Friday, 25 April 2014

Trip to Trent Vale 25-04-2014


60193Magdalen Road, BlurtonHanford, adj Mayne Street22First Potteries
60175Hanford, adj Mayne StreetTrent Vale, adj Riverside Road22First Potteries

Today we were meeting up with mum in Trent Vale for tea. Matthew got up around 09:30 having toast and orange juice for breakfast. I had been popping out to see what buses were working on the various #22 or #22A turns to see if any of the buses were required. by dinner time I had seen that required First Potteries 60175 was going to be out on the 15:20 from Longton - Newcastle. For dinner we had half of a large omelet each and some fries. By just after 14:00 I had also seen that required First Potteries 60193 was also out on the #22A, and this bus would be returning to Newcastle on the 15:05 departure from Longton. We got ready and left the house just after 15:00. It had been raining for most of the afternoon but at this point it was just damp. In the distance we saw D&G 171 working the Blurton Plumline towards Hanley. The bus was due just after 15:15 and bang on time it rounded the corner into Magdalen Road.

First Potteries 60193 in Blurton
We got on the bus and booked to Trent Vale. As the bus was empty at the back, Matthew took a picture inside as we got got on.

Inside First Potteries 60193
We sat down and then bus set off onto the A5035. In Trentham we turned into New Inn Lane, passing required First Potteries 41494 o a #21A as we did. Further up the road we passed required first Potteries 40367 on a Trentham bound #21. This helped to make the decision to get off in Hanford. Further into Hanford we passed dud First Potteries on on of the other #22 turns. When we got to the A34 we got up and rang the bell. we got off and Matthew got another picture of First Potteries 60193 as it carried on towards Newcastle.

First Potteries 60193 in Hanford
Whilst we waited in Hanford there was quite a bit of bus and coach related action. We had followed first Potteries 40383 down Church Lane onto the A34, and then we saw dud First Potteries 65033 on a Stafford Bound #101.

First Potteries 65033 in Hanford
We then saw required First Potteries 41494 agai on the #21A to Hanley.

First Potteries 41494 in Hanford
On a Trentham bound #21A was dud First Potteries 41500.

First Potteries 41500 in Hanford
On the other side of the A34 we saw Leons Coach Travel tri-axle coach 205 going Northwards.

Leons Coach Travel 205 in Hanford
First Potteries 40367 was the next bus due on the #21, but required First Potteries 60175 appeared on the #22 so we decided to do this.

First Potteries 60175 in Hanford
We got on the bus and booked to Trent Vale. Once again the bus was empty at the back and Matthew got a picture inside this bus.

Inside First Potteries 60175
We sat down near the back and the bus turned through 180' and onto the Northbound A34. As we headed North we saw First Potteries 40367 on the following #21 service. We decided to get off in Trent vale to try and get this bus. We crossed over the A500 and we headed north up the A34. When we got to riverside we rang the bell and got up to get off. Matthew got another picture of First potteries 60175 and First Potteries 40367 pulled behind it.

First Potteries 60175 in Trent Vale
We weren't able to go on 40367 as it pulled off before we could get to it. The school opposite was unusually open this and the extra people getting on 60175 had delayed Matthew getting a picture. As we had missed the Dart we decided to walk to the pub. Matthew was about to get a picture of the other #22 turn, which was 60015 but it was on the other side of the road and he couldn't get a picture. However, we turned and saw required First Potteries 65035 going North on a #101 to Hanley.

First Potteries 65035 in Trent Vale
We were crossing the A34 at the junction of London Road, when Matthew brought to my attention a coach on London Road. We crossed the road and before the traffic started to Move on London Road Matthew was able to get a picture of Aimée's coach KAZ 777.

Aimée's KAZ 777 in Trent Vale
We went around to the front of the pub and we saw Copeland's Tours MIB 536 going North. We were unable to get a picture due to someone walking past at the same time! We went into the pub and Matthew sat down whilst I got some drinks. Mum arrived just after 16:00 and Matthew had his usual meal of 2 sausage, egg, chips and beans with extra bacon and two rounds of bread and butter followed by toffee sponge pudding and ice cream. Whilst we were eating our meals matthew spotted a double decker on the #101 so we went outside to take a picture. It was required First Potteries double decker 32634 on a Stafford bound #101.

First Potteries 32634 in Trent Vale
After we had finished we called uncle Dave and Matthew spoke to him on the phone to tell him we were coming around. We drove onto the Southbound A34 and onto the Northbound A500. We did this to the A50 which we did into Heron Cross. We headed into Fenton and picked up uncle Dave. We went back up to Heron Cross and into Blurton. We got home at a little after 17:15. Matthew then chilled out at home watching MTV Rocks and bus DVD's. He then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:00...Mark

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