Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Trip to Fenton / Hanley 01-10-2014


DV10 JCUBlurtonFentonCharterShelton Care Group
60013Fenton, adj Victoria PlaceHanley BS6First Potteries
65567Northwood, adj Cheshire CheeseHanley, adj stop Q27First Potteries
61246Hanley BSFenton, adj Victoria Place6First Potteries
DV10 JCUFentonBlurtonCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was going to his day service, and we were taking him out on the bus. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. The minibus for his day service was the usual Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU. The bus went onto the A5035 and onto Church Road. we continued though into Blurton Road and through Heron Cross. In Heron Cross we onto Heron Street and we continued around to Glebedale Road before getting to the destination. After a short while at the unit we walked up to Victoria Square to wait for a bus to Hanley. A short while later dud First Potteries 60013 appeared on the #6 to Hanley.

First Potteries 60013 in Fenton
We got on the bus and booked Smart Day tickets. We sat down and the bus set off down Victoria Road. We saw dud First Potteries 61160 going the other way towards Longton. We crossed the roundabout at joiners Square we climbed up Lichfield Street up to the ring Road. We went left onto the ring road before turning right into Bethesda Street and then onto John Street / Liddice Way. The bus pulled into the bus station and we got off. We set off on foot through Hanley to walk up to Central Forrest Park. On Town road as we crossed over the ring road, we saw First Potteries 32053 on a #8A to Hanley.

First Potteries 32053 in Hanley Town Road
Further up the road toward Central Forest Park Matthew had a can of Coke. We then saw First Potteries 40367 on a #8B to Brown Edge.

First Potteries 40367 in Northwood
After a quick walk around in Central Forrest Park, we crossed over the road to catch a bus back towards Hanley. The bus came around the corner and it was required First Potteries 65567 on a #7 service.

First Potteries 65567 in Northwood
We got on the bus and flashed our Smart Day tickets, before we sat down. The bus set off back along Town Road and into Hanley. We went down Quadrant Street and into Stafford Street.We got off the bus in Stafford Street and we walked to the bus station. Whilst at the bus station saw Wardle Transport 4809 on the #19 to Bradeley. We walked to the sop outside the bus station to wait for the #6 back to Fenton. Whilst we were there we took a few bus pictures. We saw First Potteries 61235 on a #1A to longton.

First Potteries 61235 in Hanley bus station
Wardle Transport 4814 was on a #16 to Leek. A few minutes later we saw First Potteries 60057 on a #2 to Bentilee.

First Potteries 60057 in Hanley bus station
Next we saw red and yellow liveried First Potteries 60171 on a #6B to Blythe Bridge.

First Potteries 60171 in Hanley bus station
We decided to do the next bus, which was First Potteries 61246 on a #6 to Meir.

First Potteries 61246 in Hanley bus station
We got on the bus and flashed our Smart Day tickets. before sitting down. The bus set off and turned into Birch Terrace and onto Charles Street, around the site of the old bus station. The bus then turned right onto Old Hall Street before going around the ring road onto Lichfield Street. The bus crossed over the Roundabout in Joiners Square before continuing up Victoria Road. At the top of Victoria Road by the Square, we got up an got off the bus. We walked across city road and into the unit. For dinner Matthew had fish finger sandwiches. After dinner Matthew play bowling on the Wii until it was time to come home. The bus came to fetch to bring him home and it was his usual Shelton Care Group bus DV10 JCU. We got on the bus and the bus went onto Glebedale Road and through Heron Cross. We went Straight through Blurton and onto the A5035, getting home around 16:00. Matthew had some toast and a drink of pop and I went to fetch uncle Dave. For tea Matthew had sausage Chips and gravy. After some time on the computer we went to take uncle Dave home. We set off onto the A5035 and onto Stanley Matthews Way. We headed onto the A50 and through Heron Cross and down to uncle Daves. We spent some time listening to music and watching music videos, as well as watching telly and looking at old bus magazines, timetables and newspaper articles. At 22:00 we left uncle Dave an went onto the Northbound A500. We turned around at Stoke And went South down the A500 until we reached the A519. We turned left onto whitmore Road and then onto the Southbound A34. We then went towards Longton along the A5035, getting home around 22:25. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 23:30...Mark

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