Monday, 28 April 2014

Trip to Bucknall 28-04-2014


1404BlurtonBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
1404Bucknall Newhouse RoadBlurtonCharterWardle Transport

Today was Matthews first day back at college after the Easter holidays. It is also the day many local time table changes occur. From the today Midland classic will take over the running of the #402 service. They will also operate the new #403 service which is a partial replacement for the old #428. We got up at around 07:30 and Matthew had an orange juice whilst he waited for the college bus. The bus usually turns up just after 08:00, but we had a text message telling us that the bus had broken down and they were going have to send another bus out. I left for work around 08:40 and mum stopped with Matthew waiting for the bus. whilst he was waiting Matthew read Buses magazine, had some toast and then put his computer on. The bus eventually turned up at 10:40, over 2 hours late! It was required Wardle Transport 1404.

Wardle Transport 1404 in Blurton
We got on the bus and sat down. The bus set off through Blurton, picking up a few clients on the way before turning into Longton Hall Road. The bus then went around Longton past the bus station, before heading up Anchor Road. The bus turned left in Adderley Green and into Bentilee. We then came off dividy Road and went along ruxley Road and onto the A52. The bus then went down Newhouse Road and into college. For dinner Matthew had sausage and chips with beans and cake & custard for afters. Matthew went the toilet and then had after lessons. At home time Matthew went out to find that his usual bus hadn't been fixed and Wardle Transport 1404 was again working the service home. The bus went onto the A52 and through Bucknall and onto Dividy Road. They went up to Adderley green and down Anchor Road into Longton. The bus headed into Normacott to drop someone off before going back onto the A5035 towards Blurton. The bus dropped someone else off in Newstead and then into Trentham to drop another person off. The bus then headed back into Blurton along the A5035 and Matthew got home around 16:15. As I thought the bus might be a different one I took the camera out so Matthew could take a picture. He took a picture of the inside of the bus.

Inside Wardle Transport 1404
He also took another picture of the back of the bus as it set off into the distance.

Wardle Transport 1404 in Blurton
Matthew chilled out at home and I made him tea of Chicken in BBQ sauce with potatoes and carrots. For afters he had a cake bar. He then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 23:00...Mark

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