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Trip to Uttoxeter 23-04-2014


2940Uttoxeter BSThe Wharf, nr The Fire Station841Arriva Midlands
3711Uttoxeter BSSudbury, adj Vernon Arms1Arriva Midlands
3716Sudbury, opp Vernon ArmsUttoxeter BS1Arriva Midlands
3716Uttoxeter BSSudbury, adj Portway Head1Arriva Midlands
3601Sudbury, opp Portway HeadFenton, adj Travers CourtX50Wardle Transport

Today we decided to re-visit Uttoxeter. We hadn't been for a while and the X50 bus service is about to finish this weekend. Research consisted of downloading timetables #1 and X50 onto the phone and to check the weather, which was for cloudy weather with the possibility of rain showers. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had some toast and orange juice for breakfast. I got home from work around 12:45 and we set off out at 13:00. We drover onto the A5035 and we headed towards Longton. Here we joined the A50 and we headed East. We did this until we met the A522 which we did for the last mile or so into Uttoxeter. We parked up behind the bus station and we made our way to the cafe in the arcade behind the station. Here Matthew had a brunch wash down with a can of Coke. After we walked to the bus station and Matthew used the toilets. There was close to 30 minutes to wait for the next #1, but required Stafford based Arriva Midlands Versa 2940 made an appearance on the #841 service.

Arriva Midlands 2940 in Uttoxeter bus station
We decided to do this out to the Fox's biscuit factory. We got on and booked our tickets for this short journey. The bus had filled up a little so there wasn't a clear picture of the inside of the bus. Matthew took a picture of the seats just behind us on the opposite side.

Inside Arriva Midlands 2940
Within a short time the bus set of out of town along the A522. We only travelled around 1/2 a mile, just 2 stops up the road. We rang the bell and we got up and got off the bus. As the bus carried on towards Stafford, Matthew got another picture of this bus.

Arriva Midlands 2940 in Uttoxeter
We set off back along the A522 into town on foot. It didn't take us too long and we were back in the bus station in no time. Within a very short time of getting there we saw required Arriva Midlands 3711.

Arriva Midlands 3711 in Uttoxeter bus station
Also in the bus station was Wardle Transport 3601 on the X50 to Derby. All being well we should have this back to Fenton later on... we got on the bus and booked to Sudbury. There was only one other person on the bus before us so Matthew took a picture inside the bus beyond the last person.

Inside Arriva Midlands 3711
We sat down an dud Arriva Midlands 3709 pulled up behind us. It had just worked the #1 in from Burton and was about to go on the #4 town service. That was convenient time to swap! At 14:35 we set off out of town and onto the A50. We had a nice fast run up the hill before coming off at the Doveridge junction. We went through the village and then driver breezed around the the turn from Chapel Green into Bell Lane. We headed back onto Derby Road and we had a nice quick run up to the A515 roundabout before traveling the last mile or so into Sudbury along Main Road. As we came into the town we spotted a small shop that we could go and visit in a short while. We got off the bus and Matthew got another picture of Arriva Midlands 3711.

Arriva Midlands 3711 in Sudbury
We had around 20 minutes to kill until we caught the bus back into town. We walked down to the shop where Matthew Bought a Crunchie, a Calippo lolly and can of Coke. We walked back to the stop where we got off as it had started to rain, albeit very lightly. Matthew ate the lolly followed by the Crunchie and we put the can of Coke in the trip bag for later on. A few minutes before the bus was due we crossed over the road to catch the return service. It wasn't long before we saw an Arriva Commander approaching. It got closer and we saw it was required Arriva Midlands 3716.

Arriva Midlands 3716 in Sudbury
We got on the bus and booked to Uttoxeter. We sat down near the back to enjoy the journey back to town. We headed back along main Road, past the A515 and along Derby Road into Doveridge. The bus went back through the village albeit on a slightly different route before heading n the A50 for the decent into Uttoxeter. We came into town pulled into the bus station. We waited for the bus to empty but one person was asleep at the back of the bus, so I woke him up to tell him we had arrived in Uttoxeter. After he had thanked me and got up Matthew took a picture of he inside of Arriva Midlands 3716.

Inside Arriva Midlands 3716
The plan now was to have a quick toilet stop before catching the bus back to the end of Main Road to pick up Wardle Transport 3601 on the X50 service. After matthew had used the toilet there was just time to get a picture of Bakerbus 257 which was on layover, about to work the next #402 to Burton.

Bakerbus 257 in Uttoxeter bus station
We got back onto Arriva Midland 3716 and we sat in the middle of the bus. We left bang on time and we set off through town towards the A50. We had a good fast run up the hill to Doveridge and then we headed through the village once again. We needed to be on time because you only have about 5 minutes at the end of Main Road to cross onto the X50. The X50 goes direct along the A50 from this point onwards! We came out of Doveridge onto Derby Road and we caught up with a JCB just as we got to double white lines on the road! We sat at 20mph for around a minute until we came to a safe overtaking spot and the bus went past the JCB with ease. We got to the end of main road at 15:48 which was bang on time. We got off the bus and we crossed over the road to wait for the X50. A car went past and backfired massively which made us jump. Departure time of 15:54 came and went and I was beginning to get a little worried. Had the bus come early and already gone past? Around 5 minutes later just as I was about to call mum to pick us up, the bus rounded the corner an it was required Wardle Transport 3601 as expected.

Wardle Transport 3601 in Uttoxeter bus station
We got on the bus and the reason for the slight late running became apparent. The bus was full and standing! Not bad for a service about to finish due to poor patronage. We booked to Fenton, and then fought our way to the back where there were a couple of empty seats. We called mum to say we were on the bus and she went back to Fenton to pick up uncle Dave and to get chips for tea! The bus set off onto The A50 and then fast into Uttoxeter. We got to Uttoxeter bus station and a few people got off the bus. A few people got off but most of these were replaced by new faces. I asked the lady behind me if she minded if I opened a window and she didn't as the bus was roasting. Wardle Transport 3602 appeared on the Derby bound X50 and we saw Bakerbus 251 on layover between services. We set off out of Uttoxeter along the A522 and after we crossed the A50 the bus got moving and it soon cooled down. Along the faster parts of the run it was now feeling cold as the bus raced towards Tean. A few people got off and Matthew was able to get a picture of the seats beside us.

Inside Wardle Transport 3601
We traveled through Tean and Draycot and into Blythe Bridge. We then crossed back over the A50 heading into Meir Heath before dropping down into Meir along the A520. Here we passed Wardle Transport 2263 going to Cheadle on the X51. We carried on fast along the A50 coming off at Longton. we traveled through Longton down the Strand, a part of the route changes that I had forgotten about before going down King Street into Fenton. We passed another X51 with Wardle Transport 2217 in charge and then we got off at Travers Court.

Wardle Transport 3601 in Fenton
Mum and uncle Dave who were waiting for us near to the stop. Chips had been purchased and we headed home along Smithpool Road and Grove Road up to Heron Cross. We got home at a little after 17:00 and we had chips and sausage for tea. Matthew chilled at hoe for a while and then we went to uncle Dave's for biscuits and pop. We left uncle Dave's at around 22:00 and we headed onto the A500 which we did down to the A519. We went down Whitmore road to the A34 where we saw First Potteries 32632 on a #101 going towards Stafford. We then went along the A5035 to home. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bed time around 23:45...Mark

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