potteries 41495 on a #23 to Hanley. For tea Matthew had a jacket potato with cheese followed by a cake. After tea Matthew went to the disco on Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX. We set off onto Temple Street and we turned right onto Christchurch Street. We turned left onto Baker Street and left again onto Glebedale Road. At the end we turned right onto City Road and then sharp left onto Victoria Road. We ran down the hill to Joiners square an we turned right onto the A52. We ran up to Bucknall and then we continued straight onto the A5009 and we saw First Potteries 42554 running out of service towards Adderley Green. We ran North through Abbey Hulton and we turned left onto Birches Head Road and to our destination. Matthew had a drink of Coke and went to the toilet as well doing some dancing. When it was time to go we returned to Fenton on Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX. We set off onto Birches Head roan and we turned right onto the A5009. At Bucknall we went forwards onto the A52 an we ran up to Joiners Square. We turned right onto Victoria Road and at the top we turned sharp left onto City Road. We turned left onto Glebedale Road and right onto Baker Street. We then crossed Christchurch Street onto Masterson Street and we turned right onto Watkin Street. At the end we turned right Temple Street. When Matthew returned to the residential unit and went to his room. Matthew then had a bath and then chilled out in his room. For supper Matthew had some toast and orange juice. Matthew then chilled out on his computer and watching television until 23:00... Mark.

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