Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Trip to Uttoxeter 24-12-2008


N627 HDMUttoxeter BSWeston Coyney184Phil Smiths Travel

We arrived at Uttoxeter just before 13:00, and whilst Matthew dragged me off to the toilet, mum ordered food for all of us. Mum chose Matthew with a bap (batch as they called it here) and a bottle of pop, a for uncle Dave, and and mushroom batches with a cup of tea for me and herself. As she handed the pop over to Matthew, he decided to drag it over the top of my cup of tea knocking it over my lap! I spent most of the afternoon with a dark wet patch on my right leg from knee to groin...

N627 HDM in Uttoxeter bus station (Matt)

N627 HDM arrives in Weston Coyney journey from Uttoxeter (Matt)

We walked back up to the, met with mum and went back to the car for

Friday, 5 December 2008

First trip on the Plumline 05-12-2008


2963Ladybank GR, BlurtonChurch Street, StokePlumWardle Transport

This was the first trip on this service 4 days after the start. A straight forward trip between Blurton and Stoke Via Stanley Matthews Way. Just Time to take a photograph at Stoke before going home...


Plum liveried WT58 SOT stands in stoke on the 17:00 Blurton-Hanley (Matt)

Also in Stoke, Top travel LDV minibus R303 VUJ in Church Street (Matt).

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Trip to Chester 08-16-2008 (Day two)


40100Chester BSHuntington5First Potteries
40100HuntingtonChester BS5First Potteries
40128Chester BSEllesmere Port BS3First Potteries
60107Ellesmere Port BSChester BS1First Potteries
50055Chester BSDorset place, Kingsway53First Potteries
50023Dorset Place, KingswayBSChester BS53First Potteries
50047Chester BSGorse Stacks53First Potteries

We started the day in the bed and breakfast. We all had a full cooked breakfast except Uncle dave who had a sausage sandwich. As often is the case Matthew photographed his breakfast.

Breakfast...Looks nice doesn't it? (Matt)

After breakfast we walked the short distance to the bus station to see what was working. Almost immediately 40100 appeared in the bus station and sat at the top waiting to work it's next turn.

40100 in Chester Bus station (Matt)

Eventually, the blind was set for #5 and Huntington. We booked First day rover tickets and boarded the bus. The inside was in really good condition considering the buses age, and it had all the original high back, well upholstered seats. The bus travelled fairly lightly load to it's destination, but it was quite early on a Saturday morning. At destination end we booked Matthews return ticket and Matthew took a picture of the interior of this nice bus.

Inside 40100 (Matt)

Sometimes drivers like it when you have an interested in the vehicles that they drive on a day to day basis and this was one such occasion, As we had a few minutes before we were due to travel back to Chester, we talked about this bus, Chesterbus, high Floor buses coming to an end and Pensions. Matthew also got out to take a good picture of the bus.

40100 standing at the end point in Huntington (Matt)

Eventually we set off back taking a slightly different route until we met back up with the road we ran along on the outward journey. When we got back to Chester bus station Matthew spotted another high floor dart in the form of 40128 on the #3 Rivacre. So off we went again...

40128 in Ellesmere Port bus station (Matt)

When we arrived at Ellesmere Port, I can't remember if the wasn't much out or Matthew just fancied a ride on 60107. either way that was the bus we returned to Chester on. At Chester we stood a while and took some more bus pictures. One such bus photographed was 41068 working a service #26

41068 in Chester bus station (Matt)

We decided that we would go shortly, but before we went I thought it would be a good idea for Matthew to catch a couple of Mercedes minibuses. We got timetables for the #53 to Kingsway and we decide to do a bus out and then wait for the next bus to return as the buses were fairly frequent. First bus to make an appearance on the #53 was 50055 which we did to the end of the route.

50055 returning to Chester along Kingsway (Matt)

We got off the bus and did it to the end. for some reason on the return we walked to the next stop which is only about 100 Yds away. Matthew then photographed the next bus running up to the end, before it turned and then picked us up.

50023 on Kingsway heading to the terminus (Matt)

After we returned to Chester, to end the day we did one last bus to gorse Stacks where we met up with mum before driving home.

50047 on Gorse Stacks (Matt)

All in all a very successful trip, with the only regret that we didn't travel on a Ikarus bodied DAF when we had the chance... Mark

Friday, 15 August 2008

Trip to Chester (day one) 15-08-2008


30078Chester BSEllesmere Port BS3First PMT
30037Ellesmere Port BSChester BS3First PMT
40134Chester BSBlacon1First PMT
40134BlaconChester BS1First PMT
40120Chester BSEllesmere Port BS3First PMT
40120Ellesmere Port BSChester BS3First PMT

Matthew was originally supposed to go to but someone called to say that the trip had been re-arranged and was now going to. Matthew was due to be in respite this weekend so we arranged with respite to take him to Hanley so that he did not miss out on this trip. Usually we take the camera off Matthew after he has photographed his bus, but on this occasion he took it with him and was able photograph some of the animals he saw on this trip. As always Matthew enjoyed himself...

30037 Ellesmere Port (Matt)

30037 (Matt)

40134 (Matt)

40120 (Matt)

40120 Ellesmere Port (Matt)

60021 Ellesmere Port (Matt)

61244 Chester (Matt)

Matthew in coach time bed mum

50022 Chester (Matt)

mum Fotopic

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Trip to Leek 27-05-2008


6(FJZ_4196)Crowcroft Rd, NewsteadChurch Street, Stoke350D&G
18(EJZ_2291)Church Street, StokeLeek BS106D&G
GJ02LFXLeek BSCrossroads, Bottomhouse405Aimée's
M129YCMCrossroads, BottomhouseAshbourne BS108Clowes Coaches
M129YCMAshbourne BSCrossroads, Bottomhouse108Clowes Coaches
N880AVVCrossroads, BottomhouseLeek BS234Clowes Coaches
N880AVVLeek BSHigh Street, Cheadle236Clowes Coaches
N880AVVHigh Street, CheadleLeek BS234Clowes Coaches

Matthew Had Indicated to me that he wanted to travel on an Aimée's bus, so I used the traveline site to work out a trip to get a ride on 2 of these buses. To start Matthew's mum drove us to the Crowcrofts Road stop so we could pick up the 350 into Hanley. Back in 2008 this bus was a D&G bus (the service is now operated by Bakerbus). The bus that rolled up was an East lancs bodied Dennis Dart #6. Matthew was impressed with the high-backed coach seats, so he decided to photograph the inside!

A fast journey to Stoke along Stanley Matthews way to Stoke where there was a short wait for service 106 to Leek. Mercedes Minibus EJZ 2291 (18) appeared for this service.

more to follow...