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Trip to Bury / Radcliffe 12-03-2016


30947Bury TIBury Old Rd/Heaton Park Tram (Stop C)135First Manchester
12003Bury Old Rd/Heaton Park Tram (Stop D)Bury TI135First Manchester
219Bury TIRadcliffe BS91Rossendale Easyride
60238Radcliffe BSBury TI98First Manchester
60242Bury TIRamsbottom, Ramsbottom Lane/Market Place (Stop A)472First Manchester
60283Ramsbottom, Ramsbottom Lane/Market Place (Stop B)Bury TI474First Manchester

Today we decided to re-visit Bury. We had checked the weather and it was for cloudy, occasionally sunny weather, quite mild for the time of year too. We gave Matthew a list of destinations from the Midlands and North west and from the list Matthew chose Bury. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off around 12:00 onto the A5035 and then right onto Stanley Matthew Way. We passed the Britannia Stadium where Stoke City were getting ready to host their home game against Southampton. We joined the Westbound A50 and then North onto the A500. Seen on the A500 were a plain white Van Hool coach, an unidentified Daish Holidays coach & Stanton's of Stoke CC04 MAL. We got onto the Northbound M6 and traffic was running well. As we traveled North we were passed by Chadderton Cars silver Toyota minibus MK55 KHV.

Chadderton Cars MK55 KHV the on M6
We carried on North up the M6 as far as junction 21A when we went East on the M62 to the M60 ring road. On the M62 was an unidentified Gee Vee Bova coach. We joined the clockwise M60 and we immediately saw Rotala Diamond 30920 on a #126 to the Trafford Centre. Further round the M60 we passed an umber of coaches... We saw 5 unidentified Swans coaches, A Fourway Coach, A Star Travel coach, 2 Hunters Coaches and a Yorkshire Rose coach. We joined the Northbound M66 and behind us was an unidentified Transdev Lancashire United single decker on a X41 to Blackburn. We came off the M66 and we ran into Bury up the A58. After circumnavigating around the town centre and the Market we saw Oakleaf coach T68 FBN adjacent to the main road. We came into town along Haymarket Street and we saw First Manchester 10017 on a #135 to Manchester. Around the corner into Moss Street we saw G Line Holiday coaches YJ15 ESG & YJ65 GME loading outside the library.

G Line Holiday YJ65 GME in Bury
We headed towards the town and we saw required First Manchester 60261 on a #474 Ramsbottom circular.

First Manchester 60261 in Bury
Bury has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years. We had already discounted going to the Haymarket Chippy which is now Kitchen 101 and sells healthy food and wouldn't be to Matthew's tastes. The Knowsley pub looked busy so we decided to go across to Radleys cafe. It was closed and the snack bar by the transport interchange was now a Thai food place! We walked into the shopping centre and we considered eating in one of the eateries outside the market. Matthew wanted the toilet so we walked through the Mill Gate shopping centre until we found the toilets outside TJ Hughes. After we used the facilities we walked back into towm through the streets were we spotted a chip shop cafe called the Jolly Roger. Matthew had sausage chips and gravy washed down with a small bottle of Coke. After we had finished eating we walked back up The Rock to the junction of Bolton Street and Market Street. We stopped to take a few pictures on the way back to the transport interchange. We saw dud First Manchester 37388 on a #471 to Rochdale.

First Manchester 37388 in Bury
We had been on First Manchester 37388 from Carrbrook to Ashton on a service #348 back in July 2013, That was followed by dud 'Rosso' 148 on a #480 from Bolton to Bury.

Rosso 148 in Bury
We had 'Rosso' 148 from Bury to Heywood back in February 2015. We said goodbye to mum and we walked up Market Street to the transport interchange. As soon as we got there we saw required First Manchester 30947 on layover from a #135 to Manchester.

First Manchester 30947 in Bury interchange
We worked out where the #135 departed from, there was a bendy bus on stand. We sat down to wait for the double decker to come around, and after the bendy bus had departed we saw the double decker come around. We got on the bus and we booked System One Bus Only day tickets at £5.20 each. We went upstairs and the top deck was empty, so Matthew took a picture inside First Manchester 30947.

Inside First Manchester 30947
The bus set off out of the interchange and onto Haymarket Street. We crossed over the A58 and we went forwards onto Knowsley Street before we joined the Southbound A56. We went down past Gigg Lane over the river Roch and into Whitefield. At the Southern end of Whitefield we took the A665 and we passed Besses O'th Barn tram stop and we crossed over the M60 and into Prestwich. We passed Armstrongs chip shop 'Home of the jumbo cod', and we continued down to Heaton Park. When we got to the main tram stop adjacent bus stops, we got up and got off the bus. Once off the bus Matthew took another picture of First Manchester 30947 as it carried on towards Manchester.

First Manchester 30947 in Heaton Park
We crossed the road and we went to the stop opposite for the return journey, Whilst we waited Matthew ate a bag of Milky Stars. We were hoping that the return service might be another ALX400 double decker, or even First Manchester bendy bus 10017, now unique in the First Manchester fleet. The bus rounded the corner and we saw that it was one of the standard First Manchester bendy buses. As it got closer we saw that it was required First Manchester 12003.

First Manchester 12003 in Heaton Park
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One Day ticket to the driver before we sat down towards the back of the rear section on the bus. The bus set off Northward up the A665 and we crossed the M60 and went past Besses O'th Barn tram stop and onto the A56. As we went North up the A56 we saw GM Ring & Ride minibus BD57 GKZ & Magnum Whiteline taxi minibus YP08 YJL. We past gig lane and we came up Knowsley Street and over the A58. When we pulled up in the bus station we went out of the rear doors in the bendy bus and we didn't get a picture inside! In front of us was required First Manchester 30948 on a #98 service. I thought perhaps that we might do the First Manchester ALX400 double decker, but Matthew had spotted a Rosso single decker in front and he took us straight to it. It was required 'Rosso' 219 on a #91 to Radcliffe.

Rosso 219 in Bury Interchange
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One Day ticket to the driver before we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off out of the interchange and we turned right into Haymarket Street. At going along Moss Street and Silver Street we turned left onto Bolton Street. Outside the ELR railway station was Rawtenstall Corporation 466 FTJ which was on a free shuttle service to the caravan park in conjunction with the steam gala. We forwards onto the A58 and we ran Westwards out of town. When we got to Watling Street we turned right and we went up to Starling and left towards Ainsworth. In Ainsworth we turned left onto Bradley Fold Road and down to the A58 again. After a short run West we turned left towards Bradley Fold and we past the garden centre before heading into Radcliffe from the West end running through an housing estate. We came into town down Ainsworth Street and Water Street, Blackburn Street and Dale Street. We entered the new bus station which has been completed since our last visit into town. When we got on stand we let the bus empty and Matthew took a picture inside 'Rosso' 219.

Inside Rosso 219
We got off the bus and Matthew took another picture of 'Rosso' 219 before it returned to Bury.

Rosso 219 in Radcliffe bus station
We decided to go and find a toilet at this point. There was a temporary block outside the market which had been there for a good few years. The block had gone, so we through that perhaps there was now a toilet in the market hall. This did turn out to be the case... After we had used the facilities we headed back to the new bus station. As we alked back we saw a couple of TfGM Optare Versas in the bus station. Cumfybus YJ61 JGO came past on a #513 to Bury and Cumfybus YJ61 JFY was on a #512 to Bolton Hospital.

Cumfybus YJ61 JFY in Radcliffe bus station
We also saw required First Manchester 60270 on a #524 to Bolton.

First Manchester 60270 in Radcliffe bus station
In a flurry of activity we saw required First Manchester 60238 on a #98 to Bury.

First Manchester 60238 in Radcliffe bus station
We also saw First Manchester 60249 #98 to Manchester and 66914 on a #524 to Bury. We decided to do the First Manchester Citaro 60238 as they are probably not going to be around for too much longer. We got on the bus and we sat down towards the back of the bus before the bus set off onto the main Road and we went up Ainsworth Road. At goin into the housing to the West of the main road we returned onto Ainsworth Road along Turks Road. We went North up to the A58 and we turned right. At Watling Street we went North to Starling and we turned right again onto Ainsworth Road through Elton. We joined the A58 again on the edge of Bury and we ran around to Haymarket street and into the Interchange. We let the bus empty and Matthew took a picture inside First Manchester 60238.

Inside First Manchester 60238
When we got off the bus we thought that perhaps the next journey would be towards Ramsbottom. We saw required 'Rosso' double decker 109 depart on the #487 to Nangreaves, and there were two required buses about to work Ramsbottom circulars. Required First Manchester 37443 departed on the #474 before we got to it, but it still left older First Manchester Citaro 60242 which was about to work the #472 service.

First Manchester 60242 in Bury interchange
There was no driver in the bus, so we had a look around the corner at the buses on layover outside the tram terminus. About to work a #484 to Accrington was 'Rosso' 108.

Rosso 108 in Bury interchange
Also parked up was required East Lancs bodied 'Rosso' Dart 142.

Rosso 142 in Bury interchange
We walked back to the interchange just in time to see the driver ready First Manchester 60242 for service. We got on and we flashed our System One Day tickets to the driver before we sat down towards the back of the bus. The bus set off onto Haymarket Street and onto the A58 we went around The Rock shopping centre and North up the A56. We passed through Limefield and Walmesley and North over the M66. We turned down Bury New Road and we crossed back over the M66 before turning right onto Eliza Street and left onto Peel Brow. We rejoined the main road and we went over the level crossing in Ramsbottom and up Bridge Street. The bus was now empty behind us so Matthew took a picture inside First Manchester 60242.

Inside First Manchester 60242
At the top of Bridge Street we turned right onto Ramsbottom lane where we got up and got off the bus. Matthew took another picture of First Manchester 60242 as it carried on North to the turning circle.

First Manchester 60242 in Ramsbottom
We went to use the toilet by the bus stop but the toilet had been locked as it was now after 16:00. We decided to head down to the railway station to use the toilet there. Both the disabled toilets and the gents were locked so we had to go on to plan C. We decided to go across the rood to The Railway pub. When we got outside we saw Kings Cars taxi minibus YG07 UPF.

Kings Cars YG07 UPF in Ramsbottom
The pub was very busy, so we just use the toilet and didn't buy a drink. Once outside we headed to the Tesco Metro store to get some supplies. We brought a can of Coke and a couple of small bottles as well as a pack of Toffee Crisp bars. After we paid for the good we headed back onto Bridge Street and we went to the RBS cash . We got to the top of the road and we walked over to the stop on Ramsbottom Lane. We saw required First Manchester 60283 on a #474 to Bury and dud First Manchester 60257 on a #472 to Bury both heading up towards the turning circle. The buses returned from the turning circle and the first to appear was required First Manchester 60283.

First Manchester 60283 in Ramsbottom
We got on the bus and we flashed the System One Day tickets to the bus driver for the final time today. The bus was empty, so before we sat down Matthew took a picture inside First Manchester 60283.

Inside First Manchester 60283
The bus set off onto Bridge Street and across the level crossing We climbed up the hill and forwards onto Peel Brow before turning right onto Eliza Street and then joining back onto the main road up to the A56. We crosse d the M66 and we turned right onto the A56 and we went South through Walmersley and Limefields. We went around The Rock shopping centre and past the market before coming back into Haymarket Street and into the interchange. Once off the bus we took a few more pictures before heading back to the car. We saw required First Manchester 60272 on a #511 to Bolton via Walshaw.

First Manchester 60272 in Bury interchange
Matthew ran across one of the crossing to say hello to someone, had it not been for that he would of been perfectly behaved! Still, much better than he used to be... We walked to the top end of the bus station heading towards where the car is now parked and we saw dud First Manchester 12016 arrive on a #135 from Manchester.

First Manchester 12016 in Bury interchange
That was the first bendy bus that we ever rode on from Tongue Fold to Bolton back in march 2012. We got back into the car which was now parked on Haymarket Street and Matthew had a Greggs sausage roll washed down with a small bottle of Irn Bru. We set off out of town via Moss Street, Manchester Road and onto the Eastbound A58. We joined the Southbound M66 which did down to the M60. we joined the anti-clockwise M60 and we did this around to the M62. As we traveled westwards on the M62 we were passed by Ellisons YN15 YTE.

Ellisons YN15 YTE the on M62
We joined the Southbound M6 and as we went South towards junction 19 we saw Cheney Travel YN14 NPZ going back towards Banbury.

Cheney Travel YN14 NPZ the on M6
Further down the M6 we passed so of the coaches that we passed on the M60 earlier in the day... We saw the 2 Hunters coaches going back North as well as the Fourway coach and an unidentified Leons coach. At Junction 16 we went south down the A500 down to Sideway, where we took the Eastbound A50 up to Longton. Tonight at Z carz there wasn't much on the spare ground. Towards the back of the site were LDV minibus M420 UEH, Mercedes minibus M372 NWN & Z Carz Volkswagen minibus S973 OVP

Z Carz S973 OVP in Longton
At the front of the site was Z Carz green Ford minibus T418 WYJ.

Z Carz T418 WYJ in Longton
We turned left onto Willow Row to see what was in the compound. It was full tonight, with Z Carz minibus BU04 GYW at the front of the yard.

Z Carz BU04 GYW in Longton
We returned back onto the A50 and we went to Tesco to put some diesel in the car. We rejoined the A50 which we did up to Heron Cross, and we traveled through Blurton along Blurton Road passing First Potteries 67638 on the #22 to Longton. At Critchlow's corner we went forwards onto Church Road and then right into Beaconsfield Drive getting home just after 19:00. When we got in we had the rest of the chocolate cake Matthew had made in the day centre on Friday. For a late tea we had bangers and mash with carrots followed by a jam filled shortbread biscuit. Matthew then chilled out on the computer until bedtime around 01:00... Mark

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