Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Trip to Fenton / Newcastle 14-06-2016


DV10 JCUBlurtonFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DV10 JCUFentonBlurtonCharterShelton Care Group
67631Magdalen Road, BlurtonNewcastle, opp Cherry Tree PH22First Potteries

Today Matthew was going to visit grandma, but not before he had been to his day service. Matthew got up around 08:00. He got dressed and had toast and orangeade for breakfast. Just before 09:00 his transport to his day service turned up and it was Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU.

Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU in Blurton
We set off onto the A5035 and we went over the railway line and into Trentham. We turned right into New Inn Lane and we picked up another service user before. We rejoined the A5035 and we ran over the railway into Blurton before turning left into Church Road. We ran down through Blurton along Blurton Road and we crossed the A50 and into Heron Cross. We went straight onto Heron Street and over the railway line into Fenton. We headed straight onto Glebedale Road and reached our destination. In the morning Matthew spent his time on the computer. For dinner Matthew had cheese oatcakes. In the afternoon Matthew went swimmimg. We set off on foot onto Christchurch Street an we turned left onto Temple Street. We turned right onto Smithpool Road and we saw First Potteries 41521 on a #23A. We turned left onto City Road and we walked down to the private road on which the swimming baths is situated. On the way down the road we saw Copeland's Tours MIB 116.

Copeland's Tours MIB 116 in Fenton
Matthew went swimmimg and when we came out we saw Copeland's Tours MIB 270.

Copeland's Tours MIB 270 in Fenton
We got a Lucky Seven taxi back to the day cente. We went back up the private road and then left City Road. We turned right onto Smithpool Road and then left onto Temple Street. At the end of Temple Street we turned right onto Christchurch Street and to our destination. When it was time to go home we climbed back aboard Shelton Care Group DV10 JCU. We set off onto Christchurch Street and we turned right onto Station Bridge Road, We followed the road around onto Heron Street and we went through the traffic lights and over the A50 on Blurton Road. We went through Blurton and we followed the road around to the right onto Church Road. At the end we turned right onto the A5035 and we ran over the railway line into Trentham. We turned right into New Inn Lane and we dropped off another service user before we returned onto New Inn Lane. We returned along the A5035 over the railway line into Blurton. Matthew got home just before 15:00. Matthew had toast and a drink of Coke whilst he waited for the time to go out and catch the bus. Today we went to catch the 16:26 to Newcastle. We had seen all 3 buses but we weren't sure which one it would be. We set off to the bus stop all the way over on Magdalen Road and on the way to the stop we saw Guardian Care minibus DF02 FYV.

Guardian Care DF02 FYV in Blurton
A few minutes later we saw the bus come around the corner and it was dud First Potteries 67631.

First Potteries 67631 in Blurton
We got on the bus and we booked to Newcastle before sitting down towards the back of the bus. We set off on the A5035 and we turned right towards Trentham. We crossed the railway line into Trentham and we passed First Potteries 67603 on a #22 to Longton. Further down the road we passed Michael Shaw Coaches SHZ 9065. We turned right into New Inn Lane we climbed the hill into Hanford and we turned right into Wilson Road. We turned left onto Church Lane and we ran down to the bottom of the hill. We the A34 and we we went under the A500 into Trent Vale. We turned right in Harpfields Road and we continued over the roundabout onto Hilton Road. We turned into the City General hospital and we saw ABC Supreme BV51 BNZ on a staff shuttle. We also caught up First Potteries 37159 which was on a #25 to Newcastle and we passed First Potteries 32055 on a #25 to Hanley. We turned right onto the A34 and we got up and got off the bus. Matthew took another picture of First Potteries 67631 as it continued to Newcastle.

First Potteries 67631 in Newcastle
We crossed the road and we walked up to Grandma's house here we met up with mum. Matthew spent a short while on the computer and had a can of Irn Bru and mum and dad watched the Austria vs Hungary match. We set off just after 18:30 and we stopped at MacDonalds. After we picked up food we got back onto the A34 and we ran through Trent Vale, Hanford and into Trentham. We turned left onto the A5035 and we crossed over the railway line into Blurton we got home around 19:30. Matthew ate his MacDonalds and then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 23:30... Mark

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