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Trip to Stoke / Tunstall 17-05-2014


61143Magdalen Road, BlurtonHanford, adj Mayne Street22First Potteries
60060Hanford, adj Mayne StreetStoke-upon-Trent, adj stop R21First Potteries
32054Stoke-upon-Trent, adj stop QNewcastle BS25First Potteries
3616Newcastle BSTunstall, adj stop M91Wardle Transport
60205Tunstall, adj stop BBurslem, Swan Bank (Stop D)20First Potteries
65564Burslem, Wedgwood Street (Stop A)Bradeley, opp Moorland View29First Potteries
65561Bradeley, abj Moorland ViewTunstall, adj stop B29AFirst Potteries
42894Tunstall, adj stop BLongport, adj Longport Road99AFirst Potteries
265Longport, adj Longport RoadNewcastle BS94Bakerbus

Today we decided to have a local trip. No research was done for today other than to check the weather which was for warm sunshine. we planned to have dinner in Stoke and to go to Tunstall later for a cake. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. After getting ready we decided to go out to catch the 12:30 departures from Blurton towards Newcastle. I had checked out all 3 buses on the #22 and non of them were required ones today. Just before 12;30 we set off on foot to walk to the bus stop. As we waited for out bus we saw First Potteries 60202 on the Longton Bound #22. A few minutes later as predicted dud First Potteries 61143 made an appearance.

First Potteries 61143 in Blurton
We got on the bus and we booked a Smart Day ticket. We sat down near the back and the bus puled off. As the back seat was empty Matthew took a picture of the rear of the bus as we sat down.

Inside First Potteries 61143
The last time we had been on this bus was back July 2011, when it was allocated to Adderley Green and was working on the #21 Trentham service. The bus turned onto the A5035 and we headed West toward Trentham. The bus turned into New Inn Lane and we passed required First Potteries 41514 on the #21A to Trentham. We carried on through Trentham and into Hanford. On Wilson Road we passed required First Potteries 60060 on the #21 to Trentham. We went down Church Lane and when we got to the bottom we rang the bell so that we could get off the bus. Just after getting off First Potteries 61143 we saw Bakerbus 254 on the X1 to Stone.

Bakerbus 254 in Hanford
We knew the third #22 turn was due towards Longton so we stood on the corner by the petrol station so that we could get a picture as it turned into Church Lane. A few minutes later as expected we saw First Potteries 60128 on the #22.

First Potteries 60128 in Hanford
We had already decided at this point to give First Potteries 41514 a miss and to wait for First Potteries 60060 on the following #21 towards Stoke. As waited for First Potteries 41514, an unexpected coach appeared. It was London based Westbus 150.

Westbus 150 in Hanford
We let First Potteries 41514 go past and we walked back to the stop to wait for the required Scania. As expected required First potteries 60060 came around the corner from Church Lane and we got on the bus. We flashed our tickets and sat down near to the back. There were people dotted around the bus so Matthew took a picture of the empty seats opposite to us.

Inside First Potteries 60060
The bus crossed the A34 and we turn towards Newcastle. After crossing the A500 we turned right onto London Road for the journey into Stoke. As we passed through the West end and we passed Scania 65004 on the #21! Until recently this would have been considered a very rare working. A little further on we passed Z carz OV05 WSW parked facing South. We came into Stoke and we rang the bell to get off. Once we were off, Matthew got a picture of First Potteries 60060.

First Potteries 60060 in Stoke
We set off on foot through the town. On Campbell Place we saw required First Potteries 61145 on the #21 to Trentham.

First Potteries 61145 in Stoke
We turned the corner and headed into the cafe. In the distance we could see a Wardle Transport Volvo B10 on the #41/2 to Hanley. In the cafe Matthew used the toilet and then we ordered him a breakfast and a can of Vimto. After we had finished eating we considered how we would get to Tunstall for dessert! There wasn't a #41/2 due at that time and we saw a crowd at the direct Newcastle stop. We walked towards it and we saw a Scania approaching. It turned out to be required First Potteries 61529.

First Potteries 61529 in Stoke
Matthew didn't fancy this today, so we decided to wait for either a #41/2 or a #25. We could see a double decker approaching in the distance. We could see it was an ALX400 so we knew it would be one of the latest batch of buses from Leicester. As it got closer we saw it was required First potteries 32054.

First Potteries 32054 in Stoke
We got on and flashed our tickets. We went upstairs and sat down. The #41 went past and it was required Wardle Transport dart 2361. The bus set off out of Stoke and up the hill through Hartshill. As we approached Newcastle bus station Matthew took a picture inside the bus.

Inside First Potteries 32054
As we pulled into the bus station we saw a Bakerbus double decker on a #94A Biddulph service. As we arrived into the bus station Bakerbus 266 pulled out. A quick check of the page revealed this to be a dud bus. Matthew stopped by a bus and a couple of drivers and we thought he was thinking about catching the bus. He was admiring one of the drivers Firstbus ties! On an adjacent stand was required Wardle Transport 3616 and it was about to work through Tunstall on a #91 Bradeley service.

Wardle Transport 3616 in Newcastle bus station
We lashed our ticket and surprising the bus was empty when we got on it so Matthew got a picture inside it straight away.

Inside Wardle Transport 3616
We sat down near the back and a few more people got on before departure time. The bus set off out of the bus station after a bit of a wait to get out of it... We went over the Jubilee roundabout and up the A527 through Wolstanton. As we left town we passed our last required 54 plate First Potteries Dart 42893 going towards Newcastle on a #99A service. We also passed required Wardle Transport 3614 on another of the #91 turns and also First Potteries 42894. We Went down Porthill Bank and up through Longport to Trubshaw Cross. We turned left up Newcastle Street and we climbed the hill towards Tunstall. When we reached the High Street we got up and got off the bus. We then got another picture of Wardle Transport 3616 before it carried on North.

Wardle Transport 3616 in Tunstall
It was time to get a cake so we went to the Tunstall Cafe. Matthew went straight to the toilet. After he had finished we had a raspberry cheescake and a can of Coke. Matthew didn't like the raspberry bit so he had me help him remove the red swirls from the top of the cake. An gentleman named Pete at a table opposite from Newcastle was talking to us and he remember Matthew when he was a young lad and his grandma used to have a pub there. After we had finished eating we said goodbye and we left. Dud first Potteries 60013 was going North on a #20A to Kidsgrove, but across the road was required First Potteries 60205 on a #20 to Hanley.

First Potteries 60205 in Tunstall
The bus was quite full as there was a large family all traveling together on the bus. For once Matthew was one of the quietest people on the bus. Just as we pulled away required First Potteries 65561 went north on a #29 to Bradeley/Hanley. We traveled down Scotia Road and the bus emptied out a little as it went. There wasn't much chance to get a picture inside the bus so Matthew photographed the empty seat in front of him.

Inside First Potteries 60205
When we got Swan bank we got off the bus. We had a quick check to see when the next #98 to Newcastle was due and there wasn't one imminent. So Matthew had a rice crispys Square bar on a bench before we went to use the Lloyds bank cash machine. After we had used the cash machine we saw 2 buses approaching from Cobridge. We crossed the just before the 2 buses got to the stop. The first one was dud 60189 on a #20 to Crewe. The second bus was another ex Northampton Scania and therefore required. It was First Potteries 65564.

First Potteries 65564 in Burslem
We headed back into Tunstall and past the police station before going into the Mill Hill estate. We turned onto High Lane and went to Turnhurst before turning right towards Fegg Hayes. We tured right again and carried onto into Chell Heath. We passed Matthews old school for the first time since it's closure. The building was all boarded up. The school merged with Middlehurst school and they renamed it Watermill School. We carried on towards Bradeley and the bus had emptied out sufficiently for him to get a picture behind us.

Inside First Potteries 65564
As we swept down the hill to Bradeley we passed a third bus out of the batch of ex Northmapton Scania's, First Potteries 65562! We now knew we would have at least a 10 minute wait and it would probably be First Potteries 65561 returning. We got off the bus and it carried on off into the distance towards Smallthorne. We crossed the road to Moorland View and we waited at the stop. The 10 minutes passed quickly in the sunshine and we saw required First Potteries 65561 approaching from the direction of Smallthorne.

First Potteries 65561 in Bradeley
We sat on the bus and we saw Wardle Transport 4811 heading towards Hanley on a #19 service. The bus was nearly empty so he took a picture of the seats behind us.

Inside First Potteries 65561
The bus set off and we passed the third and final bus on the #91's. This was Wardle transport 3615. We carried on up to Chell Heath and back past Matthew old boarded up school. We went through Fegg Hayes and we climbed the hill to Turnhurst before turning onto High Lane. We turned into the Mill Hill estate and then we went passed Tunstall park before going into the town centre. We then got off and took another picture of First Potteries 65561.

First Potteries 65561 in Tunstall
When we got to Tunstall Matthew decided he wanted to do a bit of shopping. We went into Cool Trader on the High Street were Matthew brought a few cans (3 for £1), a couple of 2lt bottles of pop a small bottle of cherryade and a 6 pack of Toffee Crisps. At least the shopping came to less than it usually does when he goes into a paper shop, the downside being the weight of the stuff we had to carry... After saying hello to a couple of people we decided to head back towards Newcastle to end the day. standing in the High Street was dud First Potteries Dart 42894.

First Potteries 42894 in Tunstall
We flashed the pass and sat down near the back of the bus. There were a few people on the bus and Matthew decided not to take a picture inside, quite possibly because this was our third trip on this vehicle... We called mum to let her know we were going to be in Newcastle in around 30 minutes,but she was shopping for potatoes for tea at that point so she might be a little delayed. The bus set off down the High Street and onto Newcastle Street. We crossed over the roundabout at Trubshaw Cross and thinking about what mum had said I asked Matthew if he wanted to get off and wait for the following bus and he said yes. We got to the bottom of Longport and we got up and got off the bus. Matthew got another picture of this fine Dart before it departed towards Newcastle.

First Potteries 42894 in Longtport
A quick consult of the revealed there wasn't another bus for 10 minutes and then 3 would come along within the next 5... This gave us chance to have a quick bus stop picnic and to lighten the bag if only a small amount. The three of us had a Toffee Crisp each and Matthew had the small bottle of Cherryade. this enabled us to fit everything else in the trip bag. Just bus our bus was due Wardle Transport 3614 went past on the #91 to Bradeley. We then sighted a Bakerbus double decker in the distance. I had looked up which ones we had been on when we saw Bakerbus 266 earlier in the day. As it got closer we saw it was required Bakerbus 265. We flashed our tickets and got on the bus. We went upstairs and as the top deck was empty Matthew got his picture immediately.

Inside Bakerbus 265
The bus crossed the A500 and we started to climb Porthill Bank. Here we passed First Potteries 37157 on a Biddulph bound #99 service. We climbed to the top of the hill and turned left for the run through Wolstanton. Wardle Transport 3615 was ahead of us. It must have gone passed us whilst we were getting on the bus. When we got to Newcastle I had a glance over to the Ironmarket to see if mum had arrived yet. It appeared that she hadn't, so we would have time to take a few bus pictures in the bus station. We pulled into the bus station and we got of the bus. Matthew then got a picture of Bakerbus 265.

Bakerbus 265 in Newcastle bus station
To the left of us First Potteries Volvo 66310 was departing the bus station. It is still carrying branding from it previous allocation in Leicester.

First Potteries 66310 in Newcastle bus station
Also in the bus station was another one of the former Leicester ALX400 double deckers, First Potteries 32053.

First Potteries 32053 in Newcastle bus station
Matthew went to use the toilet and then we decided to stand on the corner of the bus station to take a few pictures. we saw First Potteries 40153 on a #72 to Clayton.

First Potteries 40153 in Newcastle
This was followed by Wardle Transport 2409 on a #41 to Hanley.

Wardle Transport 2409 in Newcastle
Another ALX400 double decker made an appearance on the #25. This was First Potteries 32056 was seen on a Keele bound service.

First Potteries 32056 in Newcastle
One of the last few Scania Omnicities in the old livery, First Potteries 65039 came into the bus station on a #101 to Stafford.

First Potteries 65039 in Newcastle
We decided to start walking back to the Ironmarket even though mum hadn't called yet. Just as we set off the phone rang. she had arrived so we carried on walking at a quicker pace. When we got to the car mum was waiting with some Wright's Pie sausage rolls and a can of Irn Bru. We set off out off town down the A34 which we did down to Trentham. we then turned onto the A5035 which we did all the way into Longton. At Z Carz today there was only one single vehicle parked up on the spare ground. It was a new vehicle to them, Ford minibus FP06 WTW.

Z Carz FP06 WTW in Longton
We turned into Willow Row and we saw long term SORN LDV minibus T408 JUX. It appeared to have a side door removed for spares. We turned back onto the A50 which we did up to Heron Cross before traveling through Blurton. We got home around 17:30. For tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a couple of ring doughnuts. He then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 11:45...Mark

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