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Trip to Lichfield / Burton-on-Trent 04-06-2016


46Lichfield BSBurton upon Trent, New Street810Midland Classic
85Burton upon Trent, New Street (stand 6)Swadlincote bus park4Midland Classic
78Swadlincote bus parkBurton upon Trent, New Street (stand 8)21Midland Classic
81Burton upon Trent, New Street (stand 6)Lichfield BSX12Midland Classic

Today we decided to re-visit Lichfield. We checked the weather and it was for hot sunny weather all over the area with the chance of a thunder storm. Matthew woke up after being woken by the bouncy castle being inflated next door. It was little Alfie's birthday.Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off a little after 11:30 and we drove through Blurton onto Church Road. At Critchlow's Corner we veered left onto Blurton Road. We stopped at the shop to drop something off and then we continued to the A50. We went West and at Sideway we saw Shire Travel YD64 UYR. We went Southwards on the A500 and we passed an unidentified Den Caney Coach going the other way. We then joined the Southbound M6 and we passed PG Coaches AK04 KYJ and another Den Caney coach, DC52 DEN. We also passed Alfa 62.

Alfa 62 on the M6
Further down the M6 we saw Country Lion BU11 JSF & a plain green Holmeswood tri-axle coach with a small silver logo. We joined the A5 and we went East to the Truckers Rest where we stopped for dinner. Matthew went to the toilet and we ordered him a breakfast washed down with a can of Coke. After we had finished we got back onto the Eastbound A5. We` passed the site of the old Shell garage on the corner of the A4601, which had demolished earlier this year. South of Cannock on the A5 we saw Arriva Midlands 2729 on a #71 to Wolverhampton, and NX West Midlands 4105 on a #10A. We joined the Northbound A461 and we ran the last few miles into Lichfield. We joined the A5190 at Pipehiil and we ran into town via Limburg Avenue & Saint Foy Avenue. We entered the town centre from the West and we went straight across onto Birmingham. We parked up in the car park behind the bus station and Matthew used the toilet. After he had finished we saw Arriva Midlands 3769 on a #7 to Burton-on-Trent.

Arriva Midlands 3769 in Lichfield bus station
As we came inti the car park, we saw a National Holidays coach parked up at the other end of the bus station. We decided to walk up and investigate what it was. As we got closer we saw that it was National Holidays NH13 BWH.

National Holidays NH13 BWH in Lichfield bus station
Whilst we were at the end of the bus station we saw Butler Brothers V10 BUT arrive...

Butler Brothers V10 BUT in Lichfield bus station
We turned to see a Midland Classic double decker arrive into the bus station. It was required Midland Classic 46, a dual door Wright Gemini double decker.

Midland Classic 46 in Lichfield bus station
Matthew decided to do this bus. The only slight snag was that it wasn't due of for another 20 odd minutes. In the meantime we decided to wait around and take a few more bus pictures. A few minutes later we saw Central Buses ex Transdev Versa YJ57 XVY on a X55 to Tamworth.

Central Buses YJ57 XVY in Lichfield bus station
This was followed by the arrival of another coach... It was National Holidays NH09 FRH which had arrived on a mystery excursion.

National Holidays NH09 FRH in Lichfield bus station
We also saw the own circular services. These were taken over by Midland Classic from Rotala Diamond earlier in the year. We saw Midland Classic 5 on a #822 town circular service.

Midland Classic 5 in Lichfield bus station
A few minutes later the other circular bus turn came into the bus station. it was Midland classic 4 on the #821.

Midland Classic 4 in Lichfield bus station
When it was was time to go Midland Classic 46 went onto stand and we got on the bus. We attempted to book a Midland Classic Day+ ticket, but the ticket machine appeared not to be working. Whilst the driver wrote out a handwritten ticket, Matthew took a picture inside the lower saloon on Midland Classic.

Inside Midland Classic 46
We went upstairs and Matthew took a picture of the top deck of Midland Classic before we sat down.

Inside Midland Classic 46
When it was time to depart the bus set off out of the bus station and we went North along Birmingham Road. We continued onto Church Street. We passed Lichfield Trent Valley railway station and we joined the Northbound A38. We ran fast up the A38 to Hilliards Cross and we went West on Wood end lane before turning right onto Common lane. We followed the road around to the right and we crossed over the roundabout onto Worthington Road. we ran up to the end to the turning point and the bus turned around and stopped at the stop, The bus driver came and swapped our hand written ticket for a proper one, having got the ticket machine to work again. When we got off the bus we saw Arriva Midlands 2717 on a #3 to Winshill.

Arriva Midlands 2717 in Burton upon Trent
Matthew decided that he wanted to go to the toilet, and from our previous visit we knew that there was a toilet next to the market hall. We walked up New Street up to High Street and we saw Arriva Midlands 4798 on a #2A to Sydney Street.

Arriva Midlands 4798 in Burton upon Trent
We also saw Zigzag branded Trent Barton 675 on a V1 villager service to Derby.

Trent Barton 675 in Burton upon Trent
We walked to the building to the side of the market and it was closed. There was now a toilet inside the market hall. We went into the market and we followed the green footprints on the floor across to the right hand side of the Hall. After Matthew had finished we set of back towards New Street. On the way we saw Arriva Midlands 3773 on a #9 to Coalville.

Arriva Midlands 3773 in Burton upon Trent
We also saw Trent Barton 661 on a Villager service.

Trent Barton 661 in Burton upon Trent
having seen the Midland Classic bus network map, we decided to go to Swadlincote, where there seem to be a good frequent service. We stood at stand 9 on New Street and we waited for the next Swadlicote bound bus, which was the #4 service. Whilst we waited we saw Arriva Midlands 3707 on a #2A service to Stepenhill.

Arriva Midlands 3707 in Burton upon Trent
A few minutes later we saw required Midland Classic 85 on a #4 to the Goseley estate.

Midland Classic 85 in Burton upon Trent
We got on the bus and we flashed the Midland Classic day+ ticket to the driver. The bus was empty so matthew took a picture inside Midland Classic 85.

Inside Midland Classic 85
We sat down towards the back of the bus and the bus set off along New Street and right into Lichfield Street. As we passed the back of the Octagon shopping centre we saw Midland Classic double decker 46 now on layover. At the end of Lichfield Street we turned left onto the A5189. We ran Eastwards past Tesco and at the next big roundabout we went forwards onto the A444. We followed the road around to the South and we ran down through Stepenhill and then to Stanton. We stopped outside the Midland Classic garage for a driver change, and then the bus carried on Southwards until we reached Park Road, where we turned left. We ran through the village of Newhall and then we turned right onto Darklands Road. At the roundabout we turned left onto Civic Way and we passed Midland Classic 53 on a #9 to Burton. We turned right into Swadlincote bus park and we got up and got of the bus. Matthew took another picture of Midland Classic 85 before it carried on towards the Goseley estate.

Midland Classic 85 in Swadlincote
By the time we got to Swadlincite around 15:30, the service was starting to scale back for the evening. We saw Midland Classic 78 on layover adjacent to Civic Way.

Midland Classic 78 in Swadlincote
We also saw required Midland Classic 84 come into the bus station on a #21 and go on layover.

Midland Classic 84 in Swadlincote
We decided to have a sit down and something to eat. Matthew had a packet of Milky Stars and then had a can of Vimto. We then saw Arriva Midlands 3772.

Arriva Midlands 3772 in Swadlincote
At the last minute when we through there was a bus at 15:40, Mathew decided that he wanted to go to the toilet. We took him to the library across the way and we were escorted into the back room for Matthew to use the disabled toilet there. After he had finished we went back to the bus park and we realised that the next bus was in fact a #21 at 15:55. We thought it was going to be Midland Classic 84, but ti was Midland Classic 78 that came off the layover bay by Civic Way and onto Stand 2 in the bus park. We got on the bus and we sat down towards the back of the bus. We set of out of the bus park and onto Civic Way and we followed it to the left heading Southwards. Civic Way became Hearthcote Road and we went West to Gresley Wood Road. Having traveled East along York Road, we traveled back West along Church Street. We crossed a roundabout onto Castle Road and we past an abandoned car dealership where some of the cars have remained in place. I recommend readers look this up on google maps as there is a nice H reg Maestro still there! We continued West to the A444 and we did a circuit to the South of this roundabout via Mount Pleasant Road, A444, Linton Heath, Main Street and back up to the roundabout along Hillside Road. We then ran up the A444 through Stanton past the Midland Classic depot before turning right onto Sycamore Road. We turned right onto Brackenwood Road and right again onto Rollaston Road. We joined the A5189 and we ran into town along Lichfield street. We unloaded at stand 8 and in foornt of us was required Midland Classic 53 on a #9 to Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Midland Classic 53 in Burton upon Trent
We went up to the market hall and Matthew used the toilet. On the way back we stopped at Tommy's Fish bar and we had a portion of chips between us and some pop. When we cam out of the chips shop Arriva Midlands 3775 was on a #9A to Coalville.

Arriva Midlands 3775 in Burton upon Trent
We sat down close to stand 6, which was where the X12 bus was due to depart. We quickly ate the chips between us and we saw required Midland Classic 47 which was on the #810 to Lichfield.

Midland Classic 47 in Burton upon Trent
We started to walk down to the stop. On the way we saw Trent Barton 664 on the V4 Villager service to Centrum.

Trent Barton 664 in Burton upon Trent
behind the Trent Barton 664, was the bus we were going to have on the X12. It was dud Midland Classic 81.

Midland Classic 81 in Burton upon Trent
This was a bus that we had up to Lichfield, our first trip on a Midland Classic bus back in August 2014. we got on bus and we flashed the Midland Classic Day+ ticket to the driver for the final time today. We sat down towards the back of the bus and the bus set off onto Lichfield Street. We crossed the A5189 and we went South down Branston Road. We ran for about a mile into Branston and then we joined the Southbound A38. We ran fast down the A38 and we come off just North of Lichfield onto the A5127. We ran past Lichfield Trent Valley railway station and we passed Butler Brothers V10 BUT leaving town with it passengers aboard. We turned into the bus station and when we got off Matthew took another picture of Midland Classic 81.

Midland Classic 81 in Lichfield bus station
Matthew went to the toilet and then we went visited the kiosk around the corner. Mathew chose a chocolate bar and an can of Coke and then we went back to the car. As we were leaving we saw Parks of Hamilton HSK 642 on a #324 National Express service to Huddersfield. We left town along the A51 and we ran up to Stone through Rugeley without seeing anything. On the A34 we passed First Potteries 65037 on a #101 with #101 branding on it. At Trentham we turned right onto the A5035 and we ran up to Longton. There were quite a few vehicle on the spare ground at Z Carz this evening. In the front row was Z Carz minibus Y568 XFV.

Z Carz Y568 XFV in Longton
Next to that was Z Carz minibus X599 WDY.

Z Carz X599 WDY in Longton
Closest on the front row was Z minibus Carz MV53 KKO.

Z Carz MV53 KKO in Longton
In the second row was Z Carz Ford minibus HK57 LFY.

Z Carz HK57 LFY in Longton
We turned left into Willow Row to see what was in the compound. We saw Z Carz Ford minibus YS09 LWV.

Z Carz YS09 LWV in Longton
We rejoined the A50 and we crossed the A50 onto Baths Road so that we could fill up with diesel. After filling up we re-joined the Westbound A50 where we saw Cropley coach XSV 839. We ran up to heron Cross and then we turned left onto Blurton Road. We followed the road around to the right onto Church Road and then we turned right onto Beaconsfield Drive. We got home around 18:30... For a late tea we had bangers and mash with carrots followed by jam filled shortbread biscuit. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:00... Mark

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