Saturday, 5 September 2009

Trip to Oswestry 05-09-2009

Bus From To Service Operator

214 Oswestry BS Morda D71 Tanat Valley
266 Morda Llynclys 445 Tanat Valley
268 Llynclys Oswestry BS 445 Tanat Valley
2367 Oswestry BS Whittington LC 70 Arriva Midlands

Today we decided to have a Tanat Bash. We had out first Tanat Valley bus in Shrewsbury a few weeks before. Planning consist of printing out a few timetables for the area. we set off and went via the A53, Blackbrook, the A51, A525 Whitchurch and then via Ellesmere. We parked up near the museum and we walked around looking for somewhere to eat. We ended up eating in somewhere called The Plaice in Salop Road, but I can't remember what we ate or how much it cost. As we came out matthew got a picture of a #70 service, being worked by 2367. this was just after 13:00

2367 on an inward bound #70 service in Oswestry (Matt)

we then went back to the bus station and Matthew took picture in and around whilst we waited for the D71 service which we planned to catch. In the bus station Matthew photographed this dart out of the same batch as the buses as the one he photographed earlier.

2378 in Oswestry bus station on a #2 service (Matt)

he also got a picture of 214 which we assumed would be the bus that was going to work the D71

Tanat Valley 214 awaits time before working the D71 service (Matt)

Tanat Valley 266, a Leyland Lynx also came in. we worked out from the timetabels that we could do 214 part way and then do 266 forward to Llynclys. We would then have around 3 minutes for the bus back. It was a bit of a risk but we decided to take it! We boarded 214 and it was virtually empty as left the bus station. We went to the next stop and the bus filled up! When we got to a suitable point (it a was cross roads in a dip in the road) we bailed off and waited for the following bus. The wait seemed like a long time but eventually 266 appeared

Tanat Valley 266 on a #445 service (Matt)

We did the bus to The White lion in llynclys and we wasted no time in crossing the road to wait for the return. the pavement has a scree surface and distinctly remember matthew slipping as he tried to stop having run across the road. Within seconds the return bus turned up and it was Lynx 2 268. When we arrived back Matthew got a picture of the inside of this bus.

Inside 268 (Matt)

When we arrived back we decided to call it a day. we met up with mum and worked out one last bus he could have done. he chose to do the #70 service and we worked out where we could do the bus to. Judging by the photograph and the photograph early, and taking into account the round trip time, we are 99% certain that this bus was Arriva Midlands 2367.

Arriva Midlands Route 70 branded bus almost certainly 2367 (Matt)

Matthew mum and uncle Dave did the bus whilst I drove the support vehicle. We arranged to meet and i thing there was a misunderstanding. I seem to remember wait outside a chip shop near Ellesmere and then having to drive back to Whittington level crossing to pick them up. The bus had spent a few minute in the depot as can be seen below.

Buses in Oswestry bus depot (Matt)

I then picked them up and we drove home. I seem to remember missing a turning and driving back via Nantwich and passing the bus station. Not a bad day and buses that most would kill for to ride on again...Mark