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Trip to Accrington / Burnley 04-07-2015


2750Accrington BSBurnley BS9Transdev Burnley & Pendle
1867Burnley BSBurnley, by Windermere Avenue21Transdev Burnley & Pendle
2780Burnley, by Casterton AvenueBurnley BSX43Transdev Burnley & Pendle
607Burnley BSRose Grove, by Dorset Street5Transdev Burnley & Pendle
604Rose Grove, by Sunderland StreetBurnley BS5Transdev Burnley & Pendle
2751Burnley BSPadiham, by Town Hall152Transdev Lancashire United
1870Padiham, opp Bridge InnBurnley BS23Transdev Burnley & Pendle

Today we decided to re-visit Accrington. We had checked the weather and it was forecasting fine sunny weather all over the Midlands and North West England. We gave Matthew a choice of destinations from which to chose from and from the list he chose Accrington. Research other than to check the weather was to look at the Transdev website to see what the ticket areas were. Matthew got up around 10:15 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off just before 12:15 and we drove onto the A5035. At Stanley Matthews Way we turned right and at the end we turned left onto the westbound A50. At Sideway we joined the Northbound A500. As we travelled North we saw Northern Scottish double decker 16. We joined the M6 and it was fairly quite. On the M6 we saw Roseville ML08 ODL. We also saw National Express liveried (Travel de Courcey) FJ11 GMF broken Down on the Northbound hard shoulder. We made good time up to the M62. At the M62 we went East and joined the clockwise M60. On the M60 we saw D Hurst UKZ 5457. We joined the Northbound M66 and we did this forward onto the A56. Near to Hasllingden we joined the Westbound A680 for the last few miles into Accrington. As we turned into Abbey Street we passed required Rossendale transport Dart 147 in the old livery. We parked on Abbey Street and we visited the Abbey Friar chip shop cafe. Matthew visited the toilet upstairs with it's fancy LED illuminating tap! For dinner Matthew had sausage chips and gravy with bread and butter washed down with a small bottle of Coke served in Coca Cola can style coloured glasses. After we had finished eating we said goodbye to mum and set off towards the main Street to go and catch a bus. The first bus we saw was required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2750.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2750 in Accrington
As we walked down Infant Street to try and see if we could catch the double decker, we spotted a few buses on layover in the side street. Parked up in bank Street was required Pilkington Bus Dart R846 VEC.

Pilkington Bus R846 VEC in Accrington
In Bridge Street was required Holmeswood Iveco PO56 PCU.

Holmeswood PO56 PCU in Accrington
At the bottom of Infant Street we saw A Solo that we hadn't seen before. It was required Pilkington Bus MX03 EHC

Pilkington Bus MX03 EHC in Accrington
We had a choice of what direction to go after we had been on the double decker. We could do the bus all the way to Burnley on a Burnley Connect Ticket, or we could do the bus as far as Huncoat on a Blackburn area ticket and then head back towards Blackburn. I asked Matthew which of these he wanted to do and he chose to go to Burnley. We got on the bus and we booked the Burnley Connect tickets at £4.20 each. We went upstairs and we sat down near to the stairs. The bus set off out of town along the A679 and up to Huncoat. When we got to the junction of the A56 we carried on towards the motorway. We went into the Network 65 Industrial estate and the we joined the Westbound M65, we seemed counter intuitive. It soon became clear why we did this. At the next junction we came off the motorway before crossing under the M65 and re-joining the eastbound carriageway. From the A679 you could only join the Westbound road. We carried on a couple of junction East until we got to the A671. We then ran into town and through the town centre before going onto Red Lion Street and into the bus station. We let the bus empty and Matthew took a picture inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2750.

Inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2750
As we often do when we go to Burnley, we walked around the outside of the bus station to get a few pictures of buses on stand from the other side. In one of the layover bays was Transdev Burnley & Pendle 709 which had recently been repainted in the Burnley Connect / Follow the Clarets livery supporting Burnley football club.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 709 in Burnley bus station
Required Transdev Bunley & Pendle 1856 was on a #28 to Skipton and required Transdev Bunley & Pendle 1859 was on a #27 to clitheroe. Required Transdev Bunley & Pendle 257 was on a #1 to Worsthorne and dud Transdev Bunley & Pendle 2777 was between X43 Manchester services. At the other end of the bus station was required Transdev Bunley & Pendle 285 on a #1 to the Stoop estate.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 285 in Burnley bus station
We walked back into the bus station and Matthew used the toilet. We walked up to the top of the bus station and we decided to do a bus towards Nelson or so we thought. There were a couple of buses on stand going Eastwards, so we decided to get on dud Transdev Bunley & Pendle 1867.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1867 in Burnley bus station
At this point we didn't know this was a bus we had done before, I hadn't checked. Showing the ticket to the driver he told us we weren't valid very far out of town on this particular ticket. We could on travel just the North of the bus garage. We asked the driver to let us know when we got to the boundry of the ticket. We decided to do the bus anyway. We sat down near to the back and Matthew took a picture of the empty seats behind us.

Inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1867
The bus set off out of the bus station and we joined the Northbound A682 out of town and past the Morrisons superstore. We travelled just over a mile out of town and we guessed correctly where the border of the ticket was. We got up and got off the bus. Matthew took another picture of Transdev Bunley & Pendle 1867 as it carried on towards Trawden.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1867 in Burnley
We were at a busy crossroad and the bus stop we required was diagonal opposite us on the junction. We crossed one of the road and we decided to stop at a bench. Matthew drank a small bottle of Raspberryade that we got from the Abbey Friar chips shop. As we sat there we saw required Transdev Bunley & Pendle 1067 on a #28 to Burnley. Not to worry as buses were every 7-8 minutes along this route. Matthew finished his pop and we stood at the stop. On the opposite side of the road on a #29 to Barnoldswick was required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1074.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1074 in Burnley
A few minutes later we saw Witch Way double decker approaching which was in front of another Mainline Volvo. I asked Matthew if he wanted to do the double decker and he said yes. As it got closer we saw that it was required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2780.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2780 in Burnley
We got on the bus and we flashed the Burnley Connect tickets to the driver before going upstairs. The bus that was behind us was required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1870 on a #29 to Burnley. The bus went down the A682 for around a mile and a half and around the bus station to enter from Red Lion Street. First West Yorkshire 66781 was parked on Croft Street about to work the #589 service. When got in the bus station the bus didn't empty as it was a through service to Manchester. Matthew took a picture of the empty rear of the top decker of the bus before we got off.

Inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 2780
when we got off we had a quick think about what buses to do next. We saw dud Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1053 on a #2 to Higherford.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1053 in Burnley bus station
There was a required Streetlite on the #5... It was bound to be required as we had not done any of the Streetlites since there arrival earlier in the year. The in question was Transdev Burnley & Pendle 607.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 607 in Burnley bus station
As we had never caught the bus to Rose Grove before we decided to do it. We got on the bus and we flashed the Burnley connect tickets to the driver. We sat down near to the back of the bus. The bus was started and it left the bus station and went out of town up Manchester Road. At thr roundabout we joined the A671 and we went North West towards the M65. At the roundabout before the motorway we joined the A679 Accrington Road. As we got adjacent to rose Grove railway station we turned right and we crossed over the railway line. There were a few shops here so we decided to get up and get of the bus. The bus had now emptied out and Matthew took a picture inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 607 before we got off the bus.

Inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 607
Matthew took another picture of Transdev Burnley & Pendle 607 as it carried on Northwards.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 607 in Rose Grove
We had seen a shop across the road so we crossed the road and went to the shop. In the Shop matthew picked some pop and chocolate to stock up the trip bag. We walked up the road to the Burnley bound stop. The next bus was due at 16:03 in around 15 minutes. Matthew drank a small bottle of Coke and ate a couple of Milky Ways. Just before the bus was due Millennium taxi minibus RX09 BUJ entered and then left the entry just above the bus stop.

Millennium RX09 BUJ in Rose Grove
We were expecting to catch the same bus back, but further research the the #5 becomes the #4 in rose Grove and runs forward to Boundary Mills in Colne. As such there a different bus headng our way. As it got closer we saw that it was required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 604.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 604 in Rose Grove
We got on the bus and we flashed our tickets to the driver before sitting down towards the rear of the bus. The bus crossed over the railway line and we turned left onto the A679. At the big roundabout we joined the A671 for the run into town. After passing through the town centre the bus entered the bus station of Red Lion Street. Even the the #5 is a through service to Harle Syke, the bus emptied out in the bus station so Matthew got a picture inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 604.

Inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 604
As we came into the bus station we noticed required Transdev Lancashire United 2751 parked outside. It was due off in 5 minutes on the next #152 to Preston. We walked out of the bus station and got a picture of the buses as it waited for time.

Transdev Lancashire United 2751 in Burnley
Whilst outside the bus station we also saw dud Transdev Burnley & Pendle 286 on a #1 to Bleak House.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 286 in Burnley bus station
We walked back into the bus station to wait for the #152 service. When it was ready to load up, we got on the bus and we flashed the tickets to the driver. Unusually everyone had chosen to go upstairs, and the lower saloon was empty, so Matthew took a picture inside the lower saloon of Transdev Lancashire United 2751.

Inside Transdev Lancashire United 2751
We went upstairs and we sat down. Transdev Burnley & Pendle 709 which had been on layover had now departed... Instead there were a couple of other buses in it's place including required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1046.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1046 in Burnley bus station
We left the bus station passing Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1066 which was the other bus on layover. Also in the bus station was First West Yorkshire 66789 which was on a #589 service. We set off out of town and we saw Easton's Setra coach R3 AWE. We climbed the hill and crossed over the M65. As we approached Padiham we saw required Transdev Lancashire United 2753 going into Burnley. We decided to get off in Padiham rather than to go up to Altham Business park where the only service we could catch back would be the #152. From Padiham there is a 7-8 minute frequency of buses From Clitheroe or Accrington. We crossed the river in Padiham and we decided to get off by the town hall. Once we got off the bus matthew got another picture of Transdev Lancashire United 2751 before it carried on towards Preston.

Transdev Lancashire United 2751 in Padiham
We crossed the road at the crossing and walked over the bridge to the point where all services including the #23 from Accrington pass by. As we passed the Accrington turning we saw required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1870 about to turn onto the road.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1870 in Padiham
We didn't think we would make the bus, but as it stopped over the road and there was somebody waiting at the next stop, this enable us to get to the stop before the bus left. We got on the bus and we flashed the Burnley Connect ticket to the driver for the final time today. We sat down towards the back of the bus and the bus pulled off from the stop and along the A671 towards Burnley. We stopped for a short while outside the Tim Bobbin pub so that we didn't run early, and then we continues over the M65 and into town. When we got to the bus station the bus emptied out despite it being a through service to Keighley. This allowed Matthew to take a picture inside the now empty Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1870.

Inside Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1870
We decided to take a few pictures before we left. We saw required Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1067 was on a #22 to Padiham

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 1067 in Burnley bus station
Matthew visited the toilet and then we met up with mum and we went to the newsagent where Matthew had a few more things for the trip bag. On the way back to the car we stopped to take a few more pictures. We saw Holmeswood Solo YB06 VOK just about to work a #65 service.

Holmeswood YB06 VOK in Burnley
Returning the bus station after working a #4 service was the now dud Transdev Burnley & Pendle 604.

Transdev Burnley & Pendle 604 in Burnley
We got in the car and there were Greggs sausage rolls and Irn Bru for Matthew. We set off onto Red lion Road and we joined Manchester Road before turning right on the Roundabout onto the A671. We followed the road up to the M65 and we joined the West bound M65 for a couple of junctions. When we got the the A56 we went South and we carried on forwards past Haslingden onto the M66. we saw a Yelloway Plaxton coach which was working a shuttle service in conjunction with a museum open day. We joined the M60 anti clockwise just to the South of Bury and we then joined the westbound M62. As we joined the M6 we saw a Wicksons coach. We finally caught up with it just to the South of the M56 and we saw that it was Wicksons WH11 CHR.

Wicksons WH11 CHR on the M6
Approaching the A556 junction, we saw a Challinors Coaches coach join the Southbound M6 ahead of us. We caught this coach up a little quicker than the last one to see that it was Challinors BU03 LYV.

Challinors BU03 LYV on the M6
We left the M6 at junction 16 to go East on the A500. We came off the A500 at Longport today to go and pick something up from Longport. We stopped at the Texaco garage in Longport for the first time since it re-opened and we filled up with diesel. Whilst in the petrol station we saw a familiar face. It was the boss of Parklands, Alton. He came over to say hello to Matthew. He used to look after Matthew in respite for around 18 months when Matthew was between 16 and 18. He could hardly believe home grown up Matthew was these days! After saying goodbye we rejoined the A500 for the ride South to Sideway. We went East to Longton and we came off the A50 to have a look at what was on Z Carz this evening. There were three buses on the spare ground. first in the row was Z Carz Ford minibus PY08 KDX.

Z Carz PY08 KDX in Longton
Next to this was Z Carz Mercedes minibus M372 NWN.

Z Carz M372 NWN in Longton
Finally we saw another Z Carz Mercedes minibus S952 VMY.

Z Carz S952 VMY in Longton
We turned the corner into Willow Row to see what was in the compound. just like last night Ford minibus NA06 SUO was present. Also present this evening was Z Carz Iveco minibus GK02 NWJ.

Z Carz GK02 NWJ in Longton
We rejoined the A50 for the trip up to Heron Cross where we came off and turned left onto Blurton Road. We saw Phil Boulton T2 DLT and then we carried on through Blurton. On Beaconsfield Drive we passed the final #22 of the day towards Longton which was being worked by First Potteries 60193. We got home just after 19:00. For a late tea Matthew had bangers and mash with carrots and butternut Squash followed by a jam shortcake biscuit. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:45... Mark

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