Thursday, 30 June 2011

Trip to the Britannia Stadium 30-06-2011


W187 RREBlurtonAbbey HultonCharterZ Carz
MIB 270Abbey HultonWest Midlands Safari ParkCharterCopeland's Tours
MIB 270West Midlands Safari ParkAbbey HultonCharterCopeland's Tours
S260 JUGAbbey HultonBlurtonCharterZ carz
2933Britannia StadiumStanley Matthews Way, Hem Heath500Wardle Transport

Usual transport to college with W187 RRE, a day out to WMSP on Copeland's tour MIB 270 and then a different bus back home in S260 JUG. It is a Mercedes 614D minibus.

It was another nice night, so we decided to Walk down to the Britannia Stadium and catch the bus back. Setting off just after 21:00, we got to the Britannia stadium around 21:35. After around 1 minutes wait the bus appeared It was 2933 again!

2933 on the #500 to Trentham Lakes (Matt)

We did the short run along to the end of Stanley Matthew Way and then Matthew got another picture
as the bus turned to return to Norton.

2933 turns about to work the #500 to Norton (Matt)

Another great run out with the added bonus of a nice long walk to help keep us fit... Mark

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Trip to Stoke 28-06-2011


T131 SAGBlurtonAbbey HultonCharterZ carz
DX56 FYZAbbey HultonPark hallCharterBlackfriars
T412 JUXPark hallTrenthamCharterZ carz
T413 JUXTrenthamAbbey HultonCharterStar Travel
S973 OVRAbbey HultonBlurtonCharterZ carz
40027Waterside Drive, Shepley GroveStoke railway station23First Potteries
60194Stoke railway stationChurch Street, Stoke25First Potteries
66839Church Street, StokeStoke railway station25First Potteries
2933Stoke railway stationStanley Matthews Way, Hem Heath500Wardle Transport

T131 SGA was the power for this morning, once at college he did college transport to Park Hall. He then did T412 JUX to Trentham. He then did Star Travel T413 JUX to Abbey Hulton. he returned home on VW minibus S973 OVP.

It was a fine evening so we decided to go out tonight. I went to view the 23a diagram which was 40027. This wasn't a required bus but we hadn't been on it since January 2009! We walked the short distance to the Shepley Grove stop and after a short wait sure enough 40027 appeared.

40027 in Newstead (Matt)

A short journey later and we were by Stoke station. in this fine summer evening Matthew was able to get a good picture here.

40027 outside Stoke railway station (Matt)

We crossed the road and waited for the #25 which was a Newcastle bus and usually required. Whilst waiting the other 23 diagram turned up with it's usual power 'dinky donut' 40003.

40003 outside Stoke railway station (Matt)

A few minutes later the #25 turned up and it didn't disappoint! It was Ex Manchester Scania 60194! We then did the short run into Stoke town Centre where he got a good picture.

60194 in Church Street Stoke (Matt)

We noticed we hadn't passed the Hanley bound 25 this time, and there were people at the stop so we crossed the road to wait for that bus. Unfortunately there was a drunk who was a bit abusive. We just smiled and kept our fingers crossed he didn't turn violent. I often have to hold Matthews hand to keep him safe, so he called us a derogatory term for homosexuals! As we got on the bus the drunk also called everyone on the bus w*****rs because they wouldn't have a sing song! the bus was 66839. one which Matthew had been on before with his respite carers, but I had not. We got off at the station thankful to be in one piece...

66839 outside Stoke railway station (Matt)

We then had Approximately 10 minutes before the 500. the bus turned up and it was same as last time Solo 2933. the bus was reasonably well filled up to the distribution centre and then we were the only one left on. Before we got off Matthew got a picture of the inside.

Inside 2933 (Matt)

he then got an OK picture as it went to turn around for the Norton leg of the journey.

2933 on Stanley Matthews Way (Matt)

Another good nights bus travel slightly marred by the drunken fool...Mark

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Trip to Bury 25-06-2011


40353Bury BSWalshaw War Memorial510First Manchester
40339Walshaw War MemorialBury BS510First Manchester
60212Bury BSRamsbottom Lane/market Place (Stop A)472First Manchester
30804Ramsbottom Lane/market Place (Stop B)Bury BS472First Manchester
60235Bury BSManchester Road, Dumers lane (Stop B)524First Manchester
34019Manchester Road, Dumers lane (Stop A)Bury BS524First Manchester

Having has 2 consecutive local trips, Matthew was asked where he wanted to go this weekend and he chose Bury. We set off around 12:00 but we had to make 3 stops including picking up uncle Dave and LPG from Longport. We arrived in Bury around 13:30. We ate at the usual place. Least said about this today the better! We then stood around watching buses waiting for something worthwhile. Pretty much the first 3 buses we saw in bury were the ex Birkenhead Royales. 30804 was see on a #472 Ramsbottom circular, 30807 was on a #93 Manchester and 30806 we didn't see were it was going. Matthew managed to get a picture of 30807.

30807 in Bury Interchange on a #93 service (Matt)

A couple of NC Olympians were also in and out but none of them were required. We decided to wait for the next 510 as this probably would be required. The next 510 in was 40353 and it was required so we decided to do the usual trip up to Walshaw with this service.

40353 in Walshaw (Matt)

As always, after we crossed the road, we only had to wait a couple of minutes before the return service appeared. This was also required in the form of 40339.

40339 in Walshaw (Matt)

On return to bury Interchange Mathhew got a picture of the interior of this bus.

Inside 40339 (Matt)

We then had a period of inaction where Matthew was frantically try to catch some thing interesting. He photographed ex Birkenhead Scania 60183

60183 on a #137 service (Matt)

We also saw NC Olympian 34019 on a service 524, but this was not required so we decided to let it go.

34019 on a #524 to Bolton (Matt)

Eventually we saw 30804 return on a 472 Ramsbottom. With 60212 already on stand on this service, we decided to do this to Ramsbottom and catch 30804 back.

60212 on a #472 Ramsbottom circular (Matt)

As we boarded the bus Matthew took a picture inside.

Inside 60212 (Matt)

Just Before 60212 came on stand, Mercedes single decker 60264 went out in front. We spent most of the journey to Ramsbottom Going in front and then falling behind this bus. When we reached Ramsbottom we got off at the main town stops.

60212 heads towards the turning point in Ramsbottom (Matt)

We saw 60212 head North and the return South. We didn't have to wait long for 30804 to make an appearance. We tried to flag it down but it sailed past us. We quickly realised that this stop must be set down only so we crossed the road to wait for its speedy return.

30804 on a #472 Ramsbottom circular (Matt)

We then enjoyed a top deck front seats return to Bury. It turned out hat we had been on this bus a couple of years ago in Birkenhead! At Bury Matthew photographed the inside.

Inside 30804 (Matt)

On retun we only had time to have a quick ride, so i gave Matthew a choice of a couple of service to catch along the Manchester road. He chose 60235, but to be honest it was either a Bendibus or a Merc an neither are that great! when we got to Dumers lane we got off.

60235 on a #524 to Bolton (Matt)

At the return stop we let a Merc (60258) and a Bendibus go past (12001), and it paid off as he next bus was the returning NC Olympian 34019. As we got off matthew photographed the empty inside...

Inside 34019 (Matt)

As the bus station Matthew just had time to take a picture of 34263 on a #98 Manchester before we returned to the car to meet mum.

34263 departs Bury Interchange on a #98 Manchester (Matt)

The return was uneventful, but we did pass a Bakers coach on the motorway near home. As we returned we went to the late shop for lottery tickets and we were home around 18:00... Mark

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Trip to Stoke 21-06-2011


W187 RREBlurtonAbbey HultonCharterZ carz
DX56 FYZAbbey HultonTittesworth ReservoirCharterBlackfriars
DX56 FYZTittesworth ReservoirAbbey HultonCharterBlackfriars
S973 OVPBlurtonAbbey HultonCharterZ carz
40166Waterside Drive, Shepley Grove WalkStoke railway station23First Potteries
65728Stoke railway stationChurch Street, Stoke25First Potteries
2933Stoke railway stationStanley Matthews Way, Hem Heath500Wardle Transport

Matthew had his current usual transport to college, and whilst there was taken to Tittesworth resvoir and back on minibus DX56 FYZ. once again one the way back the bus was swapped for VW minibus S973 OVP.

The Internet was going a bit slow so I decided to take Matthew out for an hour or so. Also it was the longest day and the sky was relatively clear. I already seen that 40166 was out on the 23A evening turn, which I knew Matthew had not been on. I worked out that we could do this bus to Stoke station for a 25 minute wait for the 500 back. Also there was a 25 Newcastle about the same time, and one back that you might just make. We decided to get an extra mile or so on the bus by taking a slightly longer walk and catching the bus in Newstead. We arrived at the stop a few minutes before the bus turned up as expected 40166.

40166 in Waterside Drive in Newstead (Matt)

After an approximately 25 minute journey we arrived outside Stoke railway station. We didn't have to wait long for the 25 to turn up. This was required 65728.

65728 opposite Stoke railway station (Matt)

We did this bus to Church Street, Stoke and just as we approached Stoke we passed 66849. We got off and Matthew got another picture.

65728 in Church Street, Stoke (Matt)

After we got off, we walked around to Glebe Street. As we had out 12 minutes to wait we decided to walk back to the railway station. We walked briskly back to the station, seeing 40166 heading back towards Blurton. We also noticed 2 coaches behind the North Staffordshire Hotel. Once we got
back to the stop we didn't have to wait long for the 500. todays offering was short Optare Solo 2933

Inside Wardles Transport 2933 (Matt)

The bus was reasonably loaded for a Short Solo, with most getting off at the Sainsbury's distribution centre. As we were about to get off Matthew photographed the inside of this colourful Solo. Today we waited for the bus to come back to the starting point of the return service so we could get a reasonably good picture.

Wardles Transport 2933 at the Stanley Matthew Way origin point (Matt)

By the time we left the bus the sky had clouded up so the photo opportunity had worked out as well as I'd hoped for him. We then had the long walk home...Mark

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Trip to Stone 18-06-2011


182Trentham Road,Granville Square, Stone351Bakerbus
110Granville Square, StonePrior Road2D&G
110Prior RoadGranville Square, Stone2D&G
91Granville Square, StoneStone, Geoff Keys Garage (opp)‎490D&G
183Stone, Geoff Keys Garage (opp)‎Whitebridge Estate, Filleybrooks Garage (opp)350Bakerbus
65039Whitebridge Estate, Filleybrooks Garage (adj)Granville Square, Stone101First Potteries
200StoneStoke Railway StationX1Bakerbus
6Stoke Railway StationChurch Street, Stoke41D&G
115Church Street, StokeStoke Railway Station41D&G
2931Signal Radio, Stoke roadMaternity Ward, City General58Wardle Transport

Today we had decided we were going to head towards Stone again and cover the 350's and the X1. We also saw a Mercedes minibus on the Stone town service last week and as we havn't been on any of the current minibuses we thought that this would probably a new bus for Matthew. Today I went out at 09:30 and 10:30 to see the 350's. The bus buses were on exactly the same turns as last week, so we knew there was one required bus out on the 350. Setting off just before 12:30, we decided to head South on the 350 today so we waited at the bus shelter on Trentham Road. this was a fortunate choice today because it was raining! Whilst we were waiting we saw 181 go north on the #350, 40143 heading towards Newcastle and 40148 heading towards Longton.

40148 on a Longton bound #22 service (Matt)

As the 351 goes from Stoke to Longton before continuing towards Stone, This South bound turn is a few minutes later than the other buses. Eventually as predicted 182 arrives on this turn. This turn is quite well filled compared to some of the other 350's we've done. Presumably because of it's extra run into Longton. We do this bus to Granville Square, Stone where Matthew gets a picture.

Bakerbus 182 in Granville Square Stone (Matt)

Shortly after we arrive in Stone, D&G 110 appears on the Stone town services. The next one was a #2 at 13:05. We book our tickets and we do a complete circle of this service. As we get off Matthew photographs the inside of this bus.

Inside D&G 110 (Matt)

He also gets a good picture of the outside too...

D&G 110 about to work a #1 Stone town service (Matt)

The next planned move was to do the #490 round town and out along Newcastle Road. Whilst we were waiting we started eating our supplies (a 6 pack of mini sausage rolls from wrights Pies). Also D&G 107 appears on the #250 to Longton.

D&G 107 on a 250 to Longton (Matt)

A couple of minutes later D&G 110 come back again to work another #2 town service.

D&G 110 about to work a #2 Stone town service

After that town service leaves again we wait patiently until the 490 appears. It's D&G 91 which is a required bus. As we went around town and headed North, I couldn't remember passing the southbound 350. I thought if we could catch this to the other side of Stone, we could do 183 on the Northbound service back out along Newcastle Road. We got off the 490 on Newcastle Road and Matthew took a picture as D&G 91 headed North(??) towards Stafford...

D&G 91 heading North on the 490 to Stafford (Matt)

We crossed the road hoping that we might catch the 350, but it must have passed us whilst we were going around the town centre. After a few minute we crossed back over the road. I decided we could still do 183 a couple of stops up the road, and we would either get a 101 or the X1 back into Stone. Sure enough, as predicted 183 appears on the Northbound 350.

Bakerbus 183 on a #350 to Hanley in Newcastle Road (Matt)

We do the bus a couple of stops up the road and Matthew is undoing his seatbelt almost as soon as it was done up!

183 continues North towards Hanley (Matt)

In order to make sure we are back in Stone for either X1'a (Bakerbus to Hanley or the D&G to Stone) we decided to do the next bus whatever it is. it started rain quite heavily, but we didn't have to wait long. We were relieved to see the next bus, which happened to be first Potteries 65039.

65039 on a #101 towards Stafford (Matt)

We did this back down to Granville Square, where almost immediately we saw Bakerbus 200 on the X1 Stone. We Rushed off to get this bus and missed seeing what was on the X1 Stafford. After a rapid journey up the A34, through Barlaston, past Trentham gardens and up The A500 we arrived at Stoke railway station.

Bakerbus 200 outside Stoke railway station (Matt)

At this point, we had planned on sitting for a while and having something to eat then doing something D&G or Bakerbus on the tickets we already had. We had to put plans for eating to one side as step entranced D&G 6 appeared on a Newcastle bound #41. We raced a cross the road and jumped on the bus. No time for a photograph, we did this bus to Church Street, Stoke. he did get a picture of the door release as he left the bus, but once again the bus left the stop quite quickly. In Stoke we saw a few buses including D&G 139 on a Hanley bound #41.

D&G 139 on a #41 to Hanley (Matt)

The plan had been to catch 183 on the 350 back to Blurton. Just as 350 was approaching, Matthew spotted D&G 12 on a #41 to Newcastle. We let the #350 go, forgetting the #41 doesn’t stop in Glebe Street and it went sailing past too. We went around to Church Street but it had left before we could get to the stop :-(. Almost immediately, D&G 115 appeared from the other direction on a #41 so we decided to do this back to the railway station.

D&G 115 on a #41 to Hanley (Matt)

When we arrived at the station I was starting to wonder how we could get home. I remember I had the Wardle Transport timetable book in my bag so I looked up the route and timings of the 58. Last time i had seen this service it was ex Arriva Burton 2038 in the new Wardle / Arriva livery. It turned out there was a 58 from outside signal radio in a few minutes, so we walked along to stoke Road. I arranged with mum to pick us up at the hospital. After a couple of minutes Wardle Transport 'BU54 ALL' 2931 appeared.

Wardle Transport 2931 on a #58 to Newcastle (Matt)

We did this to the hospital where we had about a 10 minutes wait for mum. Luckily there was a shelter because it started raining again. Whilst we were waiting we didn't see a single bus. e did see 2 buses just as we got picked up. We had a quick stop in Hanford to pick up food and we went home. As we returned home by car it absolutely poured down with rain so it seems that we timed the end of our day quite well... Mark

Friday, 17 June 2011

Trip to Bucknall 17-06-2011

Bus From To Service Operator

S973 OVP Blurton Bucknall Charter Z Carz
W187 RRE Bucknall Blurton Charter Z Carz
CE02 LYX Blurton Adventure Playground Charter Z Carz
CE02 LYX Adventure Playground Blurton Charter Z Carz

There had been a few changes tot the usual buses for this service and today was no exception, the first time this bu had done this service was the night before when it was a last minute replacement. Matthew had told me there had been a different bus but he didn't manage to get a picture the night before. When S973 OVP turned up the following morning he was able to get a good picture of this beast.

S973 OVP on the way to Blackfriars (Matt)

For the return journey, Z-carz found W187 RRE. This was a bus that had worked occasionally before, but this seem to be the regular preferred choice for this service. Matthew then had a round trip to Newcastle on CE02 LYX..Mark

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trip to Fenton 16-06-2011


W187 RREBlurtonAbbey HultonCharterZ Carz
GN53 ETZAbbey HultonNewcastleCharterBlackfriars
GN53 ETZNewcastleAbbey HultonCharterBlackfriars
S973 OVRAbbey HultonBlurtonCharterZ carz
40165Ladybank Grove, BlurtonMount Pleasant, Temple (adj)23AFirst Potteries

Matthew did his current usual bus out in the morning W187 RRE. Whilst at college he did GN53 ETZ to Newcastle and back. He also saw Copeland's Tours MIB 746 & Procters TLZ 9417 Unusually, the return trip from college was VW bus, S973 OVR!

Later, the same family event that put us in a position for the bus last night, also changed our usual Thursday night routine. As such We went to visit a family member by bus, that we usually do by car on a Wednesday. as we approached the Ladybank stop we saw a Marshall bodied Dart heading towards Newstead. Whilst we waited, we speculated on the identity of the bus and if it would be required. Eventually very much required 40165 turned up on our service.

40165 in Beaconsfield Drive on the 23A to Hanley (Matt)

On the way we passed evening regular 40003 on the 23 diagram. After the short run down through Heron Cross, we got off the bus at the appropriate stop.

40165 departs towards Stoke and Hanley on the 23A (Matt)

After a few hours with said family member, mum came by in the car to pick us up... Mark

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Trip to the Britannia stadium 15-06-2011


BS51 ZTJBlurtonAbbey HultonCharterZ carz
W187 RREAbbey HultonBlurtonCharterZ carz
2961Britannia StadiumStanley Matthews Way, Hem Heath500Wardle Transport

Matthew went to college on BS51 ZTJ and returned on W187 RRE.

Usually we-re far too busy to even consider doing a bus on a Wednesday night, but to a family occasion we were at The Cherry Tree in Newcastle from 20:00 until around 21;30.As we were leaving I asked Matthew if he fancied another run on the 500 to which he replied 'yes'. We were dropped of at the Britannia stadium around 21:32 which left us with 20 minutes to wait for the bus. the time passed quickly and we saw the versa go up the ramp on the A50 heading our way. Within a minute or so 2961 appeared at the bus stop proving that a Versa on the 500 last time was not a fluke.

Wardle Transport 2961 looking 'arty' in the dusk light (Matt)

As usual, Matthew photographed the inside of the bus as we were getting of.

Inside 2961 (Matt)

Matthew did get a picture of the bus, but again it was just too dark to get a good one..

2961 disappears towards to next stop and to wait for the return service to Norton (Matt)

Once again after we left the bus we had to walk the rest of the way home... Mark

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Trip to the City General Hospital 12-06-2011


80Magdalen Road, BlurtonMaternity Ward, City General22Scraggs
57Maternity Ward, City GeneralLadybank Grove, Blurton22Scraggs

Today was a very wet and miserable day. I missed seeing the 10:15 off Newcastle today, but I saw the return which was Scraggs 57. This as far as I aware a new vehicle to work the service. Having seen a different bus on the 14;00 off Newcastle last week, I had wondered if this was to give the driver a legal break, whilst another bus and driver do a round trip. I went to view the 14:00 ex Newcastle again this week and it was a different bus, Scraggs 80. Having seen this and with Matthew requiring both buses, I asked him if he wanted to do one bus to the hospital for a different one back and he said yes. Just before time, with big coats on we walked across to the Magdalen Road stop. As predicted the bus turned up with Scraggs 80.

Scraggs 80 in Magdalen Road on the #22 to Newcastle (Matt)

Inside Matthew photographed the very nice interior...The bus even had a radio!

Inside Scraggs 80 (Matt)

After around 20 minutes we alighted at the hospital.

Scraggs 80 leaving the Hospital towards Newcastle (matt)

We waited in the shelter on the Newcastle side of the road because the weather was foul. I had completely forgotten about the 41 service running on Sundays until one turned up heading towards Hanley.

D&G 90 on a #41 to Hanley (Matt)

We waited in the bus stop until we saw the Scraggs bus negotiated the hospital chicane and then we ran across to the Longton bound stop. Matthew then took a picture.

Scraggs 57 on the 15:15 Newcastle - Longton (Matt)

Also as predicted this was Scraggs 57. Matthew also noticed the security tax disc holder special designed for PSV vehicle and took a photograph of that too.

Interesting Tax and PSV disc holder (Matt)

After another 20 or so minutes journey we were back in Blurton. We followed 40028 from Trent Vale to it terminus on Longton Road whilst working a 21A, and we also passed Scania Omnicity 65034 on a 21 to Hanley. We then walked home in the rain having been out slightly less than an hour and got in two new buses... Mark