Saturday, 8 April 2017

Trip to Longton / Stafford 08-04-2017


63097Fenton, Christchurch StreetLongton Interchange11First Potteries
63098Longton InterchangeFenton, adj Travers Court11First Potteries
NM07 OMCFentonStaffordCharterABC Supreme
NM07 OMCStaffordFentonCharterABC Supreme

Today Matthew was in the residential unit and he was going to his day service shopping trip to Merry Hills. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. Whilst in the room we saw First Potteries 63099 on a #11 to Newcastle. Matthew chilled out in his room until dinner time. For dinner Matthew had beans on toast followed by cake. In the afternoon Matthew went to Longton on the bus. We set off on foot onto Temple Street and then left onto Christchurch Street. We crossed over City Road and then walked up to the bus stop outside the Marmaris takeaway. A few minutes later a bus appeared and it was First Potteries 63097 on a #11 to Hanley. We got on the bus and we booked to Longton before sitting down towards the back of the bus. We carried on along City Road and we continued forwards onto King Street. We passed through Foley and we ran under the railway line into Longton before turning right into Baths Road where we saw dud First Potteries 63171 running out of service. We entered Longton Transport Interchange and we got uo and got off the bus. Once of the bus Matthew took a picture of First Potteries 63097 before it carried on towards Hanley.

First Potteries 63097 in Longton Interchange
Once in Longton we came out of the Interchnage and walked along the alley onto the Strand by Wrights Pies. We turned right onto the Strand and we walked up to Heathcote Street where we turned right again. At the next junction we crossed the road and walked over the car park to Sports Direct. In the shop Matthew brought a hat to keep the sun off his head. Once they had purchased the hat the returned onto the Strand and carried on Eastwards and crossed over before walking up into the car park and into B&M. At B&M Matthew brought some P20 suntan lotion. After doing his shopping Matthew went back down the strand and along the alley to the Transport Interchange. Whilst Matthew waited for a bus back to Fenton he took a few bus pictures. We saw dud First Potteries 53123 on a #12 to Hanley.

First Potteries 53123 in Longton Interchange
A few minutes later the bus back to Fenton turned up and it was First Potteries 63098.

First Potteries 63098 in Longton Interchange
We walked into the Interchange and we got on the bus. We booked to Fenton and as the rear of the bus was empty Matthew took a picture inside First Potteries 63098 before we sat down.

Inside First Potteries 63098
We set off out of the Interchange onto Baths Road and we turned left onto King Street under the railway line. We continued through Foley along King Street and into Fenton. We went forwards onto City Road and we got up and got off at the Travers Court bus stop outside the block of flats. Once off the bus we walked onto Temple Street and back to the residential unit. Matthew chilled out in his room for a while and we saw Autocabs SH58 WKV going towards Hanley.

Autocabs SH58 WKV in Fenton
later in the afternoon Matthew went out to the pub. We set off onto Temple Street and we turned right onto Christchurch Street. Matthew went to the toilet and than had a glass of Coke. After a while we returned to the residential unit. Later Matthew went out to KFC on ABC Supreme NM07 OMC. We set off down City Road and onto the Southbound A500. At Hanford we turned left onto the Southbound A34. We continued South past Stone and into the North end of Stafford. We ran around the outside of Stafford and we continued down the A34 Lichfield Road.We came off the road onto the Riverway Retail park and we went to KFC. Matthew went to the toilet and then had a chicken burger and fries washed down with a cup of Coke. When it was time to go back home we got back on board ABC Supreme minibus NM07 OMC. We set off onto Riverway and we turned left onto the A34. We travelled North around Stafford and up towards Stone. We continued up to Hanford and we came off the A34 onto the Northbound A500. We continued North to stoke and we came off the A500 onto City Road. We ran up under the railway line and up the hill. We turned right onto Smithpool Road and left onto Temple Street. Once back at the residential unit Matthew had a bath and then chilled out in his room until bedtime around 23:00... Mark.

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