Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Trip to Fenton / Market Drayton 21-09-2016


DY08 FFXBenitleeFentonCharterShelton Care Group
63177Fenton (Stoke-on-Trent), adj Sixth Form CollegeHanley BS6AFirst Potteries
3695Hanley BSMarket Drayton BS164Arriva Midlands
3698Market Drayton BSHanley BS164Arriva Midlands
32627Hanley BSFenton, adj Victoria Place6AFirst Potteries
DY08 FFXFentonBenitleeCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was in respite and he was going into his day service. Matthew got up and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. After breakfast Matthew waited in his room for his transport to appear. Thery were still doing building work in the respite building. Whilst waiting we saw Stantons of Stoke minibus WR58 LHY.

Stantons of Stoke WR58 LHY in Bentilee
A few minutes later Matthew transport appeared... It was Shelton Care Group silver minibus DY08 FFX.

Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX in Bentilee
we got on the bus and we set off onto the A5272. We ran through Bentilee onto the A52 at Bucknall. At the junction we followed the A52 to the left. We turned left at joiners Sqaure and we ran to the top of Victoria Road before we turned sharp right onto City Road. We turned left onto Glebedale Road and to our destination. We went out and we walked down to Christchurch Street and across City Road onto Manor Street. At the end we turned left and we walked down Victoria Road to the next bus station. A few minutes later the bus to Hanley appeared and it was dud First Potteries 63177. We got on the bus and we sat down. The bus set off down Victoria Road and we crossed onto Lichfield Street at Joiners Square. We climbed the hill and we crossed over the ring road to the stops outside the bus station where the bus emptied out. We saw First Potteries 66962 on a #3 to Crewe. We went into the bus station and we waited for the next bus to Market Drayton. A few minutes later required Arriva Midlands 3695 appeared on the #164 service. We got on the bus and we flashed the bus pass to the driver before we sat down. The bus set off out of the bus station onto John Street and we ran down to Bethesda Street. We turned left onto Broad Street and we ran down the hill over the ring Road and onto Stoke Road. We ran near to the railway station and we crossed over the A500 before we got on to it. We ran North to Shelton New Road and we headed to the top of Hartshill before dropping down into Newcastle along George Street. After stoping in the bus station we continued on our journey onto barrack Street and onto the Northbound A34. We turned left onto the A53 and we ran out into the open Countryside through Whitmore and Bladwin's Gate. On the other side of the village we left the A53 and we ran down to Slater's Village at Chorlton Hill. We joined the Westbound A51 and we ran up to the Swan With Two Necks where we turned onto the A53. Further South we came off the A52 again and we ran through Ashley and Ashley Heath before rejoining the A53 at Loggerheads. We continued along the A53 and on the edge of Market Drayton we turned onto Newcastle Road and we ran into the town centre. We ran around the one way system and we pulled into the small bus station. At the bus station we saw D&G 41 which was going to work the #75 to Nantwich. For dinner Matthew went to the Tudor Bar. Matthew went to the toilet and when he came back he had a breakfast washed down with a glass of Coke. After eating e returned to the bus station to wait for the bus back to Hanley. A short while later the bus turned up and it was required Arriva Midlands 3698. We got on the bus and we flashed the bus pass at the driver before we sat down towards the back of the bus. We set off on to the one way system and we we joined Newcastle Road. We ran out of town onto the A53 and we ran North. we passed Arriva Midlands 3699 going the other way. We ran through Loggerheads, Ashley Heath, Ashley and we rejoined the A51 to run up to Slater's village. We traveled North up Woodside and we rejoined the Eastbound A53. We ran through Baldwins Gate and Whitmore and we ran through Clayton and into Newcastle. We ran around twn via the A34 and Barracks Street and we went into the bus station. We then carried on out of Necastle up the A52 as far as Harshill where we turned left onto Shelton New Road. We ran down as far as the A500 where we went North to Stoke Road. We crossed under the railway and we passed close to the station and we ran up to Hanley via Stoke Road. We joined the ring road and we ran around to Bethesda Street. We ran into the bus station up John Street. Once off the bus we went outside to the stop for the #6 service. A few minutes later we were surprised to see dud First Potteries 32627 on the #6A to Blythe Bridge. We got on the bus and we went upstairs. The bus set off from outside the bus station onto Birch Terrace where they are building a new shopping centre. We followed the road around to Charles Street and then right onto Old Hall Street. We joined the ring road and we ran around to Lichfield Street. We ran down to Joiners Square and we crossed the roundabout onto Victoria Road. At the top of the hill we got off the bus and Matthew walked back to the day cenrtre down City Road. When it was time to go bak to respite we got on Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX for the journey back. We set off onto Christchurch Street and we turned left onto City Road. We ran down the hill and we joined the Southbound A500 which we did to Hanford. We came off the D road onto the A34 and we ran South to Trentham. We turned left onto the A5035 and then left again onto New Inn Lane. After dropping off another service user we returned onto the A5035 and we ran through hem Heath and Dresden into Longton. We crossed the A50 and we ran up to Anchor Road via Chadwick Street, Bridgewood Street and Forrister Street. We ran up Anchor Road to Adderley Green and we turned left onto the A5272. We ran into Bentilee and to the repite home. When Matthew got back he had tea chicken and potatoes followed by triffle. In the evening Matthew went out to the Co-op store. We set off onto the A5272 ans we ran down to Beverley Drive. We ran back Rast along Ubberley Drive and we stopped to go in the Co-op. Whilst in the shop Matthew had a can of Coke and some chocolate. We returned back down Ubberly Drive and back via Deverley Drive and the A5272. For the rest of the evening Matthew spent time watching television. Later he had a bath and then had toast for supper. Matthew went to bed around 23:00... Mark

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