Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Trip to Fenton 10-03-2015


DV10 JCUBentileeFentonCharterShelton Care Group
NL61 VSGFentonBentileeCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was in respite and he was going into his day service. Matthew got up and had some breakfast. Whilst he waited for his bus to appear, he took a few pictures out of the window. we saw Stantons of Stoke KN61 EYG.

Stantons of Stoke KN61 EYG in Bentilee
A few minutes later Jayjays Travel PO58 XFX came to pick up another service user.

Jayjays Travel PO58 XFX in Bentilee
Eventually Matthew's bus appeared and it was his usual transport, Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU.

Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU in Bentilee
The bus set off onto Dividy Road and headed down to the A52. We turned left onto Victoria Road and then right onto manor Street. At the end of manor Street we turned left and then right onto Glebedale Road and we reached our destination. In the morning Matthew went into the sensory and spent time using a computer. for dinner Matthew had beans on toast. After dinner they went for a ramble. They headed into Fenton along Masterton Street. They stopped at the shop and Matthew had a bottle of Coke. They went onto Smithpool Road. We saw First Potteries 53209 on a #23A service.

First Potteries 53209 in Fenton
They walked through the park and came out on Grove Road. We walked towards Heron Cross and then went onto the footpath over the A50. We walked down the path down the hill alongside the A50 and we went to the Britannia Stadium. We went to the harvester and Matthew had a drink of Coke and used the toilet. We walked back to the path by the A50 and we crossed over the road. Instead of going let to grove Road we went right towards Heron Cross. We walked onto Bourne Street and we saw Copeland Tours MIB 797 on a #40 to Longton.

Copeland Tours MIB 797 in Heron Cross
We crossed over the cross Road and we walked down Heron Street. We then saw First Potteries 41514 on a #23 to Newstead.

First Potteries 41514 in Heron Cross
We carried on down Heron Street and we crossed over the railway line before turning left onto Christchurch Street. We then saw First Potteries 53828 on a #23 to Hanley.

First Potteries 53828 in Fenton
We stopped at the Bench and Bar for another drink of Coke. We then walked back to the day centre. The transport back to Bentilee was Shelton Care Group NL61 VSG. We set off onto Glebedale Road and into Heron Cross. We cross over the crossroads and over the A50 into Blurton. We went along blurton Road and Church Road and onto the A5035. We turned right and we headed to Trentham. We turned right again onto new Inn Lane and right again onto Pacific Drive. We dropped another service user off and we head back onto the A5035. In Longton we crossed the A50 and we jinked around the edge of Longton down Chadwick Street and Bridgewood street. We turned onto Sutherland Road and then we turned right onto Anchor Road. At the other end of Anchor Road we turned left towards Bentilee. We travelled around a mile to the respite centre and I took a picture of Shelton Care Group NL61 VSG.

Shelton Care Group NL61 VSG in Bentilee
I went up to my room for a while to watch the other buses arrive. We saw Blackfriars Mercedes minibus CN59 AEW.

Blackfriars CN59 AEW in Bentilee
Dropping another service user off was Z Carz Renualt minibus Y568 XFV.

Z Carz Y568 XFV in Bentilee
Finally we saw Jayjays Travel NH57 FXT.

Jayjays Travel NH57 FXT in Bentilee
For tea Matthew had Sausage and chips followed by cake. Matthew had a bath and then used his computer and watched telly until bedtime around 23:00... Mark

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