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Trip to Crewe / Tarporley 26-03-2016


LJ04 LGKCrewe BSNantwich BSC84Routemaster Buses
LJ04 LGKNantwich BSTarporley. o/s Rising Sun PHC84Routemaster Buses
LJ04 LGKTarporley, o/s ShopsCrewe, Opp Earl of CreweC84Routemaster Buses

Today we decided to re-visit Crewe. On the Friday we found out that Routemaster Buses were suspending there C84 service, so we decided to get up to Crewe to try and ride on a few of there buses before it happened. We had checked the weather and it was for heavy rain all over the North West and the Midlands. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We had to pop up to Hanley on the way, so we set off around 11;30. We drove down Beaconsfield Drive and left onto Church Road. At Critchlow's Corner we went forwards onto Blurton Road. We crossed over the A50 and at Heron Cross lights we turned left. We turned right at Smithpool Road an as we we joined city road we saw First Potteries 42554 on a #23A to Newstead. We went down City Road and we joined the A52. As we stopped at the lights near to the railway station Happy Days mini coach 229 came up the inside of us to turned onto Station Road. We continued onto Joiners Square and at the roundabout we turned left onto Lichfield Street. At the ring road we turned right and we ran around to the Intu Potteries shopping centre and we parked outside in the street in a loading by whilst mum ran in to a shop to return an item. We set off back around onto the ring road and we ran down to the bottom of Waterloo Road. At Cobridge we turned left onto the A53 and we ran down to the A500. We went North on the A500 and we passed Space Bus P246 UCW. At the Mr we went straight across and we carried on a couple of junctions and we overtook Paul's of Stoke M41 KCU. We took the new road under the Alsager line and we came up to the roundabout turning left onto the A534. By the side of the railway station we saw another Happy Days coach 225. We turned right at Edleston Street and we ran down to Delamere Street and past the bus station. We wound around the streets and we parked up at Asda. For dinner we went to Vernon's fish bar. After Matthew went to the toilet we ordered him sausage, chips and gravy with bread and butter washed down with a glass of Coke. After we had finished eating we paid and we said goodbye to mum. We had missed the 13:05 departure, and we had around 40 minutes to wait for the nest Routemaster Buses bus. whilst we waited we took a few bus pictures. We saw D&G Buses 103 on a #1B to Nantwich.

D&G 103 in Crewe bus station
We also saw Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK which we assumed was going to be the 14:05 C84 departure to Chester.

Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK in Crewe bus station
We also saw Arriva NW&W 2623 on a #84 service.

Arriva NW&W 2623 in Crewe bus station
On layover across the was was Arriva NW&W 4104.

Arriva NW&W 4104 in Crewe bus station
On the following #84 service was Arriva NW&W double decker 4476.

Arriva NW&W 4476 in Crewe bus station
We walked up the other end of the bus station and we saw D&G Buses 102 on a #8A to Sydney Drive.

D&G 102 in Crewe bus station
Down the side of the bus station we saw Arriva NW&W Solo SR 708 on a #6 service.

Arriva NW&W 708 in Crewe bus station
We walked back up to the other end of the bus station and we sat down to wait for the 14:05 departure. Matthew had a Cadbury's Snack bar which he shared with me and uncle Dave. Just before the bus was due we got up up and had a wander around. We saw dud Arriva NW&W 2626.

Arriva NW&W 2626 in Crewe bus station
We also saw Routemaster Buses YJ53 VDT arrive on the 12:35 C84 departure from Chester. The bus emptied out and headed up the top corner to go on layover.

Routemaster Buses YJ53 VDT in Crewe bus station
Once the bus had gone up to the top corner Routemaster Buses double decker LJ04 LGK came off layover and onto the stand. We got on the bus and we booked day tickets at £5.00 each. The bus was empty so Matthew photographed the empty lower saloon.

Inside Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK
We went upstairs and Matthew also took a picture inside the empty top decker too before we sat down.

Inside Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK
We set off out of the bus station and onto Delamere Street. We followed the road around to the right and over the old railway bridge and forwards onto Edleston Street. At the end we turned right onto Nantwich road. We continued West for a couple of miles before we turned left onto Wistaston Road. We traveled down for about a quarter of a mile towards the level crossing before we turned right onto Coppice Road. We turned left back onto the A534 and we traveled down to The Peacock roundabout. We carried on across the roundabout over the Nantwich by-pass and we ran around 1/2 a mile to the Eastern edge of town we turned right onto the B5074 and left onto Beam Street. We passed M&S and the library and we entered Nantwich bus station. As we entered the bus station we saw Kee travel coach 0006 KEE depart the bus station and we saw GHA minibus EEZ 2362 parked up being used for drivers. We decied to go forwards towards tarporley to see what the next turn was. we saw Routemaster buses Dart PL05 PLN come into the bus station but we weren't sure what this bus was working. The town centre was busy today. We had forgotten that it was the Nantwich Jazz Festival this weekend. We set off back onto Beam Street and we went through the town centre. As it was busy we were delayed a few minutes leaving town. We went through the traffic lights and over the river onto Welsh Row. We went under the canal and we went forwards onto the A51. we went past Snugbury's and into Wardle. We crossed over the railway line at Calverley and forwards into the village of Alpraham. We joined the A49 and a few yard up the road we left the main road to run into Tarporley. We passed the garage with the Spar shop and at the next stop we decided to get up and get off the bus. Matthew took another picture of Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK as it carried on towards Chester.

Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK in Tarporley
Once off the bus we had around 10 minutes for the return service in theory. We gave Matthew a choice of going to the pub and using the toilet or going across the road and going to the Co-operative food to do some shopping. Matthew chose to do shopping... Before we crossed the road we saw required Arriva NW&W 4477 on a #84 to Crewe.

Arriva NW&W 4477 in Tarporley
We crossed the road and we went into the Co-operative Food store. Matthew had a can of Coke and a couple of small bottles of pop as well as a couple of chocolate bars. After we had finished paying we went outside and Matthew decided he wanted to go to the toilet after all. We crossed back over to The Rising Sun and Matthew went to the toilet. We came out of the pub and it was raining. I think Matthew wanted to stay in the pub but with an hourly service we could afford to miss this bus. We crossed the road and we walked down towards the bus stop. On the way Matthew went into a coffee shop called Latte Da to say hello to someone and then we went into the bus stop. There was only a few minutes to wait for our bus in theory... It was due at 15:11... The late running 15:06 GHA service #84 to Crewe appeared around 15:16 being worked by Centro CA07 GHA.

GHA CA07 GHA in Tarporley
There was an Arriva bus due around 15:40... We waited for close to 30 minutes for the Routemaster Buses service to appeared but it was a no show. We decided to go back to the pub and have a drink to get out of the rain and we could then come out for the 16:11 which should definitely be running as was booked to be Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK returning. We fought our way through the rain back up the High Street and we dived into The Rising Sun again. Me and Matthew had a glass of Coke and uncle Dave had some crisps, but Matthew wouldn't let him eat them! He wouldn't even let us put the crisps in the bag I had to put them in my coat pocket. Whilst in the pub the rain came down pretty hard. I think it was a good decision to go to the pub. Just after 16:00 Matthew went to the toilet again and we saw the unidentified Arriva double decker on the #84 to Crewe running over 20 minutes late. Chester traffic can be a nightmare on a Saturday afternoon... We stood up at the bus stop as the rain had soaked the seats. When we first got there there was a river running down the street. As the rain eased off it got down to a mere trickle. The bus appeared around five late and as expected it was Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK.

Routemaster Buses LJ04 LGK in Tarporley
We got on the bus and we flashed the day tickets to the driver before we went upstairs. There were quite a few people on the bus, but not many upstairs. there had been a few more as the windows were are misted up. We opened a window to try and de-mist the bus windows a little. We set off down the High Street and onto the A49. At the traffic lights we went straight across onto the A51 and we went through Alpraham and Calverley. We crossed the railway line and we went out into open countryside before passing through Wardle. We passed the Snugbury's ice cream and we went through Acton along the B5341 and into Nantwich town centre along Welsh Row. We crossed the river and as we waited at the traffic light we saw an unidentified Alfa Coach turning the corner to go South. We crossed the lights and we turned right into the bus station where we saw GHA Solo YJ54 ZYF & D&G Buses 101 on the #1B service. We left the bus station and we went onto Beam Street and around the Eastern side of town. We joined Crewe Road and we went East to the Peacock roundabout. we carried on along the A534 before turning right onto Coppice Road. At the end we turned left onto Wistaston Road and we re-joined the A534. We considered the doing the 17:05 from Crewe back to Nantwich. It was now getting close to 17:05 so we thought that if the bus was going to swap at Crewe we would need to get off to intercept it. As we got to the edge of Crewe by the shops on Nantwich Road we got up and got off the bus. The bus carried on towards Crewe bus station and we crossed the road to the stop outside Aldi. The bus etop timetable said that the Routemaster Buses bus was due at 17:09. Whilst we where there we saw GHA Centro CA07 GHA on the #84 to Chester again.

GHA CA07 GHA in Crewe
A few minutes later we saw required Arriva NW&W 2625 on a #84 to Nantwich.

Arriva NW&W 2625 in Crewe
We decided to give up on today so we called mum to come and pick us up. Five minutes later she arrived from where she was parked in Crewe town centre. We jumped in the car where Matthew had a Greggs sausage roll and a small bottle of Irn Bru. We turned around and we went back down the A534 we turned right just after the railway station onto the Weston Road By the Brewers Fayre pub The Brocklebank We took the new road down to the A500. We went East under the M6 and down to Sideway where we took the eastbound A50 up to Longton. At Z Carz this evening there were more than usual parked up on the spare ground. This was probably down to it being the Easter weekend. Towards the back of the front row was Z Carz Volkswagen minibus OV05 WSW.

Z Carz OV05 WSW in Longton
Further down the row we saw Z Carz Mercedes minibus CE02 LYX.

Z Carz CE02 LYX in Longton
Next to the Mercedes was Z Carz Volkswagen minibus S973 OVP.

Z Carz S973 OVP in Longton
At the end of this row was Z Carz MV53 KKD.

Z Carz MV53 KKD in Longton
last on the spare ground was Z Carz Ford minibus T418 WYJ.

Z Carz T418 WYJ in Longton
We turned left into Wilow Row to see what was in the compound. With it still being daylight we were able to see more of the buses today. The first we could see was Z Carz PY08 KDX.

Z Carz PY08 KDX in Longton
Next to this was Z Carz Iveco minibus YJ53 WPD.

Z Carz YJ53 WPD in Longton
Finally was saw Z Carz Airport Division minibus MJ03 DPU.

Z Carz MJ03 DPU in Longton
As we were turning the car we also saw Z Carz HK57 LGW which was parked on the road.

Z Carz HK57 LGW in Longton
We got back onto the A50 and we drove West up to Heron Cross. We ran through Blurton along Blurton Road and forwards onto Church Road. We then turned right onto Beaconsfield Drive getting home around 18:20. For a late tea Matthew had sausage, potatoes and carrots followed by a jam filled shortbread biscuit. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 01:00... Mark

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