Friday, 30 May 2014

Trip to Trent Vale 30-05-2014


60072Magdalen Road, BlurtonTrent Vale, opp Chubb Way (Unmarked)22First Potteries

Today we were going to meet mum for tea at a pub in Trent Vale. Matthew got up at 10:00 and had some toast and orange juice for breakfast. Matthew chilled out on his computer and I came home from work and mum went off to see grandma. I went out to view 3 of the 4 possible buses that we could catch and they were dud First Potteries 65729 and required First Potteries 60072 & 65733. I worked out that 60072 was going to work the 15:50 Longton - Newcastle so we planned our day around that. For dinner Matthew had half of one of my omelets and a couple of crumpets washed down with a can of Coke. Matthew got dressed and just before 16:00 we set off on foot all the way to the bus stop on Magdalen Road. Usually we would see the the Plumline and the Longton bound #22 but neither turned up today. Our bus appeared first and as expected it was required First Potteries 60072.

First Potteries 60072 in Blurton
We got on the bus and we booked to Trent Vale. The back of the bus was completely empty so Matthew got a picture of the rear of the bus as we got on.

Inside First Potteries 60072
We sat down and the bus pulled off an onto the A5035 towards Trentham. We passed the other known required bus out today on the Longton Bound #22 and we carried on along the road into Trentham. We turned into New Inn Lane and we could see a Dart about to pull out in front of us on a Hanley bound #21A. This was dud First Potteries 40373. We carried on past the Man in Space and we saw First Potteries 40376 going into Pacific Drive on a #21. In Hanford we passed First Potteries 65729 which had work the afternoon #22A earlier in the day and had come back out to work the peak extra #22 to Longton. We headed down church lane onto the A34 and when we crossed the A500 we saw a short old coach in a brown and cream livery. We passed the pub before turning into Harpfield Road. We got off the bus and Matthew got another picture of First Potteries 60072 before it went off towards the hospital.

First Potteries 60072 in Trent Vale
As we walked onto the A34 we saw mum drive past in the car. she was waiting for us in the pub car park. We went in the pub and Matthew had his usual brunch with bread and butter followed by toffee sponge pudding and ice cream. Whilst we ate we saw several buses highlights included Bennetts Dart T48 JBA, Leons tri-axle coach BT14 LCT and ABC Supreme taxi minibus NG57 ZBT. After we had finished eating we got in the car and called uncle Dave to says we were going to pick him up. We went back down the A34 to Trentham before turning into Allerton Road. We dropped off a few things in Trentham and then we went onto the A5035 and onto Stanley Matthews Way. We headed through Heron Cross and we picked up uncle Dave. We then went back home via Heron Cross and Blurton and onto the A5035. We got home around 18:00. Matthew then chilled out at home. He had some cheesecake, watch bus DVD's and chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 11:30... Mark

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