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Trip to Blackburn 18-10-2014


212Blackburn temporary BSWaterloo (Blackburn), by Livesey Branch Road24Transdev Lancashire United
202Waterloo (Blackburn), by Livesey Branch RoadBlackburn temporary BS24Transdev Lancashire United
YJ51 XSTBlackburn temporary BSBlackburn (Blackburn), adj St Marys CollegeD10Darwen Coach Services
18Blackburn (Blackburn), opp St Marys CollegeIntack, by Hamer Avenue5ATransdev Lancashire United
2757Intack, by Accrington RoadBlackburn temporary BSX41Transdev Lancashire United

Today we decided to re-visit Blackburn. The weather had been forecast for mainly dry weather with an occasion shower. We gave Matthew a list of destination from the North West and Midlands and out of these Matthew chose Blackburn. We didn't do any research for this trip, other than to check the weather, and with hindsight perhaps we should have done. The evening before we had spotted we had a headlight out, so we order one for collection from Euro Car Parts in Etruria. Matthew got up around 10:30 today, and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off around 11:45 today, to give us extra time to get the headlight bulb. We went onto the A5035 and along Stanley Matthews Way. We saw D&G 171 on the Blurton Plumline. We joined the Westbound A50 and then onto the Northbound A500. After coming off the A500 at Wolstatnton to pick up the bulbs, we got back on the Northbound A500. We saw ABC Supreme FJ53 FBU. We carried on North up to the M6. Traffic on the Northbound M6 wasn't too bad today and we made up some of the time from the stop we made earlier. As we travelled through Cheshire we caught up with Hollinshead NIB 8318 which we think was going to Preston with away fans from Port Vale. We went past the coach and then Matthew took a picture of it as it overtook us.

Hollinshead NIB 8318 on the M6
Further up the M6, North of the M62 we caught up with another Hollinshead Coach. This time it was short Mercedes coach WA08 GPZ.

Hollinshead WA08 GPZ on the M6
We carried on up the M6 until we got to the M65, then we went East. As we were going to Morrisons to park and eat, we went past Blackburn and came of the M65 at junction 6 to head back into town from the other side. On the way into town we missed the turning for Morrison so we wasted a few minutes trying to turn around to head back towards Morrisons. We parked on the top storey in the long stay spaces, and we headed down into the shop in the lift. After using the toilet, we went to the cafe in Morrisons were Matthew had a breakfast washed down with a cup of Coke. This was followed by a slice of Cake. After we had finished eating we said goodbye to mum and we walked to the end of the supermarket and came out by the bus station. Construction of the new bus station on the site adjacent to the temporary one is now well and truly under way... As time was getting on we decided to catch a bus as quickly as we could. When we got to the bus station there were 3 of the former Norwich park and ride buses abou to work, 2 of which were required buses. Transdev Lancashire United 205 was about to work to Bolton on a #1, Transdev Lancashire United 212 was about to do a #24 to Chorley..

Lancashire United 212 in Blackburn bus station
Transdev Lancashire United 211 was on a #7 to Accrington. We decided to do required Transdev Lancashire United 212 so we got on the bus and booked Blackburn Day tickets at £4.20 each. We got on and Matthew took a picture of the empty back of the bus. We were going to go to Feniscowles, which was the limit of the ticket. It was also conveniently a good place to catch a bus going back the other way with a mere 9 minute wait. We set off out of town crossing the railway at wainwright bridge. We went down the A666 towards Ewood Park, and we turned onto Livesey Branch Road. As we started to climb the hill towards Feniscowles. An alarm sounded on the bus. The driver pulled over at a stop and shut the bus down to try and clear the alarm. He restarted the bus several times and the alarm wouldn't clear. The driver then got on the phone to the depot to request a fitter. The bus had been declared a failure! Everybody decided to get off and wait for the following service. As such Matthew was able to get another picture inside Transdev Lancashire United 212 as it was now completely empty.

Inside Lancashire United 212
As we were going to catch the next bus back, we decided to cross the road and wait for it. Matthew took a another picture of Transdev Lancashire United 212 before we walked down to the bus stop opposite.

Lancashire United 212 in Waterloo
Whilst we waited for the next Blackburn bound #24, we saw Transdev Lancashire United 2702 on a #4 to Leyburn Road.

Lancashire United 2702 in Waterloo
This was followed by dud Transdev Lancashire United 17 on the #5C. A few minutes later we saw another single decker approaching. As it got closer we saw it was required Transdev Lancashire United 202.

Lancashire United 202 in Waterloo
We got on the bus and flashed the tickets before sitting down near to the back of the bus. So all three required former Norwich park and ride buses were out in service today... The bus carried on down Livesey Branch Road and we headed into town. The route through town seemed very confusing as we seemed to passed close by to the same spot near to the railway station before seemingly taking around 5 minutes to go around town and travel a mere 50 yds! We waited at a set off temporary lights as there was considerable building work taking place on the site of the old bus interchange. We passed by the site of the new bus station before pulling into the temporary site. We waited for the bus to empty before Matthew took a picture inside Transdev Lancashire United 202.

Inside Lancashire United 202
We watch the driver change the destination to #22 Clitheroe. We assume that the #24 is booked to inter-work with the #22. Across the way Transdev Lancashire United 205 was about to work a #1 to Bolton.

Lancashire United 205 in Blackburn bus station
Across the other side of the bus station there were a couple of Solos. One was Holmeswood YJ08 PGE about to work the #15 to Mellor Brook. Behind that was Darwen Coach Services YJ51 XST on service D10.

Darwen Coach Services YJ51 XST in Blackburn bus station
Matthew decided he wanted to do this bus so we talked to the driver on where we could do the bus. He told us that the #5A/C share the route in Lammack so we could go to there. We purchased the tickets and honked the horn on the bus! Matthew took a picture of the empty rear of the bus.

Inside Darwen Coach Services YJ51 XST
The bus set off out of town Westward through tight terraced streets. Eventually we reached a more leafy area and we turned North East and then started to turn back towards town. The driver told us where we should get off on Shear Brow and we watch the bus carry on back towards town. We had a bit of time before the #5A was due so we visited the shop and brought a can of Cherry Coke and some choclate. WE had a little picnic at the side of the road and we had a quick walk around the area. As we weren't sure which direction the bus was approaching from we decided to walk back to the original stop. Due a few minutes before the #5A was the Holmeswood Coaches service #25 to Clitheroe. This was being worked by Holmeswood Coaches YJ08 PGE.

Holmeswood YJ08 PGE in Blackburn
Almost as soon as the Solo had gone we saw a Transdev double decker turn right onto Shear Brow. AS it got closer we saw it was dud Transdev Lancashire United 18.

Lancashire United 18 in Blackburn
We got on the bus and flashed our tickets. We went upstairs and it was empty so Matthew took a picture of the inside of this bus before sitting down.

Inside Lancashire United 18
We have not yet managed to do a complete run on the #5A/C as it take an hour to do the full circle. The bus set off up Shear Brow before we turned to go anti-clockwise around the town. We passed Transdev Lancashire United 17 and we carried on around town passed Mill Hill railway station. We went along Livesey Branch Road and then we headed though Ewood. We then went though the housing estates to the South of the town and into the hospital. We then went through Shadworth before crossing the A679. We got off the bus in Intack and we took another picture of Transdev Lancashire United 18.

Lancashire United 18 in Intack
We had considered doing a bus towards Accrington but it was close to 17:00 now. We looked at the timetable towards Accrington and the next bus wasn't until 17:13. As we looked at the bus times we saw required Transdev Lancashire United 211 going towards Blackburn on the #6A service.

Lancashire United 211 in Intack
As there was a gap in the service we decided to cross the road to see when the next bus towards Blackburn was due. There was a X41 due at 17:07. We decided to call it a day and do this bus back into town. Matthew had a chocolate bar as we waited. We saw a double decker approaching in the distance. As the bus got closer we saw it was dud Transdev Lancashire United 2757.

Lancashire United 2757 in Intack
We flashed the ticket for the final time and we went upstairs. We sat down and the bus carried on along the A679. We carried on down the A678 and onto the ring road. We entered the bus station from the Penny Street. We waited for the bus to empty before Matthew got a picture inside Transdev Lancashire United 2757.

Inside Lancashire United 2757
Before mum came to meet us, we had a quick wander around the bus station taking pictures. We saw Transdev Lancashire United 1306 on a #1 to Bolton.

Lancashire United 1306 in Blackburn bus station
We also saw Transdev Lancashire United 1088 on a #7A to Accrington.

Lancashire United 1088 in Blackburn bus station
We started to walk back towards Morrisons along Penny Street and we saw Darwen Coach Service N354 AVV parked up between services.

Darwen Coach Services N354 AVV in Blackburn
We headed back through Morrisons and Matthew used the toilet before we went up to the long stay car park. Matthew tucked into a sausage roll and drank his Irn Bru whilst i changed the light bulb. WE set off out of the car park and we headed onto the A678. We stopped at Tesco to get some diesel before carrying onto the M65. We caught up with Elite Gold AG53 ZYT. WE followed the coach onto the M6 and South before it turned at the M58. Just south of the M56 we caught up with Stagecoach Glasgow 54204 working service M11 to London.

Stagecoach Glasgow 54204 on the M6
We carried on South until we got to the A500. On the A500 we saw Bakers Coaches BIG 5013 parked up on a layby North of the A34. We carried on South and then onto the Westbound A50. We came off the A50 at Longton to see what was parked up at Z Carz. There was only one minibus on the spare ground. This was Z Carz Ford minibus GL04 CVE.

Z Carz GL04 CVE in Longton
We turned into Willow Row to see what was in the compound. Long Term SORN LDV minibus T408 JUX was on the back of a low loader so that was probably on its way to the scrapyard. Also in the compound were Mercedes minibuses W221 CDN & S952 VMY.

Z Carz S952 VMY in Longton
We turned in the road to head back onto the A50. In the time it took us to turn we saw Z Carz Volkswagen minibus S973 OVP appear.

Z Carz S973 OVP in Longton
We headed back onto the A50 and and then we came off the A50 at Heron Cross. We passed Lightning Travel T2 DLT which was parked at the lightning house, and we carried on through Blurton. In Blurton we passed First Potteries 42894 on the last #22 of the day towards Longton. We got home at 19:20. For a late tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots followed by lemon meringue pie. Matthew then chilled on his computer until bedtime around 00:30...Mark

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